The Real Shortcut to Online Success


Today’s blog post comes from a conversation I just had..

“C’mon Geoff, there’s ALWAYS a shortcut.”

You can play around with all the fancy software and try to exploit all the “secret” marketing loopholes available..

..but the people that are making the real money day after day are the ones that know how to SELL.

The internet marketing world is full of people that don’t know anything about marketing.

The “make money online” world is full of people that don’t make any money online.

The network marketing world is full of people that don’t know how to network and don’t know enough about marketing.

Funny how that is..

The skills you need to be good at, are IN THE NAME of the industry you’re in.

So.. why not focus on what you need to be good at?

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Success in marketing is in the fundamentals.

Understand: It is SELLING.

Don’t kid yourself and think that it’s not.

“But I’m not a sales-y type of person…”

.. which means what?

All we do is provide solutions for people that have problems that they want to fix.

And THAT is what sales is all about.

1. Find a group of people that have an urgent, specific, problem.
2. Provide them with a specific solution to their problem.

aaannnddd.. Money.

So now what?

I STRONGLY urge you to stay away from the money games and tickery that is out there that only leaves people broke (and possibly you as well).

I want you to succeed.

And the way to succeed in online marketing is to focus on learning marketing. Real marketing.

And that IS the shortcut, folks.

Stay focused.

Stay the course.

Stay on track.

and stay tuned..

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— Geoff

Internet Marketing is About Getting MORE

Internet Marketing is About ALWAYS Getting MORE

So… Go get MORE.

Internet marketing isn’t about creativity, or entertaining people, or creating great content..

It’s about having a systematic approach to everything you do, and knowing your numbers.getmore

It’s about looking at your results (or lack thereof) and responding to those results accordingly.. which is to continue to do what is working, and to stop doing what isn’t working.

It’s a continuous flow of testing, analyzing, changing, improving.

It’s important to realize that marketing doesn’t stop. It can never stand still.

It’s an evolutionary process.

If something works for you, you continue on that path, but you still must try to make that success even bigger.

It’s about being never satisfied with your results because your results can always be better. There’s always MORE. There’s always MORE you can do to improve on what you have.

But you won’t get any MORE if you don’t have the right mindset with regards to marketing.. and this is what I’m talking about.

If you say that you are satisfied with your results, then that’s all you’re going to get. THOSE results.

And that’s fine, but..

Why would you stay in that place? Why would you not take those results, and try to make them BETTER?

Test, analyze, improve.

Go get MORE.

Who’s Making the Big Bucks in GlobalNPN?

Hello NPN’ers,


Global NPN

..after calculating commissions for November, I noticed a couple interesting things with regards to who is making money in Global NPN.. and who is NOT making money.

You see, in internet marketing, “numbers” and metrics are what runs the industry.

..And running a company like NPN lets me see what’s happening on a large scale.

Now, when it comes down to it, there’s a HUGE misconception as to what is “easier” to make money with..

1. Selling MORE lower price products: make more sales, but less money per sale..
2. Selling LESS higher price products: make less sales, but more money per sale.

After being in this business for more than 15 years, I can say without doubt that it takes the same amount of effort to sell a lower price product as it does to sell a higher price product.

It all comes down to putting the right offer in front of the right prospect (it’s called marketing).

Anyways, back to my point..

So who’s making all the money in NPN?

These are the stats that I find interesting. Predictable I suppose, but interesting.

.. and this might change how you look at promoting GlobalNPN in the immediate future (meaning now!).

As you should know, we currently have 4 levels of membership.


First of all, here is the breakdown of how many NPN’ers are at each level (approximately).

Basic: 20%
PRO: 30%
GOLD: 20%

Fair enough.


After running commissions for last month, here’s where it gets interesting.

Looking at our Top 25 earners for November, here is the breakdown of what levels they are at:

88% of the Top 25 are either DIRECTOR, or GOLD level members!

(That’s 22 out of 25)

So? What does that tell us?

Why are they more successful?

Well.. there’s a few reasons for this..

First of all, when you’re in a team-building business, people naturally gravitate towards leaders.

“People join people that are successful or are perceived to be more successful.

New people want to join people that are already investing their money and their time into building their businesses.

Now tell me, what sounds more attractive to a new prospect for NPN:

“I’m a basic member. I’m investing $17 per month into my business. I’m not sure how all the products work because I don’t have access to many of them, but I make $5 per referral. Click here to join.”


“I’m a Gold level member. I’m putting almost $150 per month into this (because the products are awesome), along with my advertising budget, because I want to grow this thing as quickly as possible for me and my team. Just 2 referrals puts you at more than $50 profit every month! Come along for the ride..”

So… who would you rather join under?

Who sounds more serious about growing their business?

Who do you think has an easier time bringing in new members?

Numbers don’t lie.

People that invest in their businesses build their businesses (and their incomes) faster and easier.

And I’m not just saying this because I think you should pay more. I’m saying this because I don’t want you to sell yourself short, and miss out on opportunities you might never see.

Again, numbers don’t lie, I’m just letting you know how things work.

You can upgrade from within your NPN backoffice:

Any comments or questions let me know in the comments below.

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– Geoff Stephen