Best Traffic Strategies

best traffic strategies

Hello all..

It seems everyone is looking for the best traffic strategies for driving traffic to their websites. In fact it’s a question that I get fairly often, but it’s not something that is very easy to answer, no matter how much internet marketing experience the person has that’s asking the question.

So what’s your Traffic Strategy?

What I usually do is ask the question back to the person that is asking: “What traffic strategies work best for YOU?” or “What what traffic strategies do you LIKE to work on?”

Then they’ll tell me their traffic plan: “Here’s my plan.. I’m going to do solo ads, and do some pay-per-click, and I’ll also surf some traffic exchanges while I write blog posts and get some SEO organic traffic.. then I’m going to blast that all over social media and get traffic that way too!”

best traffic strategies

A while later they’ll get back to me on how they are doing with their plan. What I get back from them is something like: “Well, I tried abc strategy, but that didn’t work… then I tried xyz strategy, and that didn’t work either.. then I went and tried blah blah blah..”. And so on..

And of course they end up with no decent amount of traffic, and no sales or recruits. I see this happen all the time.

Do you see what’s wrong with what’s going on here?

You CANNOT be successful in internet marketing by trying to do as many things as possible all at once, without knowing how to be effective at any ONE of them.

The whole “multiple streams of traffic” thing doesn’t work unless you become a master of each traffic strategy… one strategy at a time.

The thing is… ALL traffic strategies work.

When you say “Doing solo ads didn’t work for me”, all that means is you haven’t bothered to learn how to do solo ads properly. Solo ads WORK. As do all other traffic sources… IF you take the time to learn each one, one at a time.

You will make SO much more money by “mastering” just one type of traffic than you EVER will by “sort of” learning 3 or 4 different strategies.

And that is not a theory, it’s a fact.. and a VALUABLE piece of advice.

Here is your Step by Step Traffic Plan

So my advice going forward is to do these 4 steps:

  1. Pick 2 or 3 different sources of traffic.
  2. LEARN as much as you can about each one, enough so that you can start.
  3. Determine which ONE of those 3 you actually enjoy doing (it’s easier if you like it).
  4. Focus on that ONE strategy and MASTER it.

Don’t do anything else until you master it. Don’t put in a “half-baked” effort and expect it to work. Full focus, full effort, full investment of time and money.

Remember that ALL traffic strategies are “valid” and all of them work. If they didn’t, nobody would bother learning how to capitalize on them, right?

So here are my questions to you:

What is your PREFERRED traffic strategy? What strategy would you like to master first?

Thanks! Please answer below.

Have a great day.

– Geoff Stephen

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