GlobalNPN’s “LeadSkimmer” List Builder Will Be Launched in a Few Days!

Hello NPN’ers

I have to tell you..

I am very excited about the way our LeadSkimmer list builder is shaping up! I’m getting down to the final stages of bringing the site to “live” status. All the programming is done, I just have to hook up all the back end stuff and complete some of the backoffice content and we’re good to go! The countdown has begun..

For those of you that are not aware of this, or if you just haven’t been paying attention, this list builder has the potential to absolutely explode your list (and your monthly income) in a very short time.

What’s this all about? Here are some notable features..

[icon_list style=”check”]

  • Builds your list exponentially, 3X faster than you can now, with REAL opt-in quality leads.
  •  Generates exponentially increasing income through the site, through GlobalNPN, and of course through your list that it’s building for you (at 3X the speed!)
  • It will build your OWN contact lists (not the company’s), supporting Aweber, Getresponse, and NPN’s MMPro contact lists.
  • It’s FREE to use with a complete “no brainer” upgrade option, which allows you to earn through the site OR through GlobalNPN. (ie. you either make a sale, or you get a new Director in your downline!)
  • As an NPN Director (or higher), you will already be qualified as a “Premium” member – no upgrade required for you :).
  • Uses my own proprietary “Skim3” software which takes care of all the automation behind it.
  • Is a quick and painless, “easy-in” marketing funnel that gets leads onto your list immediately, and money into your pocket.


I created this builder mainly for two reasons..

1. To help GlobalNPN members build their lists, and their incomes, faster and bigger.

2. To help non-members build their lists, and introduce them to GlobalNPN (through YOUR links, of course)


This is the youtube version of the front page video, check it out:

Thanks, let me know your thoughts.. I’m thinking Monday or Tuesday..

Are you IN..??

Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

Comment below..

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  1. OK Geoff…if ever there is an “additional” incentive to get my TrafficSecret affiliates to come on board with Global NPN, this surely has to be “IT!” Thank You for all you continue to do to make this a true “Marketer’s Homebase.” I am posting this immediately.

    • Yes Pete.

      It can do a few things for you:
      – Build your lists
      – .. therefore helping you make money from your lists
      – Earn you upgrade sales through the site
      – Get you new NPN directors in your line
      – Earn you sales from free advertising you get as a Premium member..

      Lots of good stuff!
      – Geoff.

  2. Cool, Geoff!! I am in all the way! Can’t wait for it to come out! You give so much more value in content with NPN, I don’t see how anyone would not “get it”!! The Lead Skimmer List building tool alone is worth way more than we are paying as members! You are the man! Thank you!

  3. Wowee Geoff!

    If there had been an opt in box below that video you would have gotten my name and email. I can’t wait to see what’s on the next page!

    I’m gonna share this with all my prospects and leads. Thanks again.

  4. Wow, its sounds fantastic, what a great idea. I assume that only Aweber and Getresponse will be able to be used with LeadSkimmer but not Trafficwave, which is a pity because that’s the AR I use. It costs me nothing as my subs get taken from my commissions and I can have unlimited AR’s with unlimited subscibers for the one monthly price which you don’t get with the other two.

    There’s my four penneth … Kevin

    • TW has some great features but it’s really tough to integrate as a 3rd party autoresponder with most systems. Honestly TW is for those that want to concentrate on TW commission in conjunction with other programs like GlobalNPN, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but again integrating it can be difficult.

  5. You might have missed this bullet point above:
    It will build your OWN contact lists (not the company’s), supporting Aweber, Getresponse, and NPN’s MMPro contact lists.

    You’re already in NPN right? So use the MMPro.

  6. I did get the bullet point above, which is why I enquired about Trafficwave. MMPro is not the easiest AR to work with. I have worked with Aweber and Getresponse before and they are easier to navigate but I settled for Trafficwave because of what is offered for the one price.

    Just asking


  7. LeadSkimmer is going to be one of if not the most power fullest tool ever created in our GlobalNPN tools. I predict that leadskimmer and the other powerful tools that Geoff is coming out with real soon will not only cause an explosion in your globalNPN team, but you will surely see some past members reactivating their GlobalNPN memberships faster than a cat can lick its You know what!

    • Hi Brian, thanks for the comments and the support. Yes, a lot of new value is being added to your NPN systems over the next while, and I can certainly see some former members coming back to NPN… regardless of how fast a cat can lick it’s you-know-what 🙂

      It’s a good time to be in NPN now.. and it’s up to all of you to let people know that.

      – Geoff.

  8. Not sure why anyone would need another autoresponder anyway since MMPro is outstanding.

    Unless of course you have a huge list with another autoresponder.

    Honestly I like having an option to use double or single optin.

    Mostly single optin.

    Traffic wave only offers double.

    Boo Hoo on Traffic Waves part.

    They could of had some real big list building giants because serious list builders use single.

