Repurposing Content for Endless Traffic and Leads

So… you have yourself a blog.

And you just wrote a great piece of content that you’re SURE will help your readers get ahead..

So you post your content to your blog, maybe mail your link out to your list.. and you’re done, right?


If that’s all you do with your great content, you are seriously missing out on a lot more traffic and leads for your business.

What you need to learn how to do is to “repurpose” your content.

What that means is to take the content you created, and “repurpose” it to be distributed through other means.

Sure, a blog post is a blog post. But why leave it at that? Why not turn it into as many other types of content that you can? If you leave it as it is.. consider it a waste of your time and talent.

Here’s what I mean…

Take your blog post and ….

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  • Turn it into an article and submit it to the main article directories
  • Turn it into a podcast by just reciting what you just wrote
  • Turn it into a youtube or vimeo video
  • Turn it into a youtube video with simple power point slides
  • Turn it into a slide share
  • Turn it into an autoresponder message
  • Turn it into an email broadcast to your list
  • Turn it into a presentation and make a training video on it
  • Turn it into a webinar training
  • Turn it into a ‘free report’ that you give away to help build your list
  • Turn it into an ebook to sell (or part of an ebook)
  • Turn it into a press release
  • Break it up into parts and create more related content..


.. and don’t forget to link everything back to your blog or your capture page and SHARE SHARE SHARE

So there’s a few ideas to get you started.

Just keep creating value for your readers and share your value through as many distribution channels as you can with the time you have available. There’s no need to create a new piece of content for each, just repurpose the content you’ve already created.

The traffic is there, just go and GET IT!

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– Geoff Stephen

How Do I Get More Leads for My Business?

Hello all..

Here’s a question for ya:

So what’s the most important ‘skill’ you need to master in order to become successful in online marketing?

I suppose the answer could be things like..

Generating traffic, generating leads, writing good ad copy, using social media productively, talking on the phone to your prospects… anything like that.

Most people will say it’s a combination of many skills… which I would have to say is certainly true.


A lot of people tend to focus on one or two things, and a lot of times those are the wrong things to focus on.

I get this question asked more than any other question:

“How do I generate more leads online?”

.. and then this question always comes in second place:

“How do I get more traffic?”

It seems like everyone needs to get more leads for their business. Fair enough, and probably true.

Here’s how the conversation goes after they ask me how to generate more leads…

Me: “What are you going to do with more leads?”

Them: “Ummm.. I dunno, get ’em in my autoresponder and then sell them stuff! Isn’t that the whole idea??”

Me: **sigh** “Well, I suppose that’s part of the ‘whole idea’. But do you know how to convert those leads into sales?”

Them: “Not really… but everyone need more leads!”

.. and it goes like that.

I guess my point here is that yes you need more leads, and yes you need more traffic… but who cares about that if you can’t make sales? What’s the point?

It’s like having a popular clothing store without a cash register. Lots of interest, no revenue. What’s the point?

There’s 4 “how to” things to learn in online marketing, and the 3rd and 4th ones are almost always ignored:

  1. How to get targeted traffic to your website
  2. How to convert that traffic into leads for your business
  3. How to convert your leads into sales, distributors, or customers
  4. How to keep those customers interested enough to want to keep buying from you

That’s it.

It seems like this entire industry is focused on getting more leads, and then selling training to those leads on how to get more leads, which trains your leads how to get more leads by selling training on how to get more leads…

See what I mean? Funny how that works. What ends up happening is you getting leads and selling ‘lead generation’ stuff to them. And that’s as far as it gets. And it sucks because nobody gets any further into your marketing funnel, and you don’t make any more money.

So my advice is to NOT forget about item #3 and #4 above. It’s NOT all about getting leads and traffic.

It’s about making sales and creating relationships with your customers.

Have a great day!

– Geoff.

Top Reasons Why I Started an Online Business From Home

Why I Started an Online Business From Home

Hello all..

When thinking about starting an online business from home, we sometimes forget to think about the reasons why we would want to do such a thing – apart from earning an extra income from the internet.

I mean, we all have an entrepreneur mindset and we all want to make money online, but I often ask myself the real reasons why I do this, and why I did this in the first place.. so I came up with a list that I’d like to share with you. Perhaps you have the same motivations as I do.

Off the top of my head, here are my top 6 reasons:

1. FREEDOM. This is kind of a tricky one, because having a home business can absolutely give you the freedom that you wouldn’t get from an ‘ordinary’ job. However, it can also take away some of the freedom as well if you don’t have the self discipline to walk away from your business when it is needed. Having the freedom to set my own schedule and work my own hours has always been my main motivation in starting and running my own online business.

2. FAMILY TIME. I have 3 kids at home and it was always my intention to find some way to make a living while still being able to hang out with my family. Running your own home business can give you that freedom. I get to take my kids to school, pick them up from school, and never miss any of their sports or activities.

3. UNLIMITED INCOME. If you have a j.o.b., you are essentially trading hours for dollars. That’s it. And almost always, you consider yourself as being underpaid. Unfortunately, when you’re working for someone else there is no way around that, ever. With an online business there is literally no limit to the amount of money you make. Really, you end up being paid what you’re worth based on the value you bring to your industry.

4. WORKING WITH COOL PEOPLE. When you’re running your own business, you have a choice as to who you work with. You’re not forced to deal with co-workers that you can’t get along with, you’re not forced to have a boss that just doesn’t like you. You get to work with people that you can actually be productive with. People that are like you. People that have the same goals and dreams as you do. That fact alone is a big reason to do this.

