Wanna know WHO makes the “good” money in NPN?

Hey NPN’ers,

Wanna know WHO makes the “good” money in NPN?

Sure I do..

Wanna know WHY they make the “good” money in NPN?

Yes, of course..

Wanna know HOW they make the “good” money..??

.. day after day, week after week.. month after month?


Leaderboard screenshot:
Leaderboard screenshot

Well here’s the deal (and here’s the facts).

The people that make (almost) all the money in GlobalNPN are those at our DIRECTOR and EXECUTIVE levels.

Does that seem strange?

I mean those are the most “expensive” levels, Geoff.. how could THAT make them the most money?

Wouldn’t the people that spend less… earn more..??

Umm.. no. Because that’s ridiculous.

You see, the people that are at those higher levels, sell NPN to people who come in at those higher levels.

.. and the people that are at the lower levels, sell NPN to people who come in at the lower levels.

I’m not just assuming here.. those are data-proven facts.

Quick math fact: The Executive level costs $147.00. The commissions you earn if you sold to another Executive is $100.00 (70%!). That means if you have only 2 Executives under you, you are $53.00 in pure profit every month.

Some people assume that if you have a lower priced product, it’s easier to sell than a higher priced product and therefore you’ll make more money. lol


Basic level members earn $5 per sale. Sell 4 of those and you’re a whopping $3.00 in profit. Not much incentive to stick around month after month is it?

Executives can sell just 10 Executive memberships and earn $1000 per month. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Do you want to earn pennies or dollars?

It IS better. And it takes NO more effort than selling basic level memberships.

All right, I hope you get it. At least the facts as to where the money is being earned.

Here’s WHY they earn the long term money..

One word: Products. More specifically.. “sticky” products.

These are products and tools that get members “locked in”. We provide high quality monthly services that our members use every day, and therefore it’s more costly for them to leave.

Our MMPro Autoresponder, NPN Architect “Drag n Drop” page builder, unlimited web hosting, video hosting, ongoing training.. etc.

That’s why. And you can only get access to those money-saving services at the higher membership levels.

Here’s what some of our Executive leaders do..

They use our Drag n Drop page/funnel builder and build simple funnels for their clients, for money of course. There’s another $1000 per month idea for you.

Don’t spend less, earn more.

It’s the complete package, so why are you not in at Executive?

Is it the cost? I doubt it.

Most people spend more than that on b.s. money making schemes and shiny objects than that.

If you upgrade, focus on the training that’s in your backoffice, and put forth some sincere effort, you can be in profit within a couple months (check out the income calculator in your backoffice to see how little you actually need to do in order to accomplish this).

It’s up to you of course since you have to be that person who DECIDES to make this work.

I challenge you to login to your GlobalNPN backoffice, and upgrade to the next level above where you’re at now.

I CHALLENGE you (because I know I’ll probably win).

Upgrade to the next level, then contact your sponsor and tell them you’re ready to make this work and that you’re now at a higher level than THEY are at.

(note: if they don’t answer you or refuse to work with you, let me know, life’s too short to deal with useless people).

Go for it. WE ARE HERE to help you succeed.

Login Here: http://globalnpn.com

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  • Geoff Stephen

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