    I enjoy using the MMPro and works great for me.

    Now if you rather be paying $500 bucks a month with 260,000 subscribers with Aweber thats cool too but I would rather pay 40 and get a ton of cool tools to help build my list even more.

    Just a suggestion guys.

    On that note I need to go get my money that I made from sharing the NPN tools last month out of my alert pay.


  9. Yeah, sure we as Director’s should be using the tools provided (MMP), but I am just saying it would be more ‘attractive’ for current TW members…To follow us in NPN.

    It goes with the ‘stacking’ principle and multiple streams of income.

    Why ‘limit’ yourself?

    Conflict of interest?

    Sure the local Chevy Dealership tries to sell New Chevies…But they will sell anything they get traded…Don’t limit themselves to only taking Pontiacs and Olds’ on trade!

    I see your point about the single vs. double opt in though, but isn’t it a fact that only asking for an email as opposed to asking for Name And Phone number works better also?

    Just my opinion…would like to hear more!


  10. Well to me asking for email is just most peoples way of getting more optins.

    Just means you get lazy people. j/k

    Me personally I want the phone number and name so I can call them and get to know the person.

    Not just that but I would rather call someone by their first name rather than saying hey how are you emailadress (at)

    Makes it more personal to me and as we all should know we need to be establishing a good relationship with our prospects and offer the help they need.

    This is also what Google wants to see on our blogs and other sites.

    Google ranks you when your content is good and they see the social part of your sites.

    That’s beside the point but hey if you have people in Traffic Wave and like to integrate people in NPN that’s cool too.

    But for me I would rather promote a suite of tools rather than just an autoresponder.

    Gives a ton more value and honestly most people I have come across in TW eventually go somewhere else once they realize it is better to go with a single but of course you want to have a bit more experience when dealing with single so you don’t piss off the masses.

    Once you learn how to create value through emails single optin is always the better option but the value really relies in the things you share and the products you promote.

    NPN has that value to me and much more.


  11. There’s one thing for certain, its created a discussion. Initially it was an enquiry but I accept the whole proposition of LeadSkimmer will be a resounding success whether its without Trafficwave or not.

    Its been interesting seeing the response. Broke up the day. The alternative was to go shopping with the wife and I don’t relish that a week before Crimbo.


  12. Yeah Craig…Makes sense.

    I of course always ask for the name, but just know I read that somewhere, never really used single opt in much, (But will be with the new MFB!)

    As for the phone, I don’t mind talking on the phone, might not be ‘forward’ enough to actually call though…

    But I know I also don’t like to give up my phone number when just looking for more info on something.

    And besides, communicating via email gives you a chance to compose your thoughts a little more…Then you also have a record of what you did say, or the questions that might have been asked.

    And then again, if you get tongue tied or don’t have all the answers while on the phone…you look less professional, or like you don’t even know what you are talking about. And you know what they say about first impressions…

    I am NOT a ‘fast talking car salesman’ just using that as an analogy. But Ford Drivers wouldn’t even look to see what is on that lot…

    Thanks for your input..lets see if we get anymore…


    PS: I am not talking about selling ARs…just Using it/them…

  13. Yes, I have to agree with you Kevin, not adding TW is no deal breaker…

    It is still a great addition and I am anxious too…

    AS for shopping, today would be better than next Saturday!!

    Happy Hollidays Everyone!


  14. Hey Steven

    I totally understand.

    Just so you know I am not a fast talker or a salesman.

    The purpose of my call is not to sell anything.

    The only thing I want from the call is to find out the problems that person may have and show them that I am truly concerned about helping them.’

    The sale will always come when your not pushy.

    It might take a bit but doing this everyday stacks up.

    I have people from a year ago call me and say hey Craig I remember talking to you and I am finally ready after being ripped off by so many other people.

    Sometimes they are not ready for my style and are looking for the easy way out and 99% of the time they finally realize there is no easy switch.

    They need to make it easy on themselves.

    I was nervous my first time on a call but unless you practice and do it you will never get better.

    Goes for anything you do in your business.

    Email marketing is great but we all know that even with emails its hard to sort out the quality leads from the less quality or fake emails so your just working on a numbers game unless they buy from you.

    Not saying you need to call people but they do make for a better lead.

    I only spend an hour of my tasks to do for the day calling people but if you want a good trick to get more quality without having to call people here it is.

    I teach this to my students in my 90 day list building workshop

    Take all your leads every week subscribes and unsubscribes and put in each email address on Facebook or LinkedIn or other social networks

    Connect with them by simply saying:

    Hay Steve I noticed you checked out my site the other day and just wanted to hook up here and offer you any help that I can.

    This is powerful especially for those who unsubscribe from your list.

    Most people who unsubscribe don’t even know what they unsubscribed too and more than likely wont remember who you are but now that they see your a real person and not just a person with a site they will feel more welcome.

