We Are Almost Ready To Go!

Hey NPN’ers,npnbuilderscreen

Just to bring you up to speed…

Our NPNBuilder site is almost done. Yay!

The funnel is complete, I’m just working on the backoffice training videos.

I can almost guarantee this will be the easiest way to promote your GlobalNPN business and to consistently bring in new people through our membership levels.

Should be fun!

It is based on our “Power of 3” process, which is based on bringing in only 3 new GlobalNPN members per month, racking you up $10,080.00 per month in commissions.

Even the “Power of 2” can get you over $60k per year!

Sound good?

It IS good.

The entire process is presented in 3 simple steps in the backoffice.

This is the fastest (and simplest) way I have seen that enables you to make that kind of money starting with less than $20 (if you choose), without having to deal with some gimmicky MLM comp plan that nobody really understands.

Simple is better and will allow you to attract more people.

I will have this done early next week, and away we go..

NOTE: This new system will be “tied” to your GlobalNPN account, so it is free to use for all GlobalNPN members (Basic through Gold).

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– Geoff Stephen

3 page, 6 figure funnel

Good morning, marketers!

Do you ever start your day without a plan of action? (I hate that)

Sometimes you need a swift kick in your a** just to get moving. I get that. I experience that.

And sometimes what you need is a process to follow that walks you through the steps needed in order to accomplish that “something” you need to get done.

So if you’re looking for something to do, I have a step-by-step plan for promoting your GlobalNPN business.

(and you’ll see how easy this can be, putting it together)

BUT, I need to know if you’re interested in learning this, otherwise I’ll put my efforts elsewhere.

Fair enough?


I’ve done live workshop trainings like these before and I call it my “3 page, 6 figure funnel”… because that’s what it is, and what it can end up being.

What we’re going to do is this:

  1. Create a video review “offer” of one of your GlobalNPN products (specifically, the NPN Multi-Ad Tracker),
  2. Create a squeeze page for it to build your list, with a redirect to your GlobalNPN sales page.
  3. Then create a couple email followups to get you started on your autoresponder sequence.
  4. Then promote your offer via a purchased solo ad (or any method you choose).

… and what’s really cool is.. we’ll do all of this using ONLY your GlobalNPN products (you don’t have to, of course, but how can you sell a product you don’t use? ;))

Sound good?

Are you up for it?


Sound complicated?

Maybe, but not really. I’m going to walk you through the entire process.

This training will take place over the next few days (starting tomorrow), and you’ll only be able to access it if you optin to my list.

I only want people that WANT to get this training, which is why I’d like you to opt in. You will receive the training information/links via email.

If you don’t want this training, then don’t opt in – simple.

NOTE: if you DO opt in, please comment below that you have.

Here is the link to the opt in form:

=> http://thenpn.net/icap/8505/NPN_Training

This could be awesome for you 🙂


– Geoff Stephen


How to Increase Opt in Rates to 80%

Hey NPN’ers,

Here is a free video training I did a while ago on how to increase your optin rates with a few simple steps.

The sales funnel that I used in the video regularly gets me “at least” a 40-60% optin rate when running solo ads, sometimes higher depending on the list etc.

I used the video itself as the free offer to get optins, with the squeeze page you’ll see in the video.



To see the actual squeeze page and funnel, go here:
=> http://whyamisohappy.com/gclick-0626/

Let me know if this is helpful to you..

Any comments feel free to post below..

– Geoff Stephen

How to Make a Video When You’re Terrified of Making Videos

Hello all.

Okay, so a while back I made a video that was one of those “talking head” videos where you are simple speaking directly to the camera. I sent the link out to one of my lists.

..And I said in a follow-up email that video should be a big part of marketing and you should start making videos to increase your circle of influence and inform people as to what you’re all about. Brand yourself etc..

Let’s face it, video is a great way of communicating with massive numbers of people on a very personal level.

I received an email back shortly after from a woman that basically said, “Well, easy for YOU to say. You are already comfortable making videos. I am TERRIFIED to get in front of the camera. No way!”


It was that email that took me back a few years to when I was first starting out, and I was making videos… or at least “trying” to make videos. I have watched some of my early videos and admittedly they were awful.. poorly put together, poorly edited, and I looked like a bit of an idiot!

