This is what the 3% do to make more money than you ever will


Here’s a couple “complaints” I often get from my affiliates..

“Geoff, how do I get my leads to buy my products?”


“I can’t convince my leads to buy anything from me, what am I doing wrong?”

The answer?

I can almost guarantee you’re doing everything backwards.

Yes, completely backwards.

In fact, most people do it this way, because they’ve been convinced that it’s the easier way to go.

Here’s the difference between the 3% that earn all the money, and the 97% that stay broke and frustrated.

The 97% focus on generating leads and then try to convince those leads to buy what they’re selling.

.. whereas..

The 3% find a group of people that have a certain issue/problem. Then they create (or find) a product specifically for fixing that exact problem that group of people is having – and sell it to them.

What’s the difference?

The 97% get leads from somewhere and then say, “I don’t know who you are or what you want, but do you want to buy this product I have for sale?”

The 3% already know what their leads want and can therefore say, “Here’s the solution to the problem I already know you’re having. Here’s how to get it.”

When I get comments like, “I can’t convert my leads into sales.”

The REAL problem is NOT conversions.

The REAL problem is TARGETING.

It’s a thousand times easier to sell a ham sandwich to someone that likes ham sandwiches and is hungry for one.

Do you get that?

If you’re in the 97%, you’re doing it backwards.

Nobody wants your product. They do, however, want to have a solution to their problem.

Have a great day.

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  • Geoff Stephen

The Real Shortcut to Online Success


Today’s blog post comes from a conversation I just had..

“C’mon Geoff, there’s ALWAYS a shortcut.”

You can play around with all the fancy software and try to exploit all the “secret” marketing loopholes available..

..but the people that are making the real money day after day are the ones that know how to SELL.

The internet marketing world is full of people that don’t know anything about marketing.

The “make money online” world is full of people that don’t make any money online.

The network marketing world is full of people that don’t know how to network and don’t know enough about marketing.

Funny how that is..

The skills you need to be good at, are IN THE NAME of the industry you’re in.

So.. why not focus on what you need to be good at?

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Success in marketing is in the fundamentals.

Understand: It is SELLING.

Don’t kid yourself and think that it’s not.

“But I’m not a sales-y type of person…”

.. which means what?

All we do is provide solutions for people that have problems that they want to fix.

And THAT is what sales is all about.

1. Find a group of people that have an urgent, specific, problem.
2. Provide them with a specific solution to their problem.

aaannnddd.. Money.

So now what?

I STRONGLY urge you to stay away from the money games and tickery that is out there that only leaves people broke (and possibly you as well).

I want you to succeed.

And the way to succeed in online marketing is to focus on learning marketing. Real marketing.

And that IS the shortcut, folks.

Stay focused.

Stay the course.

Stay on track.

and stay tuned..

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So.. you want to have an online business?

So.. you want to have an online business?

You know, the kind that makes money every month?

Excellent. Lots of people do.

Unfortunately, lots of people have no clue.

It’s actually quite simple. You just need to know what to do, and what order to do it in.

You can probably figure this out over a few years, but it won’t be easy, and it will be frustrating.

Here’s the “short” version of what an online business “looks” like:

Click => Optin => Lead => Prospect => Customer => Continuity => Client

Here is what you need to assemble:
Lead Magnet ($0)
Trip Wire Product ($17-$37)
Core Product ($97-$497)
Continuity Product ($27-$197 Monthly)
Higher Coaching/Training ($997-$4997)

+ the appropriate follow up sequences and communication channels.


NOW you have a business.

NOW you can make some real money.

Wanna know how to put all this together? Quickly?

Contact me directly and I’ll show you how I can help on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure you get this up and running asap. Time’s a wastin’..


The people I help.. make money. Lots of it. That’s what I do.

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Want that “lifestyle” that all those successful marketers have.. that YOU want?

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Next Step?

I’ll personally email you back (within 24 hours) and we can start the conversation about how we can take your business to the next level.

And after that?

Well, if we work together, you’ll have a formula for success, and the consistent momentum required in order to start filling your bank account 🙂 . We’ll show ’em.

Take that first step, let’s go.

Email me directly at:
Subject line: “Ready to get started”
Email Body: Tell me a bit about your business, where you’re at now, where you want to be.

Either you want it, or you don’t.

Talk soon? You NEED to do this..

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The Formula for Making A TON of Money Online

Hello all.

Ok, I know (if you’ve been around this industry for any length of time) you’ve probably heard lots of “Magic Formulas/Strategies/Blueprints” for making money online. Everybody has the best/quickest/easiest way to do things.

There are Blogging Strategies, Social Media Strategies, Youtube Strategies, TE Strategies, Webinar Strategies, SEO Strategies… and the list goes on.

Know what? They’re all good, and they’re all important to be familiar with.

Wanna know what my “Secret Strategy” is??


When it comes down to it, all of those “secret” strategies I mentioned above are “additions” to what is really going on here.

They’re all based on a simple 5-step “system”, and this is the foundation underneath pretty much all internet marketing..

