NPN Video Hosting – New Option

Hey NPN’ers,

Quick FYI to let you know that if you are a “Gold” level member, you now have the option of switching the watermarked NPN logo on or off for your uploaded videos.


If for whatever reason you don’t want your NPN link and the NPN logo to display in your NPN hosted videos, you can now turn it on or off for each individual video you upload.

This option is located at the bottom of your “edit video” page for each video.


There are more options coming to the video hosting (and other tools), so stay tuned.

That’s it for today..

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– Geoff.

Here’s a Quick Marketing Lesson

Hey NPN’ers,funnymarketing

Here’s a quick marketing lesson.

A few of you have questioned why I “push” the $17 Basic membership in the NPNBuilder videos instead of Director or Gold.

Well, there are a few reasons.

The main reason is that I know people will join at higher levels instead, even though the “less than $20” is highlighted throughout the entire NPNBuilder sales funnel.

Weird, right?

Not really.

The whole notion of starting a business for “less than $20” is a great opener for grabbing the viewer’s curiosity, and that’s what pulls them through the funnel, qualifying them along the way.

Once they get to the payment part of the process, they see the difference between what they can earn at the $27 level vs. the $17 level.

At $17, you can earn $5 per member.
At $27, you can earn $15 per member.

So… for just $10 more, your commissions TRIPLE.

(in their head they’re thinking: “Wow! That’s way better!”)

That’s enough for many people to start at PRO ($27).

However, many of THOSE people will mentally “commit” to the $27 level… until they see the huge jump in product access and commissions at DIRECTOR.

Some will jump at that, some will stay at the lower levels just to see what’s going to happen. Fair enough.

See how that works?

So here’s my statistics since NPNBuilder launched..

.. and they may surprise you.

Since we launched, here’s the breakdown of paying members that joined through NPNBuilder:

  • 43% joined at PRO ($27)
  • 24% joined at Basic ($17)
  • 23% joined at DIRECTOR ($67)
  • 10% joined at GOLD ($147)


Almost TWICE the number of people joined at PRO for $27 than joined at the “less than $20” Basic level.

Note that (almost) the exact same number of people that joined at the $17 Basic level, joined at DIRECTOR!

That’s pretty awesome.

That also gives you a heck of a good reason to upgrade to Director, doesn’t it?

Hope this gives you some insight into how the brain works when buying these types of things.

The NPNBuilder funnel is here:

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– Geoff Stephen

Global NPN Email / Text Formatter

Hey NPN’ers,

I just programmed into your backoffice a handy new tool that will help you format your emails a little easier.

Email messages that are limited to a certain number of characters will look better, read better, and convert better. They’ll also look better on mobile.

If you want to limit the number of characters in each line of your email, this will enable you do do so without having to hit “enter” after each line (like most people have to do).

It’s really easy to use, you’ll find it in your navigation menu right under the link to the MMPro (Email tools). The link says “Email/Text Formatter”.

Here is a video demo:

(“maximize” the video to see it better)

Or watch it here:


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– Geoff Stephen

NPN Ad Tracker and GeoTracking

Hey all,

Just a quick update to let you know that the “Geotracking” feature in your NPN Ad Tracker product can now be toggled ON or OFF for each individual tracker.

What the Geotracking feature does is enable our tracker to “see” the location of your visitors, so in turn you can see what countries your clicks are coming from… which is a VERY important feature when you’re buying clicks or running ads.

The reason I’ve added the ON/OFF option is because the process of tracking the location of the click, looking it up, and associating it with the location data, can take an extra 1 or 2 seconds. Not a big deal for most people but turning it off will provide you with a slightly quicker transfer through to the site you’re tracking.

Personally I’d recommend leaving it in the ON position because the tracking data is important, but it’s up to you.

NOTE: All new trackers will have their geotracking enabled (ON) by default.

When you “view” your tracker, there’s a new section, as in the image below, that will let you know if your geotracking is on or off:




Click on “EDIT TRACKER” and you can toggle your geotracking ON or OFF in the edit screen:



That’s it for now. Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

3 page, 6 figure funnel

Good morning, marketers!

Do you ever start your day without a plan of action? (I hate that)

Sometimes you need a swift kick in your a** just to get moving. I get that. I experience that.

And sometimes what you need is a process to follow that walks you through the steps needed in order to accomplish that “something” you need to get done.

So if you’re looking for something to do, I have a step-by-step plan for promoting your GlobalNPN business.

(and you’ll see how easy this can be, putting it together)

BUT, I need to know if you’re interested in learning this, otherwise I’ll put my efforts elsewhere.

Fair enough?


I’ve done live workshop trainings like these before and I call it my “3 page, 6 figure funnel”… because that’s what it is, and what it can end up being.

What we’re going to do is this:

  1. Create a video review “offer” of one of your GlobalNPN products (specifically, the NPN Multi-Ad Tracker),
  2. Create a squeeze page for it to build your list, with a redirect to your GlobalNPN sales page.
  3. Then create a couple email followups to get you started on your autoresponder sequence.
  4. Then promote your offer via a purchased solo ad (or any method you choose).

… and what’s really cool is.. we’ll do all of this using ONLY your GlobalNPN products (you don’t have to, of course, but how can you sell a product you don’t use? ;))

Sound good?

Are you up for it?


Sound complicated?

Maybe, but not really. I’m going to walk you through the entire process.

This training will take place over the next few days (starting tomorrow), and you’ll only be able to access it if you optin to my list.

I only want people that WANT to get this training, which is why I’d like you to opt in. You will receive the training information/links via email.

If you don’t want this training, then don’t opt in – simple.

NOTE: if you DO opt in, please comment below that you have.

Here is the link to the opt in form:


This could be awesome for you 🙂


– Geoff Stephen