They took my advice.. (this is why)..


A good number of people took my advice yesterday and upgraded their NPN accounts.

What this tells me is that they want it more than the next guy/gal.

Simple as that.

.. and when people decide, and go after what they want, it impresses me.

Not that I think you should try to impress ME, of course not.

But.. what it says to the rest of the world is that they’re serious about building their businesses.

It’s perception.

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Just like when you’re selling a product, you have to increase the “perceived value” in order to make more sales.

If your prospects can’t SEE the value of your product to THEM (through your sales copy), they are much less likely to buy.

Just like showing YOUR “perceived” value to your prospects when selling something like GlobalNPN.

When you are an upgraded, higher level member, your prospects will see YOU as a higher value sponsor to them. .. and of course, because of this, they’re more likely to buy from YOU.

Get it?

Upgraded vs. a basic level member. Who are YOU more likely to buy from?

..Someone that’s obviously serious about building their business and helping their referrals, or someone that’s not willing to put the investment of time and money towards making more money online..?

Increase the “perceived value” of YOU and you will have more influence on your prospects.. and therefore you WILL make more money.

This is what I was talking about in yesterday’s email.

This is why DIRECTORS and EXECUTIVE members make more money than anyone else in the company.

And this is not a pitch just to get you to spend more money on GlobalNPN, this is a pitch to help you make more money for yourself, and become a leader in this industry.

That’s what it takes.

I’ll ask you again: Do you want to earn pennies, or dollars?

Login, upgrade to the next level, then email me and let me know. I’ll have someone call you and get you started..

Sound good?

Login here: