Lead Skimmer Update – Jan. 9, 2012 – New backoffice features..

Hey LeadSkimmers,

Some cool updates coming this week that will help you make more money with our system, adding huge value to your (already valuable) membership!

I’m starting to see real consistency with your lead generation, leads coming in on a consistent basis every day, which is what it’s all about.

Latest updates:

  1. “Download your leads to .csv” has been added to your backoffice.
  2. Link Tagging now available to track your LeadSkimmer Advertising.
  3. New “LeadSkimmer Forum” section on our message board

Here is a video on my latest updates:

So… remember to keep using your Link Tags to track where your leads came from, and follow up with your leads immediately – on a PERSONAL level. Don’t just blast them a generic sales message (useless!). Start building the relationship end of things, provide them with the value that only YOU can provide, and get them to understand what you’re all about. People respond to people, not crappy (“Hello, Friend!”) sales copy.

I have created a new section on our message board for LeadSkimmer discussion here:


We are working very quickly towards the 10,000 member mark, just keep using the highest converting video capture page around… That capture page is changing lives, and creating results for people that literally NEVER get results!

The backoffice is only getting better, keep on leadskimming..

– Geoff Stephen

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7 thoughts on “Lead Skimmer Update – Jan. 9, 2012 – New backoffice features..”

  1. Hi Geoff.
    Great news to see these great updates…. excellent work.

    This programme will help many people understand the power of building a list and monetising it over time..



  2. Thanks, Geoff, for the heads-up. I knew about tags from NPN, but didn’t realize we had them here. You also suggest sending an email to the leads, establishing relationship with them. I suppose I could simply share my excitement at discovering LeadSimmer and, for the first time, really anticipate earning some money. Sound okay to you?


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