Does LeadSkimmer Convert?

Hi guys,

Just thought I’d let you in on a very interesting statistic..

I had a question this morning from one of our members asking if LeadSkimmer members ever upgrade to GlobalNPN through their backoffice. So I did a little bit of research on what the latest conversion ratios were.

I have everything programmed in Leadskimmer and GobalNPN to ensure that we can tell where our signups are coming from.

What I looked for was the percentage of Leadskimmer members that joined GlobalNPN through their LeadSkimmer backoffice, and then upgraded to GlobalNPN (at the Director level).

What I found was that we have a conversion ratio of a whopping 16%!

What that means is that 16% of everyone that joined NPN through their sponsor’s LeadSkimmer backoffice upgraded to Director in NPN! Nice!

So, what we have here, folks, is a very efficient sales funnel.

LeadSkimmer itself has 3 ways to earn money:

  1. LeadSkimmer Premium Upgrade commissions
  2. Sales from Entry Ads
  3. Your own followup to your Leadskimmer leads.

..And throw GlobalNPN into the mix and you have…

  • your upfront one-time commissions PLUS..
  • your back end recurring income stream… all built in.

Remember that your leadskimmer leads get added to YOUR contact list, so if you have anything else to market to them, that’s more money for you.

In a nutshell, this works. Nothing I have ever done has converted traffic into leads better than the Leadskimmer capture page. Nothing.

BUT you have to DO it.

Here are some of my own stats that I’ve tested through:

  • LeadSkimmer free leads to LeadSkimmer Premium or GlobalNPN Upgrade: 13%
  • GlobalNPN free join (from Leadskimmer backoffice), to GlobalNPN Director upgrade: 21%

For those of you that don’t know much about conversion rates. Those are good 😉

If your own conversion rates aren’t as good, it’s simply the result of the quality of the traffic you’re throwing at it.

Here are a couple points to remember when promoting LeadSkimmer:

  1. If your traffic isn’t converting into leads, you need to find a different (better) traffic source. If this is the case, DON’T keep pounding it with the same non-converting traffic, move on..
  2. If your leads aren’t upgrading (or doing anything), the problem could be with your followup, but if this is the case it’s usually your lead source (see item #1). “Garbage in, garbage out.”

So get out there and start promoting your LeadSkimmer affiliate link. Just do it. It works.

– Geoff Stephen

Does LeadSkimmer Work?

Well, does it work??

That seems to be the “most frequently asked” question about Leadskimmer.

The answer?

In a word: absolutely.

I get an email every time a new LeadSkimmer account is created, and just to prove to you all that this is working on a constant and consistent bases, here’s a video…

That’s it.

Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

Lead Skimmer Update – Jan. 9, 2012 – New backoffice features..

Hey LeadSkimmers,

Some cool updates coming this week that will help you make more money with our system, adding huge value to your (already valuable) membership!

I’m starting to see real consistency with your lead generation, leads coming in on a consistent basis every day, which is what it’s all about.

Latest updates:

  1. “Download your leads to .csv” has been added to your backoffice.
  2. Link Tagging now available to track your LeadSkimmer Advertising.
  3. New “LeadSkimmer Forum” section on our message board

Here is a video on my latest updates:

So… remember to keep using your Link Tags to track where your leads came from, and follow up with your leads immediately – on a PERSONAL level. Don’t just blast them a generic sales message (useless!). Start building the relationship end of things, provide them with the value that only YOU can provide, and get them to understand what you’re all about. People respond to people, not crappy (“Hello, Friend!”) sales copy.

I have created a new section on our message board for LeadSkimmer discussion here:

We are working very quickly towards the 10,000 member mark, just keep using the highest converting video capture page around… That capture page is changing lives, and creating results for people that literally NEVER get results!

The backoffice is only getting better, keep on leadskimming..

– Geoff Stephen

How to Generate Hundreds of New Leads for Your Business and Convert Them Into NPN Directors on YOUR NPN Team

Hello NPN’ers,

So here’s the plan..

