How to Organize Your MMPro Contact Lists into Folders

Hey NPN’ers,

If you’ve been in email marketing for any length of time you’ll notice the number of contact lists you have in your autoresponder start to get out of control and disorganized.

ie. You login to your MMPro, view your contact lists, and you see a long page full of your contact lists that seem to have no rhyme or reason as to what they’re all about on an individual basis.

It gets frustrating when you have a couple broadcasts to send out but it takes you forever just to find the contact list you want to send your broadcasts to.

So, what to do..?

This is a feature of our MMPro that hardly anyone uses, probably because they don’t know this feature even exists.

What you can do in the MMPro is switch to┬ásomething called “folder mode”. What is does is allow you to organize your lists into folders, or categories.

It’s pretty handy when you no longer have to search very long to find the list you want..

Here’s how it works:

Hope this helps you out.


— Geoff Stephen