BUT.. they got better over time and I was thinking about WHY they got better and how I managed to put together a decent video that communicated my message to the people I was targeting.

It all came down to one thing: I wrote EVERYTHING down that I wanted to say.

Simple, right?

Seriously, though. When I say I wrote everything down, I mean I scripted out every single word, and every single pause that was going to happen in my video.

Everything was completely scripted.

Even the intro where I’d say “Hey it’s Geoff here from xyz company, and I want to …..”


Now, I have to tell you that my writing style has a lot to do with how this works. When I blog, as I write I HEAR myself reading what I’m writing OUT LOUD. Which makes it read very conversationally and not just “here’s the facts”. In my head I’m explaining the information (whatever it is), and when I write it comes out like that.

Just like I’m doing now.. I’m hearing myself SAY what I’m writing to you. Understand?

When I make videos, it’s the same thing.

First I write everything that I’m going to say in that “conversational” voice.

Then I actually read it back to myself OUT LOUD so I can hear what it’s going to sound like.

After doing that I know what I have to edit to make it sound better and more natural when I actually do the video.

At least that’s how I did it when I was starting out. These days I can just write down in point form what I’m going to say and then fill in the spaces. But when I want to make sure I get my point across completely, nothing beats scripting out the whole thing and going through those steps I mentioned above.

So if you’re terrified of making videos or even audios.. that is my advice, simply script it all out and read it back in your OWN voice. If it doesn’t sound right, change your script and then read it back again. Repeat until perfect! 🙂

That’s how I did it. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, have a great day.

– Geoff Stephen

Best Traffic Strategies

best traffic strategies

Hello all..

It seems everyone is looking for the best traffic strategies for driving traffic to their websites. In fact it’s a question that I get fairly often, but it’s not something that is very easy to answer, no matter how much internet marketing experience the person has that’s asking the question.

So what’s your Traffic Strategy?

What I usually do is ask the question back to the person that is asking: “What traffic strategies work best for YOU?” or “What what traffic strategies do you LIKE to work on?”

Then they’ll tell me their traffic plan: “Here’s my plan.. I’m going to do solo ads, and do some pay-per-click, and I’ll also surf some traffic exchanges while I write blog posts and get some SEO organic traffic.. then I’m going to blast that all over social media and get traffic that way too!”

best traffic strategies

A while later they’ll get back to me on how they are doing with their plan. What I get back from them is something like: “Well, I tried abc strategy, but that didn’t work… then I tried xyz strategy, and that didn’t work either.. then I went and tried blah blah blah..”. And so on..

And of course they end up with no decent amount of traffic, and no sales or recruits. I see this happen all the time.

Do you see what’s wrong with what’s going on here?

You CANNOT be successful in internet marketing by trying to do as many things as possible all at once, without knowing how to be effective at any ONE of them.

The whole “multiple streams of traffic” thing doesn’t work unless you become a master of each traffic strategy… one strategy at a time.

The thing is… ALL traffic strategies work.

When you say “Doing solo ads didn’t work for me”, all that means is you haven’t bothered to learn how to do solo ads properly. Solo ads WORK. As do all other traffic sources… IF you take the time to learn each one, one at a time.

You will make SO much more money by “mastering” just one type of traffic than you EVER will by “sort of” learning 3 or 4 different strategies.

And that is not a theory, it’s a fact.. and a VALUABLE piece of advice.

Here is your Step by Step Traffic Plan

So my advice going forward is to do these 4 steps:

  1. Pick 2 or 3 different sources of traffic.
  2. LEARN as much as you can about each one, enough so that you can start.
  3. Determine which ONE of those 3 you actually enjoy doing (it’s easier if you like it).
  4. Focus on that ONE strategy and MASTER it.

Don’t do anything else until you master it. Don’t put in a “half-baked” effort and expect it to work. Full focus, full effort, full investment of time and money.

Remember that ALL traffic strategies are “valid” and all of them work. If they didn’t, nobody would bother learning how to capitalize on them, right?

So here are my questions to you:

What is your PREFERRED traffic strategy? What strategy would you like to master first?

Thanks! Please answer below.

Have a great day.

– Geoff Stephen

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