  1. Collect
  2. Communicate
  3. Qualify
  4. Close
  5. Copy (Go back to #2 and repeat..)

Well.. ok, it’s not really a “system”. But it IS a process. It’s a process that you should know, and it’s a process that you should follow and focus on.

In fact, before you try and market anything online, consider how you’ve decided to market your product, and then compare it to the 5-step process above. Does your marketing plan follow it? If not, I strongly recommend you integrate those 5 steps into your marketing before you decide to go for it.

I’d like to stress how important these steps are. Put it this way. You can make some money without following those steps. You can make millions by consistently following them. No, I’m not exaggerating.

Let’s go into a bit more detail:

1. Collect

Your first focus should be generating leads for your business (or prospecting). Lead generation and building your contact list is your primary focus. If this is NOT your primary focus, fix it.

2. Communicate

Once you have begun to generate leads (collect) and build your list, you need to develop a good business relationship with your list. Communication is huge in this business, and if you’re not providing ‘value’ to your list on a consistent basis, you will, quite simply, not make much money (if any).  Social media should be a big part of this step.

3. Qualify

This step can become a bit more ‘involved’ as it has to do with considering what to offer your lists. Qualification involves testing, re-testing, split-testing, and a bit of ‘guessing’ thrown in as well. Through your communication you should know who your market is, and who is on your list. If you don’t, it will be very difficult to be successful at recruiting someone into your MLM when all they want to do is be an affiliate marketer.

4. Close

The close is where you get paid. Here is where you make the sale and convert your prospects into buyers.

5. Copy (Go back to #2 and repeat..)

This step, for some reason, is forgotten or ignored by a lot of marketers. Some marketers stop after they’ve “closed” someone, thinking that “well, they bought something from me, now I can forget about them..”. WRONG! Fact: If someone buys from you, they’re a heck of a lot more likely to buy from you again. Don’t let them get away, keep them in your funnel. Communicate, re-qualify them, sell them something bigger! Don’t stop just because a sale has been made..

So, in a nutshell, there is your “secret moneymaking formula”. Write them down, and consider how you’re going to integrate those 5 steps into your own marketing plan.

That, my friends, is how you DO it. Now go get rich 😉

– Geoff Stephen

No Excuses Summit 3 – What they got from me.

Hello all,

It’s interesting.. since speaking at the No Excuses summit in Las Vegas last month I’ve been in touch with a lot of people that attended the event, and what’s interesting is what they had to say about it, and what they learned (and what they didn’t).

Here’s how I went about planning, presenting, and targeting a specific group of people..

When I planned my presentation for the event, I was very specific about who I was targeting with my information. The words and language that I used, the look and ‘feel’ of the presentation, the “goofy” graphics I had in the powerpoint, that corny touchy-feely stuff at the start, and even how I spoke, was all meant to target a certain sector of the attendees. I love marketing 🙂

To be honest, it was kind of an experiment on my part and I wanted to prove (to  myself, really) that I could zero in on a group of people in attendance who would be attracted to the type of information I was providing. I also know what kinds of people are attracted to ME.

You see, I was in attendance at the previous No Excuses event last year and I was pretty sure that there was a large percentage of the attendees there that were in the “this is totally over my head” group. People that wanted to take their business to the “next level” even though they hadn’t even got to the “first level” yet. People that got a lot of value from the speakers at the event but still realized that when they got home afterwards they didn’t really know what to DO, know what I mean? It’s like being in the middle class while the speaker is speaking directly to the upper class. It’s all great stuff but “I’m not THERE yet”.

That was my target audience and I think I nailed it.

How do I know?

Geoff Stephen and fellow NPN'er Jamie Rivera hanging out in the Penthouse suite at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I know because of the response I got from the many attendees (and speakers) that approached me after I presented. The general feeling I got from their response was that of “thank you for breaking it down and making it simple for me, how can I work with you?“.  It was almost like they were relieved that I was willing to NOT be ‘cutting edge’ or be some ‘crazy marketing ninja’ with how I presented. I left that for the other guys, because I knew that’s how some of them were going to be on stage.

I was much the same way in my breakout room (which is a room after the event where people could ask you questions on a more intimate level etc.), I made it a really laid back question-and-answer session and I think people respected the non-salespitch atmosphere. One of the other speakers was also in my room and I am currently in ‘cahoots’ with them in planning some of their online marketing awesomeness.

Oh, and maybe here’s something you guys can learn from this (before I forget).. I made a TON of very lucrative connections at this event with attendees and the other speakers, and it’s not because I was pretending to be someone else. It worked so well because I KNOW who I attract, and I know HOW to attract them. And I did it by just being myself. Go figure. Take that to heart, and take that to the bank ;)..

So, in conclusion.. Mission accomplished.

I delivered my content based on who I am and successfully delivered ‘who I am’ to everyone there. Now they know. I’m just waiting for the “official” pictures and videos to be available so you can see what went down.

I had a fantastic time, Ray and Ferny put on a great event. Awesome.

Believe me, events like this can, no,  WILL change your life. So… are you going to be there next year??

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Have a great day.

– Geoff Stephen