They took my advice.. (this is why)..


A good number of people took my advice yesterday and upgraded their NPN accounts.

What this tells me is that they want it more than the next guy/gal.

Simple as that.

.. and when people decide, and go after what they want, it impresses me.

Not that I think you should try to impress ME, of course not.

But.. what it says to the rest of the world is that they’re serious about building their businesses.

It’s perception.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.01.27 AM

Just like when you’re selling a product, you have to increase the “perceived value” in order to make more sales.

If your prospects can’t SEE the value of your product to THEM (through your sales copy), they are much less likely to buy.

Just like showing YOUR “perceived” value to your prospects when selling something like GlobalNPN.

When you are an upgraded, higher level member, your prospects will see YOU as a higher value sponsor to them. .. and of course, because of this, they’re more likely to buy from YOU.

Get it?

Upgraded vs. a basic level member. Who are YOU more likely to buy from?

..Someone that’s obviously serious about building their business and helping their referrals, or someone that’s not willing to put the investment of time and money towards making more money online..?

Increase the “perceived value” of YOU and you will have more influence on your prospects.. and therefore you WILL make more money.

This is what I was talking about in yesterday’s email.

This is why DIRECTORS and EXECUTIVE members make more money than anyone else in the company.

And this is not a pitch just to get you to spend more money on GlobalNPN, this is a pitch to help you make more money for yourself, and become a leader in this industry.

That’s what it takes.

I’ll ask you again: Do you want to earn pennies, or dollars?

Login, upgrade to the next level, then email me and let me know. I’ll have someone call you and get you started..

Sound good?

Login here:


Wanna know WHO makes the “good” money in NPN?

Hey NPN’ers,

Wanna know WHO makes the “good” money in NPN?

Sure I do..

Wanna know WHY they make the “good” money in NPN?

Yes, of course..

Wanna know HOW they make the “good” money..??

.. day after day, week after week.. month after month?


Leaderboard screenshot:
Leaderboard screenshot

Well here’s the deal (and here’s the facts).

The people that make (almost) all the money in GlobalNPN are those at our DIRECTOR and EXECUTIVE levels.

Does that seem strange?

I mean those are the most “expensive” levels, Geoff.. how could THAT make them the most money?

Wouldn’t the people that spend less… earn more..??

Umm.. no. Because that’s ridiculous.

You see, the people that are at those higher levels, sell NPN to people who come in at those higher levels.

.. and the people that are at the lower levels, sell NPN to people who come in at the lower levels.

I’m not just assuming here.. those are data-proven facts.

Quick math fact: The Executive level costs $147.00. The commissions you earn if you sold to another Executive is $100.00 (70%!). That means if you have only 2 Executives under you, you are $53.00 in pure profit every month.

Some people assume that if you have a lower priced product, it’s easier to sell than a higher priced product and therefore you’ll make more money. lol


Basic level members earn $5 per sale. Sell 4 of those and you’re a whopping $3.00 in profit. Not much incentive to stick around month after month is it?

Executives can sell just 10 Executive memberships and earn $1000 per month. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Do you want to earn pennies or dollars?

It IS better. And it takes NO more effort than selling basic level memberships.

All right, I hope you get it. At least the facts as to where the money is being earned.

Here’s WHY they earn the long term money..

One word: Products. More specifically.. “sticky” products.

These are products and tools that get members “locked in”. We provide high quality monthly services that our members use every day, and therefore it’s more costly for them to leave.

Our MMPro Autoresponder, NPN Architect “Drag n Drop” page builder, unlimited web hosting, video hosting, ongoing training.. etc.

That’s why. And you can only get access to those money-saving services at the higher membership levels.

Here’s what some of our Executive leaders do..

They use our Drag n Drop page/funnel builder and build simple funnels for their clients, for money of course. There’s another $1000 per month idea for you.

Don’t spend less, earn more.

It’s the complete package, so why are you not in at Executive?

Is it the cost? I doubt it.

Most people spend more than that on b.s. money making schemes and shiny objects than that.

If you upgrade, focus on the training that’s in your backoffice, and put forth some sincere effort, you can be in profit within a couple months (check out the income calculator in your backoffice to see how little you actually need to do in order to accomplish this).

It’s up to you of course since you have to be that person who DECIDES to make this work.

I challenge you to login to your GlobalNPN backoffice, and upgrade to the next level above where you’re at now.