You’re in GlobalNPN, and you want it to be a success… right?

Of course you do.

Here’s what you need (only 3 things):

  1. A high-converting marketing funnel (something to generate leads to your MMPro or Aweber contact lists).
  2. A “funded proposal” system to earn you “one off” commission payments to cover your advertising costs.
  3. An automated way of turning those leads into paying GlobalNPN members in your downline.

NOTE: This entire system HAS to be duplicatable to make sure your recruits can follow exactly what you’re doing – and be successful at it.

Let’s go over those again in a bit more detail..

1. A high-converting marketing funnel..

This is comprised of a capture page that draws in leads so you can market to them in the future by way of your autoresponder followups. It has to be highly effective in order to generate lots of leads into your funnel. Inside your funnel is where you present your offers to your leads… but they have to get in there first.

2. A “funded proposal” system to earn you “one off” commission payments to cover your advertising costs.

Nobody likes to have to pay for their advertising without any immediate returns, right? A funded proposal is what makes you “instant” money inside your marketing funnel. Usually a funded proposal’s function is to earn you enough money to cover your marketing costs while the “deeper” part of your marketing funnel (and you) works on turning those leads into recruits to your primary business (GlobalNPN).

3. An automated way of turning those leads into paying GlobalNPN members in your downline.

Once you get them in your funnel, at some point you need your funnel to work on converting your leads into GlobalNPN members under you. This would be the ultimate goal of your funnel – NPN recruits. This is where you start generating your monthly passive income that you need to have coming in.

And again, this entire process has to be DUPLICATABLE (I’m not even sure if that’s a word:). Regardless, this entire process we just went through needs to be duplicated by your leads, all the way through. ie. they need to access this system and start working it just like you are.

So that’s it. That’s all you need in order to start generating leads, generating income, generating long-term success.

Now. You are very lucky to be a part of GlobalNPN at this time because with the integration of “” into your GlobalNPN backoffice, this ENTIRE process is right here in front of you. This brand new system is going to make it possible for you to overcome those obstacles that are standing in your way – which mainly is the lack of a complete, working marketing funnel, that is 100% duplicatable.

In the past week alone, LeadSkimmer has generated over 3,500 leads for it’s members! These are REAL unique leads that are automatically added to your autoresponder contact list for you to followup with. It also converts leads into either “one-time” commission payments to YOU, or GlobalNPN Director members under YOU – all automatically!

The best part of this system (in my opinion) is the fact that it is the highest-converting marketing funnel that I have ever been involved with. The fact that we’re bringing in almost 1,000 leads per day with this, is proof that this thing is working! Consistently!

LeadSkimmer converts traffic into leads from sources like: Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Solo Ads, PPC, Facebook, Youtube, .. the list goes on. It converts leads SO QUICKLY right now is proof again that all you need to do is get your affiliate link in front of as many eyeballs as you can – IT WILL CONVERT the traffic into leads! Period.

Listen. I WANT you guys to succeed at this, and I wouldn’t create and recommend something like LeadSkimmer without knowing that it is working, right now, for our NPN members. In fact, ALMOST ALL members of LeadSkimmer that are promoting their link are generating leads for their lists. That is a statistical fact, my friends.

I can’t stress enough that you should at least try it. It will work for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

(Prerequisite: To do this for FREE and get the most out of it, upgrade to NPN Director first)

  1. Go into your NPN backoffice ( ), click on “” in the left menu. Click the link that says “check it out here”, which will take you to LeadSkimmer.
  2. Signup for LeadSkimmer when you get there, it’s easy, and it’s free (don’t forget your username and password you chose).
  3. Go back to your NPN backoffice, again click on “” in the menu, and enter your LeadSkimmer username (email) and upgrade your account for free from there.
  4. Login to LeadSkimmer ( ) and you will be an upgraded member (thanks to NPN).
  5. Watch the videos, read everything, set up your autoresponder, and start promoting your LeadSkimmer affiliate link.

