The real secret to a higher converting sales page.. (it’s not what you think)..

While doing a sales funnel critique on our last webinar..

I explained something that may have surprised a few people, but is probably one of most important pieces of advice I would give.

We were looking a sales funnel that one of our attendees had put together and one of the concerns that our attendees had was the background color she had chosen, and the style of fonts as well.

What would work better?

What would convert better?

What LOOKS better?

My answer was simple.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like.. as long as it’s easy to read and navigate.

The power is in your message.

Not in the colors.

Not in the font style.

Not in the page design.

It’s in WHAT you say, not how it looks.

We’re here to help people solve problems, not create new ones.

And when it comes to info-products, simplicity always wins.

Trust me, I’ve tested this from both ends of the spectrum.

The easier it is to make someone understand how you’re going to help them, the quicker they’ll buy from you.

Simple, really, and 100% true.

As soon as you understand this, the sooner you’ll be making more sales – faster.

.. and isn’t that what we’re here to do?

On our last webinar, I did complete reviews/critiques of 3 sales funnels and emails that our attendees were working on.

.. all of this is in the recording, which is almost 90 minutes of marketing-improving goodness.

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