Vote for Geoff to speak at the No Excuses 3 Summit in Las Vegas!

Hello all,

( From Geoff Stephen, Owner of NPN/LeadSkimmer )

The People have spoken (but we’re not done yet)!

If you missed the last message I sent, I have been nominated
to speak at the biggest networking event of the entire year!

The No Excuses Summit #3 in Las Vegas!

However, I still need to be “VOTED” in to get my spot on
the stage.. this is where YOU come in..

I am up in the polls but I still need as many of you as
possible to vote for me. I would REALLY appreciate it,
and it takes literally “10 seconds” out of your day.

All you need to do is click the Facebook “Like” button
and the “+1” button to the left of my picture to show that
you want me to speak at the event – on the page lined below:

On this page:

Please “Enable Images” in your email to view this picture:

Click on this picture!

I REALLY appreciate you getting me nominated, I
know that I needed hundreds of nominations just to
get me on that page and you guys came through for
me in a big way. Wow. Just wow.

So it’s time to get “The People’s Opportunity” heard
in a big way to the entire marketing world. This
conference is absolutely HUGE (I was there last year)
and it can make a BIG difference in our collective
businesses with NPN/LeadSkimmer.

Hey, and let me know if you voted as well, I’d like to
hear from you all…


On this page:

Thanks, all.
– Geoff Stephen

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6 thoughts on “Vote for Geoff to speak at the No Excuses 3 Summit in Las Vegas!”

  1. Hi Geoff!

    Many voted for you! I’m glad!
    It would be nice to get to Las vegasz once. But certainly not now.


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