Did I Wake You?

Dearest list subscribers,

So after the email I sent out yesterday, I got tons of very interesting, and sometimes hilarious, responses.

I got everything from threats and confusion, to praise and respect.

I also got plenty of unsubscribes, which is awesome! (Unsubscribes make me more money)

It’s funny, when you threaten to exclude people from your communication, they can get quite offended…

… even if you’ve NEVER heard from them before, or have no clue as to how they got on your list in the first place.

What I wanted to do was get people’s attention, and kind of wake people up to make sure they’re still listening.

..And it worked as it should have.

Remember, you should always be learning from what other successful people do in their marketing, and particularly the results that they get with their marketing.

Marketing is not personal, but many people take it personally, and they shouldn’t.

I’m not afraid to deal with any backlash from an offended subscriber, and neither should you..

.. as long as it leads to more engagement with my list, which it always absolutely does, and that is what you should be shooting for.

Make sense?

Not everybody does this, but they should.

Case in point, I saw someone on Facebook yesterday bragging about the fact that they got 46 opens and 22 clicks from their campaign.

.. however that was from a list of over 8000 subscribers. Obviously, that’s nothing to brag about.

Plus, having such a low open rate means that you will get penalized by the ISPs for having such a low open rate, and even less of your emails will get delivered in the future.

In other words, being an irresponsible email marketer will hurt you in the short term and in the long run.

So wake up your list and get them engaged!

If you have any comments, please do so below..

– Geoff Stephen

Your “Traffic” is backwards

Hey all,

A quick post about traffic..

When people ask me, “What are some quality traffic sources?”

Here’s my answer..

You’re thinking of “traffic”.. backwards.

The best way to promote an online business is not to just throw traffic at it and hope that someone buys.

Ideally you build your own sales funnels, branding yourself as the ‘go to’ person (or service) in your niche.

You build your contact lists through promoting your own sales funnels, focusing on helping people solve a specific problem that they’re facing in their business.

When the people on your list learn that you are a person to trust, all you have to do is recommend your product to your list based on how it will benefit them.

(Note: Nobody wants to buy your product. What they want is a solution to their problem, and you need to provide that for them.)

  • Tell them where they are now and how it sucks (explain their pain to them).
  • Tell them where they would be if they bought your product (how much better off they’d be).
  • Tell them where they’ll be in the future if they don’t buy your product (what they’re missing out on).
  • Tell them how to buy your product now.

Sounds difficult?

It’s not, but it does take time, effort, patience, and money.

Bottom line:

Don’t buy traffic just because someone is selling it. Learn how to generate your own traffic, build your lists, promote to your lists.

The highest quality traffic will ALWAYS be the traffic you get from your OWN lists.

It’s how to do it correctly, and it’s also what I’m teaching in our Executive webinars every week.

Geoff Stephen

How to Make Your Email Campaign More Effective

Quick Tips For Making Your Email Marketing Campaign Effective

Email marketing is the best way to generate new customers online. By offering something to your visitors in return for their email address, you instantly have the potential for a customer. That something might be an e-book, monthly newsletter, or anything else that has value. However, not all email marketing campaigns are created equal, and so it’s important that you know how to make the most of your email marketing campaign.

#1 Give Them What They Want

The number one rule for email marketing to be successful is to give them what they want. If they sign up for an email newsletter then offer them options about the type of newsletter/download they’ll get. Bottom line – always send relevant content and you can’t go wrong.

#2 Edit Then Edit Again

One of the biggest mistakes made is to create the newsletter or other material and send it out. Once it’s gone there’s no bringing it back. What so many don’t realize is that grammar and your style are as important in your email content as it is on your blog or your website. Before you hit the send button edit and then edit again, to make sure there are no grammar mistakes and that your message flows.

#3 Create a Publishing Calendar

Nothing will have your subscribers’ loose interest faster than irregularity. If you send out a message and then don’t send anything for months, they’ll forget about you. They’ll not bother to read your next message, worse unsubscribe, or mark it as spam. So create a publishing calendar that outlines when you’ll send out your message, what your email message will be, and what your message will look like.

#4 Test (the formatting)

Mobile devices and different email clients receive emails differently. For that reason, you should send out a test email to different devices to make sure that it appears correctly on the screen.

#5 Know and Understand Spam Rules

Many people send out what would be considered spam because they simply don’t know that they’ve broken the rules. Read the Can-Spam act and you will be able to avoid getting yourself into trouble. You are only allowed to send out bulk emails to anyone who asks to receive that email. If you collected email addresses through correspondence but no one asked to have anything sent then you are spamming them.

These five simple steps will make your email marketing campaign become more effective.

Hope this was helpful.

– Geoff Stephen

Repurposing Content for Endless Traffic and Leads

So… you have yourself a blog.

