Does LeadSkimmer Work?

Well, does it work??

That seems to be the “most frequently asked” question about Leadskimmer.

The answer?

In a word: absolutely.

I get an email every time a new LeadSkimmer account is created, and just to prove to you all that this is working on a constant and consistent bases, here’s a video…

That’s it.

Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

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  1. I have over 300 leads that I have sent to LeadSkimmer … Have I gotten even ONE lead? NO!!!! Does LeadSkimmer work??? NO!!!!!!!!!

    • WOW I can’t believe that you don’t think this works – Geoff is right – what other system has gotten you 341 leads on YOUR list – that is what so great about this system – you are not building a list for someone else – these are leads that are on YOUR list – can’t you see that?

    • Hi Paul,
      I think you are saying that you have sent 341 people to your leadskimmer capture page and got no one to take it up…
      well all I can say, Paul is our team are experiencing exactly the opposite result…… hundreds of leadskimmers are coming into our team every day…. so it must be that your approach may not be right……

      get on the npn forums and ask for help


  2. Well, I can tell you that it works and I sure wished you had developed this sooner – you sure have a winner here. It’s amazing the leads that come in daily – I just thrilled to have been a part of NPN and thanks for making our life easier. (My bank account thanks you also)

    Skype: nancyradlinger

    • Sure you can earn!

      As far as I understand you would need to upgrade your LeadSkimmer with option 1 (pay the one time 44.95, generate a support ticket within LS backoffice and have your NPN ID connected to your LS account.
      You will then be able to earn from your referrals on option 1 and 2 and if they choose option 2 grow your NPN business!

  3. Geoff, I just want to say thanks for introducing such a valuable tool to the internet marketing community. This truly is one of the simplest and easiest lead generating tools I have come across since I’ve been online.

  4. My Team are really enjoying the benefits of LeadSkimmer….. hundreds joining my team daily…. this is the most fantastic system I have ever witnessed….

    It’s a question of where you are advertising…….. some of my team are seeing results for the very first time…….

    Thank you Geoff…. this is brilliant!


  5. Thanks for this great video! I will add it to my LeadSkimmer review and resend all of my current 700 leads to my blog and have them watch it.
    LeadSkimmer is just an awesome tool!

  6. Still I’m confused. I’ve read without upgrading in lead skimmer I’ll not able to earn. Do I’ve to upgrade or as I remain NPN pro member & by promoting Lead skimmer I’ll be benefited?

    • In order to earn commissions in LeadSkimmer you need to be a Premium member. Becoming a premium member involves either upgrading directly, or becoming an NPN Director level member.

      You can still use it for free to build your list, which can build very quickly if you start promoting it.

  7. I just have one thing to say.

    If this doesn’t work for you then honestly you need to get out of marketing forever.

    This is the simplest money maker I have ever witnessed.

    I have been building lists for quite some time and never have I built a list as fast as lead skimmer


  8. I totally agree with Craig….. LeadSkimmer is just the best thing that has happened for my team… EVERYONE should have a significant list within weeks of using LeadSkimmer…..

    Enjoy the benefits of this great programme!


  9. Ha ha. Craig. A bit of competition never hurt anyone I guess. Loving leadskimmer and npn linking together. Best online programs out there. Credit to Geoff. Watching your great progress with interest Craig. Have a great March! Pete

  10. Geoff said:

    “In order to earn commissions in LeadSkimmer you need to be a Premium member. Becoming a premium member involves either upgrading directly, or becoming an NPN Director level member.”

    So, if I sign up with G-NPN at the Director level I get LeadSkimmer Premium membership automatically?

    What is not explained in the video Geoff is what the commissions are on those who upgrade to the Premium level.


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