What’s the best way to generate leads for my business?

“So.. what is the best way to generate leads for my business?”

That, my friends, is one of the most frequently asked questions I get, almost every single day. It’s kind of an interesting question, but when you really think about the answer, you realize that it’s actually the wrong question to be asking.

If you’re asking another marketer “What’s the best way to generate leads..”, you’re really asking them to give you their copy & paste version of what they do to generate leads. Unfortunately marketing is not copy & paste. It does not and can not work that way.

The question should be: “Which lead generation method should I learn to master first?”

We all know that there are many ways to generate leads for a business. Many, many ways. Plus, we as individuals are all completely different in how we promote ourselves, and how we promote our products and services.

There is no “best way to generate leads” that works for everyone. There are lots of people with opinions on the subject but really there is no answer to that question that is true all around. Asking “What’s the best way to generate leads..” is like asking “What should my favorite color be?” YOU decide.

The issue that can happen is that someone may answer you with a specific method THEY have been successful with in generating leads.

Then you go out, following their lead, and try that method, and maybe it doesn’t work for you. Does that mean you should quit because obviously that method is wrong? Of course not. At least I hope not. Or should you keep trying and trying that method, spending countless dollars on advertising etc.. only to realize it STILL doesn’t work?? No, but some people will do just that.

It amazes me when people continue to do things that do NOT work, over and over again until they’re frustrated to the point of quitting.

I find that the best way to generate leads is to simply do what works for me. I know, it’s non-specific. But it’s true. If I told you exactly how I generate leads, I can almost guarantee that you would not have the same results. And I know there would be people that would do EXACTLY what I do, not generate ANY leads, then come back to me and say that my method doesn’t work.

The fact is… I have different experiences than you do. I have a different personality than you do. I have a different background than you. I have a different writing style than you. I speak to people differently than you do. I have a different market than you do. The people that are attracted to me, are different than the people that are attracted to you.

Marketing is not ‘copy & paste’. We are different. And remember that people don’t buy nearly as much from copy & paste marketers, they buy from PEOPLE that they know and trust.

Again, the question should be: “Which lead generation method should I learn to master first?” Ask yourself that question. Then answer it….

Articles, press releases, safelists, traffic exchanges, blogging, youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, webinars, forums, solo ads, banner ads, craigslist, hubpages, minisites, SEO, pay-per-click(PPC)…. the list goes on.

What’s YOUR best way to generate leads? If you don’t know yet, which method will you learn how to master in lead generation? I’ll be you’d choose something different than the next person that asks me the same question..

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– Geoff Stephen


Your “Traffic” is backwards

Hey all,

A quick post about traffic..

When people ask me, “What are some quality traffic sources?”

Here’s my answer..

You’re thinking of “traffic”.. backwards.

The best way to promote an online business is not to just throw traffic at it and hope that someone buys.

Ideally you build your own sales funnels, branding yourself as the ‘go to’ person (or service) in your niche.

You build your contact lists through promoting your own sales funnels, focusing on helping people solve a specific problem that they’re facing in their business.

When the people on your list learn that you are a person to trust, all you have to do is recommend your product to your list based on how it will benefit them.

(Note: Nobody wants to buy your product. What they want is a solution to their problem, and you need to provide that for them.)

  • Tell them where they are now and how it sucks (explain their pain to them).
  • Tell them where they would be if they bought your product (how much better off they’d be).
  • Tell them where they’ll be in the future if they don’t buy your product (what they’re missing out on).
  • Tell them how to buy your product now.

Sounds difficult?

It’s not, but it does take time, effort, patience, and money.

Bottom line:

Don’t buy traffic just because someone is selling it. Learn how to generate your own traffic, build your lists, promote to your lists.

The highest quality traffic will ALWAYS be the traffic you get from your OWN lists.

It’s how to do it correctly, and it’s also what I’m teaching in our Executive webinars every week.

Geoff Stephen

get off

Don’t trip over the hamster wheel on the way out


Ever wonder why some people “get it”, while others are content to blindly try to “hamster wheel” their way to success?

Me too.

But I kind of don’t care.

I’m not trying to be mean, just honest.

It’s NOT that I don’t want to help people succeed.. I mean that’s a big part of what I’ve done successfully for the past 15 years.

It IS that I work with people whose tire-kicking days are over.

I work with people that commit to success. They have decided to be successful. As opposed to those that “hope” for success.

Many of the people that I’ve helped, feel the same way, because that’s also something I teach.

You need to commit to success, decide to be successful, and invest time and money into your business.

(Note: I said your “business”, not your hobby. Big difference.)

How much do you have to invest?

How about less than $5 per day? Yeah, that’s all.

There are people participating in my training, using our tools, that are PULLING AHEAD of you on a daily basis.

They’re leaving you behind. Way behind.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

I have a solution that works.

It’s kind of simple.

Step 1. You learn what you need to do, how to do it, when to do it..
Step 2. You use the tools you need to accomplish step 1.
Step 3. You STAY focused, and implement what you’ve learned.

I will teach you Step 1. I will give you what’s included in Step 2.

Step 3 is up to you. But once you’re working Steps 1 & 2, the rest kinda comes naturally and Step 3 transforms into what’s called common sense.

Again, less than $5 per day.

Now, watch this video right through to the end.

This guy (Derrick) GETS IT.

He also never misses one of my Exectutive webinars (and he explains why in this video):

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Now is the time to jump.

You ready?

Let’s go.

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  • Geoff Stephen

Changing Commission Payment Methods

Hey NPN’ers,

I have an announcement regarding commission payouts going forward.

Out of the blue, Payoneer has decided to end their contract with us for paying commissions.

Their reason?

They don’t do business with MLM companies anymore.

I know.. GlobalNPN is NOT MLM. That’s what I tried to explain to them.

We used to follow that model years ago, but we are not currently MLM.

Regardless, they stopped answering my emails and are apparently done with us. Their loss.

So.. not a huge deal, we’ll call it a minor temporary inconvenience.

I’m currently working with another solid company today in order to get another option available to us asap.

This ewallet company will allow you to withdraw funds to your bank account, to your debit cards (possibly even your Payoneer cards), paypal, through other methods, or by good ol’ paper check. Yes, worldwide.

Basically, it will be much better than Payoneer anyway.

So, thanks for your patience on this, trust that I am working double time to get this set up for you all. Don’t worry, you’ll all get paid.

NOTE: There’s still Payza and possibly Paypal (although I’d prefer not to use them).

No need to worry but I have to let you know.

Thanks, I will keep you all updated on this.

Your comments are welcome below..

– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN Admin.