This is my coffee shop desk as it looked while I wrote this blog post on why I run an online business from home.

5. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. When your entire business is an online business, you can be practically anywhere and still run your business. I’ve run my business from hotel rooms, coffee shops, shopping malls, baseball stadiums, airplanes, restaurants, while driving down the highway (in the passenger seat of course;), and even on a ride at Disneyland. With smart phones you don’t even need wifi anymore, the sky’s the limit (literally!). Nobody has to know where you are either, which is part of the package. (Word from the wise: you also have to learn when to turn it all off!)

6. LIFESTYLE.  I suppose this is kind an “all in one” reason. The lifestyle is what you get when you have a successful home business. You’re working your own hours, you’re making good money, you’re dealing with good people, and you have the time freedom to be wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s all part of the lifestyle.

So in a nutshell, those are my main reasons and motivations for doing this online business thing. What are your motivations for doing this? Money? Fame? Fun?

Let me know in your comments!


Geoff Stephen

3 Secret Emotional Triggers that will Persuade Your Audience to Open, Click, and Buy!

Hello all..

I’d like to tell you about a powerful but elusive emotional state that you can tap into, to increase traffic, click-throughs, and conversions. The stuff that draws ’em in and makes ’em buy!

If used properly, your reader/visitor can be drawn in, and will give you their complete attention right through your call to action.

The “emotional state” I’m referring to is:


Yes, curiosity, that thing that keeps us glued to TV shows, movies, books, and websites.

So how do we trigger this curiosity strongly enough to get your customers to take action, click on a link, buy your product?

The key to writing curiosity-based headlines and email subject lines is to write from a place that goes against what your reader actually believes to be true, but keep it realistic as well.

It’s called “violating expectations“. You need to challenge what your reader believes.

Here’s one for an example:

“How to make more money by generating more sales!”

Well, duh. This headline just makes sense by itself. It doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, does it? Sure it might generate a bit of curiosity, but it doesn’t really jump out and make me want to learn more..

Try it this way:

“Increase your sales by 84%, in just 15 minutes per day!”

What does this headline do that the first one did not? It “violates expectations” by suggesting some small behavioral change (15 minutes) can drastically increase what your realistic expectations might be.

Now, unfortunately it isn’t that easy. Your headline also has to violate the right expectations based on who your reader is.

You have to try and focus in on, and highlight, a gap in your reader’s knowledge, and of course it has to be something they’re interested in.

Like this:

“These 2 inexperienced bloggers are making more $$ in a month than YOU do in a year! Here’s their 3-step profit system..”

This headline claims that bloggers with little experience can be hugely successful. If YOU are a blogger, it also suggests that THEY know something that you don’t know… and it promises an easy solution to fixing this problem that you have.

One important thing to remember is that most people tend to believe that they know more than they actually do. So when trying to grab their curiosity, you need to indicate that the information you have is something they have never heard of.

So when a headline reads:

“The 5 best list-building strategies that will explode your business..”

It would make the reader more curious if you said something like:

“5 weird and underhanded list-exploding methods that are so lucrative you’ll feel guilty using them!”

Which one do you think would make your prospects more curious?? Which one would they click on?

See what I mean?

Being able to trigger one’s curiosity is a powerful thing. If you practice and get good at it, you’ll be surprised how much it will improve your business (and your sales). Sometimes it will literally take hours for me to get the right copy done for something as simple as an email subject line! But in the end it’s worth it. If you’re wondering why nobody is opening your emails, check your subject lines for curiosity triggers.

So in a nutshell, remember these 3 things..

  1. Violate their expectations
  2. Zero in on a “gap” in their knowledge
  3. Make it seem there’s NO way they’ve heard of your information before

That’s how you do it. Have fun. Play with the words for a while until it sounds awesome when you read it back to yourself. This is a competitive business and this skill will keep you ahead of the game.

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Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

2 Ways To Become An Expert in Online Marketing

Hello all..

Have you ever heard that in order to become successful online you have to present yourself as the “expert” in whatever it is you’re selling online??

I hear it all the time… and I also SAY it all the time, because it’s important.

Unfortunately this is one thing that de-motivates people from going forward in their online business..

“‘What? I’m not an expert!”

“Why would they believe me if I’m not an expert??”

“How can I be thought of as an expert if I don’t consider MYSELF an expert??”

So therein lies the “catch 22”, right?

You can’t sell more because you’re not considered an expert. You can’t be considered an expert until you sell more..


So.. how do we get around this? It’s easier than you think..

Well, first we need to consider what an “expert” actually is, specifically in internet marketing.

You are an “expert” in this business when: You know something that someone else doesn’t know yet (and wants to know).

Yup, that’s it.. well almost..

You’re an “expert” if you can teach that person how to do that “something” that they don’t know.

First example, if you know how to install a wordpress blog, that’s a service you can promote to those that want to know how to install a wordpress blog. In that case you are the “expert” because you’re the go-to guy/gal for that particular service.

Get it? Seriously. It’s a basic part of marketing. Your job is to find (or be) the solution to a problem that others are having, and let them know that you have it.

So the 2 ways to become an expert in online marketing:

1. Learn something new and find people that don’t know what you just learned.

2. Teach something you already know to those that don’t know it.

Don’t underestimate the things you already know. Fact: You have knowledge that other people do not (we all do).  It could be anything and doesn’t have to do with internet marketing.

Example: If you know how to fix lawnmowers and can guide people through the process in an easy step by step fashion, you can make money with that information. (I don’t know how to fix lawnmowers but some days I’d sure like to know how :))

So.. become an expert on something (you probably already are), and sell it!

Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen