GlobalNPN “Executive” Mastery – Level up!

Hey there,

I sent this message to my own personal NPN referrals a couple days ago and the response was pretty massive..

So I decided to let the whole membership in on this.

However, I NEED to know if you’re “IN” and want to make this happen for you over the next few months (and going forward)- with my help, or if you’d rather just stay mediocre..

This was the email:


Please read it all, it’s important.

What I’d like to offer you, is an exclusive learning
opportunity that I’ve never really offered
before, that will increase your business in a
big way over the next few months..

What I’m offering to all Executive level
members, in addition to your Executive NPN
member access, is an ongoing “over the
shoulder” look at how to successfully
generate leads and sell online.

I’ll be doing bi-weekly (every 2 weeks)
webinars where I’ll show you the exact
marketing I’m doing, the tools I’m
using, the funnels I’m creating, and the
results I’m getting.

What I’ll do is a complete overview of
“why” my marketing is working, and
why my marketing might NOT be working, and
what I’d do to correct it in the future.
Very valuable stuff.

Basically I’ll be doing ALL the testing
FOR you, BEFORE you have to spend a dime on
your own advertising. I’ll be taking
most of the guesswork out of running your own
ad campaigns.

How valuable is THAT to you?

For all the advertising I’m doing, I
will also provide you with downloadable
versions of the funnels I’m using, and
the exact emails I’m sending.

I’ll be covering things like:

– Squeeze page design
– Sales funnel creation
– Copywriting
– Traffic generation
– Conversion optimization
– Tracking
– Email copy and followups
– + anything else that we think of along the

You will also have access to me via email to
review whatever marketing you’re doing
so you can get the opinion of a very
experienced marketer to make sure you’re
on the right track.

And of course I’ll show you how I’m
doing all of this with our GlobalNPN tools so
you can duplicate what I’m doing (and of
course putting your own spin on it).

This entire process is to turn as many
passionate NPN’ers into marketing
leaders as I can, on an ongoing basis. And in
turn, pass this training down the ranks into
your teams..

I will be starting this soon, so you
have a chance to get your account upgraded.

For starters, I’m going to try to keep
this as exclusive as possible to make sure I
can help more people and not wear myself too

All you have to do to be part of this is
ensure you are a paid Executive level member
in GlobalNPN.

Now, before we start this, I need to ensure
you are committed to learning and sticking
with this. People that refuse to put in the
time and the effort required to be successful
in this business can’t be a part of this.

My business partners and I regularly charge
upwards of $1,500 (per month) for this type
of training, for good reason, so just know
that this is an insanely good opportunity for
you to grow your business in a BIG way.. if
you decide that this is what you want.

I’m willing to work hard for you, only
if you’re willing to work hard for
yourself. If you’re “IN”, you’ll get my 15
years of online experience to learn from.

If the commitment level is there from our
group (ie. you!), we will jump in and get
started asap.

If the commitment level is NOT there, this
will not happen and I will focus my energy on
training my own clients on a one-on-one

So.. I need to know if you’re into pursuing
this as a Executive Level NPN member and getting
the “proven” information you need in order to
become a leader and succeed massively in your
online business.

All you have to do is comment below and say “Yes, I want this”.

Then immediately email me directly at:
.. and I’ll let you know how to get in on this training.

If you do I will get back to you
with further instructions on how this will

So..  “LIKE” and comment below if you’re IN.


– Geoff Stephen

P.S. Now’s the time..

Simplicity Rules Internet Marketing

Hey all,

I did a webinar last night with VaNessa Duplessie, Greg Gomez III, and Taigh Smyth. We talked a lot about how ‘simplicity’ is key in creating your business presence online.

We are also putting on a workshop in Seattle on the weekend of Dec. 7-9. If you are truly interested in getting the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in this business, and if you love small workshop environments as much as I do, I’d recommend coming to our event. As I said, it will be a small group (less than 100) which means lots of one-on-one time with myself and the other instructors. This means less talking and more “doing” and “learning”..

You can find out more here: (tell them I referred you!)

Here’s the replay of the webinar:

Here’s a rough draft of what I spoke about:

I want talk about simplicity.

My tip ultimately here is to keep things simple and not overcomplicate things, but still be effective in your delivery, whether online or offline… Simplicity rules internet marketing. Now I don’t mean keeping things simple because you don’t know any better, or because you just don’t know how to make things more complicated. I’m talking about the realization that keeping things simple is something that you need to do deliberately, and not just because you don’t want to work any harder. It’s actually quite difficult, and it takes a lot of practice, to be simple and effective.

And to accomplish this is to force yourself to limit the amount of information that you want to convey without limiting it’s value. And if you do this, what you’ll find is that you literally force the creativity out you. If you put limits and restrictions on yourself you kind of become more creative and more resourceful, almost by default.

When restrictions are placed in a creative process and when information is limited, creativity thrives as we’re forced to think outside of the box that having too much information actually places us inside of.

Think: twitter 140 char limit. They give you 140 characters to convey your message, and only 140 characters to effectively convey your message and invoke the reader’s curiosity etc… It’s not easy. But people have become incredibly creative when using twitter, and lot of programming time has gone into creating things like URL shorteners.. so it would all fit in that 140 characters.

Twitter could have said “Ok, we’ll give you 240 characters now”. But that would have taken away the uniqueness of it and it would have made it too easy to put your message out, and it would have become less effective.

The same can be said about creating headlines, blog titles, email subject lines. Even when doing things like making videos or audios. Finding the simplest way to convey your message, and do it effectively.

Simplicity is where our foundation needs to lie within. Once we have that foundation and the mindset that surrounds it,  we can then start to bend our minds around what is needed to take it to the next level and to start thinking more creatively.

That’s why focus and simplicity is so important. Once you understand the simple processes that we do as Internet marketers, you can start to realize where your own personality and creativity needs to kick in.

Let me know if you find this helpful, maybe I’ll see you in Seattle…

– Geoff.