.. and that’s it! You are now an upgraded member of the hottest converting marketing funnel on the internet! And since you joined through GlobalNPN, your leads will see YOUR GlobalNPN affiliate link as an upgrade option in LeadSkimmer – which means if they join and upgrade, they’ll be under you as a Director member in NPN!

It’s easy, it’s quick, and this thing works. If you want to start to see some success in this business, follow the steps I have outlined above – and do it TODAY!

I can NOT make it any easier for you.

I hope to see you in there, generating leads..

Still not sure…??

Check out some of the comments on our Facebook page (and “like” it while you’re there):

Check out my other updates on this:

Check out some of the discussion on our board:

Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

LeadSkimmer Update – Dec. 30, 2011 – New Features!

LeadSkimmer Update – Dec. 30, 2011 – New Features!

Hey there, LeadSkimmers!

Quick update for you all before the weekend..

You guys are really keeping me busy 🙂 Our membership has increased by more than 150% in the last 12 hours, as have our upgrades, and an even higher percentage of NPN upgrades through LeadSkimmer. YOU are flyin’. THIS, my friends, is how you start off 2012 on the right foot!

You have to understand how WELL our marketing funnel is working in generating leads for our members (you). Our front capture page has such a high opt-in I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. I keep checking to make sure some high-tech “signup bot” hasn’t taken over.. and believe me it has not. These leads are REAL, and if you are in the business of making money online, these leads are targeted, which is the reason our upgrades are so high as well.

Most of you that are Premium members already know how powerful this thing is. But you Basic (non-upgraded) members are really missing the boat if you’re not promoting this and building your list. Remember, as a Basic member, the list-building aspect of LeadSkimmer is 100% FREE and you can use it as long as you like to explode that contact list of yours!

Login to your LeadSkimmer backoffice right now ( ) and click on “Affiliate Info => Affiliate Links“. There you’ll see your unique affiliate URL that you can start promoting with. There’s even some handy “share” buttons there so you can instantly share your link to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. How easy is THAT? I’ve already seen a bunch of shares out there generating interest… just give it a try, you’ll see..

Ok, on with the updates:

As you know, LeadSkimmer is only a few days old, so I’m constantly updating the backoffice, putting in more features, improving things as we go.

A few things I’d like to mention.

Premium Members:

Please update your Billing Profile with your Alertpay email addres, so I can send your commissions at the end of the month. Obviously this is pretty important, you want to get paid don’t you?

Also, update your personal profile as well since I will be making your contact info available to your referrals so you can help them get started with their LeadSkimming. It’s amazing the results usually are when you just update your profile..

Entry Ads. Premium members get your Entry Ads in there asap. Every time one of your leads logs in to their backoffice, they’ll see your Entry Ad. This can be an excellent “extra money” maker as a great place to advertise your other opportunities/products.

Also. I have updated the “Affiliate Stats” page. You can now see your earnings, your own Premium Referrals, and more. Please check it out.

As I said, I’m updating as we go, so there’s more to come in your backoffice – and I’ll be adding some NEW features to your Premium backoffice that will add a ton of value to your overall system.

My recommendation right now? (after linking your autoresponder) Start promoting your link whether you’re a Premium or Basic member. Just get your link out there and it WILL generate leads for you. Just DO it. It’s up to YOU, nobody’s going to do it for you. Let’s get you some leads and some income before this year is finally over!

Go in your backoffice and view the 2 videos on the member’s home page again. Watch them all the way through. Then watch them again. This is a huge opportunity. Don’t miss out.

That’s it for now, folks.

Oh, one more thing. Please go to our brand new Facebook page and click the “Like” button. I always send out updates through Facebook (more than email), so please connect with us so you don’t miss any.

LeadSkimmer Facebook:

Have a great evening..

– Geoff Stephen
LeadSkimmer Admin.