Sugar-coated Cheeto-inhaling Oprah watchers..

Opinions are like… yeah you know.

Everybody’s got one.

And I get a LOT of opinionated email replies.

Usually about my take on how things work in marketing.

Because, as you know, I don’t sugar-coat. I tell it like it IS.

And I get happy little replies like, “Geoff I think it would work better if y’all did it THIS way.”.

..And I KNOW these are coming from those Cheeto inhaling, couch indenting, Oprah watchers, who have never ventured outside their virtual “coffee table” offices to satisfy their hopeum-laced dreams of internet marketing grandeur.

ie. They haven’t done shit (and probably ne’er will).

Here’s the thing.

They have opinions. I have results.

That’s the distinction, really.

No advice that I give on marketing is based on Geoffy’s hopes and dreams.

They’re always based on data and results. Simple, really.

I actually do stuff. I report back. Easy McPeasy.

So? Save your opinions until after you have results to back it up.

If you have results to speak of, I’d be more than happy to talk.

Until then.. listen and learn.

See ya.

– Geoff Stephen

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