2 Ways To Become An Expert in Online Marketing

Hello all..

Have you ever heard that in order to become successful online you have to present yourself as the “expert” in whatever it is you’re selling online??

I hear it all the time… and I also SAY it all the time, because it’s important.

Unfortunately this is one thing that de-motivates people from going forward in their online business..

“‘What? I’m not an expert!”

“Why would they believe me if I’m not an expert??”

“How can I be thought of as an expert if I don’t consider MYSELF an expert??”

So therein lies the “catch 22”, right?

You can’t sell more because you’re not considered an expert. You can’t be considered an expert until you sell more..


So.. how do we get around this? It’s easier than you think..

Well, first we need to consider what an “expert” actually is, specifically in internet marketing.

You are an “expert” in this business when: You know something that someone else doesn’t know yet (and wants to know).

Yup, that’s it.. well almost..

You’re an “expert” if you can teach that person how to do that “something” that they don’t know.

First example, if you know how to install a wordpress blog, that’s a service you can promote to those that want to know how to install a wordpress blog. In that case you are the “expert” because you’re the go-to guy/gal for that particular service.

Get it? Seriously. It’s a basic part of marketing. Your job is to find (or be) the solution to a problem that others are having, and let them know that you have it.

So the 2 ways to become an expert in online marketing:

1. Learn something new and find people that don’t know what you just learned.

2. Teach something you already know to those that don’t know it.

Don’t underestimate the things you already know. Fact: You have knowledge that other people do not (we all do).  It could be anything and doesn’t have to do with internet marketing.

Example: If you know how to fix lawnmowers and can guide people through the process in an easy step by step fashion, you can make money with that information. (I don’t know how to fix lawnmowers but some days I’d sure like to know how :))

So.. become an expert on something (you probably already are), and sell it!

Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

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9 thoughts on “2 Ways To Become An Expert in Online Marketing”

    • Hi Adewunmi –

      I know how you feel, but I want to bear witness that things didn’t take off for me (or anyone esle) until I started looking for answers. This is the stage you arrive at (at some point), ‘IF’ you don’t give up.
      If you are short on cash, start learning more by grabbing FREE Boot Camp tutorials. Next, focus on ‘Keeping It Simple’, AND, read what other top marketers are ‘DOING’, not just what they are say.
      Good luck.

  1. So true Geoff… “Don’t underestimate the things you already know.”

    I was quite surprised one week when three random people told me that they were ‘following’ my posts at different forums. Another mentor of mine also reminded me that just because you may not be getting feedback or replies does not mean that people are not paying attention.

    Now that I am setting up my Director Machine I have come to realize just how important it is to brand yourself and get your message out there. People want to follow someone who is actually doing something. Just be yourself and those people that you ‘click’ with will reveal themselves to you.

    Thanks again Geoff

  2. Hi Geoff, you are absolutely right.
    As you said, becoming an expert in a specific niche is the first step.
    Despite of its intrinsic simplicity, I find that it’s really hard to market the skills I own.
    It takes time and efforts of course, and I’m still promoting my own skills, but this is an highly competitive market as well.
    So the matter is *how to present value* to the potential customer. Here we can talk about copywriting, blogging, lead generation and branding in general.
    Just to say it is not as easy as it may sound.


  3. Thanks Geoff,

    Alot of people struggle because they deem themselves as unimportant or their knowledge is very unimportant. I used to be frustrated with my previous MLM partners because they wouldn't let me do the presentations. But with NPN and Magnetic Sponsoring, I learnt that I know something that others may not be knowing.

    And that helps me get prospects as well as signups. It has also helped me build a relationship, that ROCKS!

  4. Geoff, another great post, thank you.
    We have all heard.
    You don’t know what you don’t know.
    Well it is also true that.
    You do know what you do know.
    Share the things you know.
    Learn that which you do not know.
    Then share some more.

  5. I totally agree. There are many very knowledgeable people in this world. It's amazing sometimes how some "no brainier" things are not taught as basic knowledge in our schools. That's the advantage of educating others.


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