And you just wrote a great piece of content that you’re SURE will help your readers get ahead..

So you post your content to your blog, maybe mail your link out to your list.. and you’re done, right?


If that’s all you do with your great content, you are seriously missing out on a lot more traffic and leads for your business.

What you need to learn how to do is to “repurpose” your content.

What that means is to take the content you created, and “repurpose” it to be distributed through other means.

Sure, a blog post is a blog post. But why leave it at that? Why not turn it into as many other types of content that you can? If you leave it as it is.. consider it a waste of your time and talent.

Here’s what I mean…

Take your blog post and ….

[icon_list style=”check”]

  • Turn it into an article and submit it to the main article directories
  • Turn it into a podcast by just reciting what you just wrote
  • Turn it into a youtube or vimeo video
  • Turn it into a youtube video with simple power point slides
  • Turn it into a slide share
  • Turn it into an autoresponder message
  • Turn it into an email broadcast to your list
  • Turn it into a presentation and make a training video on it
  • Turn it into a webinar training
  • Turn it into a ‘free report’ that you give away to help build your list
  • Turn it into an ebook to sell (or part of an ebook)
  • Turn it into a press release
  • Break it up into parts and create more related content..


.. and don’t forget to link everything back to your blog or your capture page and SHARE SHARE SHARE

So there’s a few ideas to get you started.

Just keep creating value for your readers and share your value through as many distribution channels as you can with the time you have available. There’s no need to create a new piece of content for each, just repurpose the content you’ve already created.

The traffic is there, just go and GET IT!

Thanks for reading – LIKE it if you like it 🙂

– Geoff Stephen


LeadSkimmer Update – Dec. 30, 2011 – New Features!

LeadSkimmer Update – Dec. 30, 2011 – New Features!

Hey there, LeadSkimmers!

Quick update for you all before the weekend..

You guys are really keeping me busy 🙂 Our membership has increased by more than 150% in the last 12 hours, as have our upgrades, and an even higher percentage of NPN upgrades through LeadSkimmer. YOU are flyin’. THIS, my friends, is how you start off 2012 on the right foot!

You have to understand how WELL our marketing funnel is working in generating leads for our members (you). Our front capture page has such a high opt-in I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. I keep checking to make sure some high-tech “signup bot” hasn’t taken over.. and believe me it has not. These leads are REAL, and if you are in the business of making money online, these leads are targeted, which is the reason our upgrades are so high as well.

Most of you that are Premium members already know how powerful this thing is. But you Basic (non-upgraded) members are really missing the boat if you’re not promoting this and building your list. Remember, as a Basic member, the list-building aspect of LeadSkimmer is 100% FREE and you can use it as long as you like to explode that contact list of yours!

Login to your LeadSkimmer backoffice right now ( http://leadskimmer.com/members/ ) and click on “Affiliate Info => Affiliate Links“. There you’ll see your unique affiliate URL that you can start promoting with. There’s even some handy “share” buttons there so you can instantly share your link to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. How easy is THAT? I’ve already seen a bunch of shares out there generating interest… just give it a try, you’ll see..

Ok, on with the updates:

As you know, LeadSkimmer is only a few days old, so I’m constantly updating the backoffice, putting in more features, improving things as we go.

A few things I’d like to mention.

Premium Members:

Please update your Billing Profile with your Alertpay email addres, so I can send your commissions at the end of the month. Obviously this is pretty important, you want to get paid don’t you?

Also, update your personal profile as well since I will be making your contact info available to your referrals so you can help them get started with their LeadSkimming. It’s amazing the results usually are when you just update your profile..

Entry Ads. Premium members get your Entry Ads in there asap. Every time one of your leads logs in to their backoffice, they’ll see your Entry Ad. This can be an excellent “extra money” maker as a great place to advertise your other opportunities/products.

Also. I have updated the “Affiliate Stats” page. You can now see your earnings, your own Premium Referrals, and more. Please check it out.

As I said, I’m updating as we go, so there’s more to come in your backoffice – and I’ll be adding some NEW features to your Premium backoffice that will add a ton of value to your overall system.

My recommendation right now? (after linking your autoresponder) Start promoting your link whether you’re a Premium or Basic member. Just get your link out there and it WILL generate leads for you. Just DO it. It’s up to YOU, nobody’s going to do it for you. Let’s get you some leads and some income before this year is finally over!

Go in your backoffice and view the 2 videos on the member’s home page again. Watch them all the way through. Then watch them again. This is a huge opportunity. Don’t miss out.

That’s it for now, folks.

Oh, one more thing. Please go to our brand new Facebook page and click the “Like” button. I always send out updates through Facebook (more than email), so please connect with us so you don’t miss any.

LeadSkimmer Facebook:

Have a great evening..

– Geoff Stephen
LeadSkimmer Admin.