I CHALLENGE you (because I know I’ll probably win).

Upgrade to the next level, then contact your sponsor and tell them you’re ready to make this work and that you’re now at a higher level than THEY are at.

(note: if they don’t answer you or refuse to work with you, let me know, life’s too short to deal with useless people).

Go for it. WE ARE HERE to help you succeed.

Login Here:

LIKE and comment below if you get it.

  • Geoff Stephen

The more people hate you, the more money you’ll make.

There’s this…

“The more people hate you, the more money you’ll make.”


Well, kinda.

Let me explain WHY this is true.

Here’s what I’m talking about..

You’re an email marketer, or you are learning how to sell via email.


You realize that there is massive competition in email marketing.. or at least there appears to be.

So if there’s so many people trying to sell through email, how does anyone make any money? And why do THOSE specific people make ALL the money?

Well, email marketing is full of people that aren’t competitive, or at least aren’t competitive enough to make a difference.

There aren’t many people willing to take a strong enough stand to make themselves cut through all the noise that’s already out there.

And they stay broke.

So how do you stand out?

You HAVE to make people angry.

You have to p!ss people off so much that they are DRIVEN to reply to your emails and tell you how much they disagree with you.


If you take a strong enough stand on something, people will either love what you’re saying, or hate what you’re saying (hopefully both).

The people that love what you say, will respect you, will follow you, will watch for your next email, and will buy from you, and will become a long term customer.

The people that hate you… who cares?

The good outweighs the bad.

Put it this way:

Middle of the road marketing doesn’t work.

If you try to please everyone, nobody will care what you say on either side… and that’s the “noise” of the hundreds of emails you get every day (that nobody reads).

I get “hate mail” all the time in my email. I love it. I love it because it means I’ve struck a chord and the ones that agree with me are buying what I’m selling…

..and the ones that don’t agree are sending me whiny boo-hoo emails that they think are going to get to me. However they’re pretty damn entertaining sometimes.

So when I say “The more people hate you, the more money you’ll make.”, you know where I’m coming from.

Now wait a minute.. I’m NOT saying be rude just for the sake of being rude. There are ways to do this without offending anyone, yet still being powerful enough to get people to open and read every time.

It’s a skill you need to learn.

In fact, a while back I spent a couple hours doing a webinar on this exact subject.

It’s in your GlobalNPN backoffice along with all the other awesome Executive training webinar recordings.

Be un-ignorable.

Tell ’em how it is.

Make them angry.

Divide the masses.

If 1 person “hates” you, 5 people will love you.

Stop caring what other people think of you.

Not only will you get followers, you’ll get CUSTOMERS.

And isn’t that what everyone’s trying to do?

Let me know in the comments if  you agree, or have other ideas..

— Geoff

How to Add Menus to your NPN Architect Pages

Hey NPN’ers,

Just a quick note that I have added the ability to easily create navigation menus within your NPN Architect editor.

So.. if you want to make mini-sites or just easily link your pages together..

You can set up a menu (or any number of menus) that you can insert into any of your NPN Architect pages.

It’s pretty handy when you need a “terms / privacy policy / support” type of a menu that you’ll use on multiple pages.

The nav menus are located here at the top of your NPN Architect Dashboard:


After you setup your menus, you can access them by adding a navigation menu to your pages.

(Drag the “Navigation” icon onto your page):


Then you can edit the appearance of the menu element just like any other element on your page (click the “gear” icon and edit).

That’s all for today.

Please comment and “LIKE” this page – or share if you feel so inclined..

— Geoff Stephen

How to Organize Your MMPro Contact Lists into Folders

Hey NPN’ers,

If you’ve been in email marketing for any length of time you’ll notice the number of contact lists you have in your autoresponder start to get out of control and disorganized.

ie. You login to your MMPro, view your contact lists, and you see a long page full of your contact lists that seem to have no rhyme or reason as to what they’re all about on an individual basis.

It gets frustrating when you have a couple broadcasts to send out but it takes you forever just to find the contact list you want to send your broadcasts to.

So, what to do..?

This is a feature of our MMPro that hardly anyone uses, probably because they don’t know this feature even exists.

What you can do in the MMPro is switch to something called “folder mode”. What is does is allow you to organize your lists into folders, or categories.

It’s pretty handy when you no longer have to search very long to find the list you want..

Here’s how it works:

Hope this helps you out.


— Geoff Stephen