LeadSkimmer is Now the BEST Way to Generate Leads for your Business. Period.



Here’s the deal. If you want an incredibly fast way to increase your contact list and make 3X more money, you now have access to it in your NPN backoffice..

Although I haven’t even “officially” launched it yet, LeadSkimmer is already generating leads like crazy for those that are using it.

I released it on Christmas Eve (to a few people that knew about it), and we now have well over 1,000 members already! This thing is going crazy, considering this time of year is NOT the best time (historically) for businesses like ours.

If you are wanting to increase your contact lists, earn more commissions, and build your NPN businesses to a much higher level – you NEED to be part of what’s going on here. It’s really quite amazing..

Lead Skimmer is clearly the best way to generate leads online right now. Why?? Because it works. Period.

Here’s what I’ve heard:

“LeadSkimmer is ROCKING in the traffic exchanges! People can’t help but opt-in to this thing. My list is growing literally by the hour!”

“I placed a couple quick ads to some safelists and my Aweber list has increased by 32 leads so far – within 24 hours!”

“This generates confirmed leads FAST, and I’ve already made money from Premium upgrades, plus I made a sale from the EntryAd you get as a premium member..”

This is a screen capture I grabbed of one of our member’s Lead Skimmer stats after one day…

LeadSkimmer Stats

And the best part??..

As a GlobalNPN DIRECTOR member, you are automatically upgraded to “Premium” status in Lead Skimmer! That means you are automatically qualified to start your own lead lines, you are qualified to start earning unlimited payments of $25.00 in commissions, and YOUR NPN affiliate link will be on your prospects “upgrade page” as an upgrade option – which means it will build your NPN downlines as well!

We have  people upgrading every day, and we have people joining NPN under their sponsor’s as well! Which tells me that LeadSkimmer is doing what it should be doing.

and remember, it’s hasn’t even been officially launched yet – so if being in something “at the right time” is important to you, guess what… 😉

This is your ticket to making money online. If you’re struggling to generate leads – this is your solution. If you’re struggling to make money online – this is your best move.

This is what you need to do – TODAY!:

  1. Upgrade to NPN Director from your NPN backoffice
  2. Join LeadSkimmer for FREE through the link in your NPN backoffice (click on “leadskimmer.com” in the menu).
  3. Update your LeadSkimmer Username in your NPN backoffice to be upgraded to Premium.
  4. Start promoting your LeadSkimmer affiliate link (you’ll see that in your LeadSkimmer backoffice)

Congratulations! You now have the most powerful marketing funnel (and NPN builder) at your fingertips!

We’ll be officially launching in a few days (still tweaking things in the backoffice), and stay tuned for our first LeadSkimmer webinar early next week!

Thanks all, hope to see your successes with LeadSkimmer / GlobalNPN!

– Geoff Stephen


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9 thoughts on “LeadSkimmer is Now the BEST Way to Generate Leads for your Business. Period.”

  1. I agree, this is such an awesome system. I have never been able to generate leads so quickly and easily.

    Geoff, you have definitely hit a “home run” with LeadSkimmer.

    Thank you for everything you do, the products and services you create are the “absolute best.”

    Jeff Walters

  2. Hi Geoff,
    I am really excited about LeadSkimmer… sent out three emails and now have 65 LeadSkimmer members…… not even advertised outside my list yet!

    That is without the amazing duplication that LeadSkimmer offers!

    It is promising to be a very, very exciting 2012!

    Thanks again… brilliant programming!


  3. Hi Geoff:

    LS works because the content is logical, matter of fact and straight forward + the sign up block is super easy to see.

    I’m not an NPN fan and will have to wait to confirm that LS works for me but if it does I may upgrade.

    I’m actually throwing credits at List Outbreak, Instant Squeeze Page (Purdy) and Lead Skimmer to suss out which one grabs the most eyes.

    Very nice work on your part. Lead Skimmer is much less hypey than NPN.



  4. Hey Geoff,

    You have really hit on a hot item here.

    Leadskimmer is brilliant, and extremely easy to set up and get going. I have never gotten so many new sign ups for so little effort. This is really going create incredible expansion in 2012. Very exciting.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I can not wait for the actual release of Leadskimmer. Oh man is that going to be great.

    Mark Hamilton

  5. Hey Geoff
    Nice work going on in the back office… I find the MMPro video helpful – although I got it right, the video took some remaining doubts… 🙂
    (the entire process is laid out very well and it’s really easy to set up!)
    Leadskimmer just stands out – It’s a clear, precise, factual message in a pleasant and convincing voice.
    Formidable – 5 stars from me.
    keep it up

  6. This is fantastic Geoff! It is a little embarrassing to admit that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the notices and updates. But, now that I am in…

    I got everything set up quickly and now I am off and running.

    Thanks again for all you do.


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