We Are Almost Ready To Go!

Hey NPN’ers,npnbuilderscreen

Just to bring you up to speed…

Our NPNBuilder site is almost done. Yay!

The funnel is complete, I’m just working on the backoffice training videos.

I can almost guarantee this will be the easiest way to promote your GlobalNPN business and to consistently bring in new people through our membership levels.

Should be fun!

It is based on our “Power of 3” process, which is based on bringing in only 3 new GlobalNPN members per month, racking you up $10,080.00 per month in commissions.

Even the “Power of 2” can get you over $60k per year!

Sound good?

It IS good.

The entire process is presented in 3 simple steps in the backoffice.

This is the fastest (and simplest) way I have seen that enables you to make that kind of money starting with less than $20 (if you choose), without having to deal with some gimmicky MLM comp plan that nobody really understands.

Simple is better and will allow you to attract more people.

I will have this done early next week, and away we go..

NOTE: This new system will be “tied” to your GlobalNPN account, so it is free to use for all GlobalNPN members (Basic through Gold).

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– Geoff Stephen

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2 thoughts on “We Are Almost Ready To Go!”

  1. Hi Geoff a potential customer
    I’m James Robertson
    I have been in Sales an Marketing for several years now from selling home improvement Cable services selling cars
    So I WHEN got sick I had TO reinvent myself I begin PRAYING FOR OPPORTUNITIES working from home
    I been looking at the Site npnbuilders it’s look had great ideal how to make money which is very affordable to anyone to work home and I feel this give them hope ☺ but no contacts to ask questions on a person get paid on company phone address or how and email that was fate an email notification on Mack Candele that came to me invalid email tell me what’s going with that Geoff no company no address get a little scary but I’m not going to let this opportunity to pass me by
    Will You call me 323 204 2707 I’have a lot questions to ask I do have a log in and password on payout system is it direct deposit to my bank account or what ?


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