    Once they add you you can take it one step further and send them a welcome facebook friend video like this.

    Thanks for the feedback Steve


  15. Couple things guys..

    First of all, cool discussion, I love this stuff. You can learn a lot from this type of thing. Come to think of it, participating intelligently on blogs/message boards like this is another great way to get your name out there. Lots of people (outside of NPN) visit my blog and your discussions here can attract people to you based on what you’re talking about, and particularly HOW you’re saying it. ie. If you’re an ass, guess what people see when they view your comments…?

    As for the “single optin” argument..

    With single optin you have to be a bit more responsible with how you handle your list. Goes without saying I suppose, but some people are idiots, which goes without saying as well 🙂 I don’t know how other responders do single optin, but with the MMPro it’s slightly different to protect your own reputation as well as the MMPro’s. When someone opts in to your MMPro contact list and you have selected the single optin option, your contact will receive a “thanks for joining my list” email to let them know that they’ve signed up for your list. They don’t have to confirm, it’s just a note that they joined – and there is an unsubscribe link in there to be compliant. You can edit this message when setting up your optin form to say whatever you want, send them to your site, send them your optin gift, or whatever. To me, that’s the responsible way of doing single optin, and your prospect will appreciate it as well.

    Another thing about collecting just email addresses instead of name/phone/email etc. It’s important that you continually qualify and re-qualify your leads to make sure they’re responsive and that they stay responsive. The way I do that is by making them “do things” on occasion that involves providing some sort of feedback or data about themselves. So, if you just collect their email address, re-qualify them by asking them to do something further to get more information about them to you. People actually like being told what to do and to follow instructions, so tell them what to do. An example of this being the NPNDirectorMachine funnel. At one point I ask them (via web form) about their income goals and why they have those goals. Real simple, but almost all of them fill out that form and that gives me (and their sponsor) huge insight into what they’re all about, and if they’re realistic about being in this business. Then, in turn, when you contact them via email or phone, you have something to talk about.. right??

    Ok, I think I’ve typed enough here. Perhaps this is a whole other blog post waiting to happen.. or a webinar..

    – Geoff.

  16. Yeah Geoff, sorry to ‘hijack’ your blog post! We should have taken it to the forum, but at least this is ‘out there’ where others can see it.

    And Craig, I must admit I am not good at the ‘social media’ side (yet), something I must work on.

    But YES, nice welcome video. And yes I see that consistent and persistent Action is what it takes.

    Funny, I was chatting with another ‘leader’ in the industry tonight and she told me she has had subscribers contact her a year or 2…3 or 4 years after originally subscribing. And I never mentioned anything about this post until after she told me that, so I know she wasn’t just ‘chiming in’…

    But thanks for the discussion, tips and advice!


  17. How many times have you spoken these words? “Ah” – but there are those NEW and are hearing them for the first time. It is always good to qualify your prospects/subscribers – AND to “let them know” just HOW you can be “their Helpmeet.” (and, therein, continue to grow).

  18. Well I have been out of the loop for awhile and wow this is just great news and am so excited about this new program – what a treat for the holidays – Christmas is coming early – WTG Geoff. Sometimes we get so busy thru out the year that we forget to stop and say thanks for all the people that help us do what we do – thanks Geoff for being one of those people – blessings to you and your family.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  19. Geoff… you have captured a very eager audience in all of us. Can’t wait for LeadSkimmer!

    If you aren’t Director yet, you are missing the boat.
    So many members do not realize how much more they get at Directors level. Explore your members area folks and get ready for the SLEIGH RIDE of your life! Merry Christmas to ALL!

  20. I have to agree with your Patricia!

    Even before with the fact only two paid members and you are already in profit (over $10), as opposed to the break-even you would be at the Pro level always did make it the better choice.

    Not including the value added with the training and hosting account…

    Now a new List Builder included? That comes WITH your Director’s membership! Designed to increase your Director’s membership…

    No wonder everyone is so anxious!


  21. Who else has checked their npn back office 75 times in the last 20 minutes like me LOL.. Geoff’s not going to launch something unless its ready. In the mean time I think it’s vital to ensure your “internal profile” is up to date. When you log into your GlobalNPN back office, look to the left for “internal profile” this is how your downline will find you via their contacts.

  22. Good point Brian. Another great idea is to post a smiling picture of yourself on your “External Profile” and a short caption about yourself.

    I’m sure Geoff will email us the second LeadSkimmer is ready. Reminds me of a few old sayings… “A watch pot never boils” and “Good things come to those who wait.”

    Hey Santa … you KNOW what we all want for Christmas 😉

  23. Hi guys..

    I feel bad about the waiting. I really want to make the upsell impossible to resist. A crappy upsell is a crappy upsell. And a crappy upsell doesn’t upsell.

    Some people have messaged me, “Just launch it, we don’t care about the bugs!” I think you will care, and so will the newbies you invite to the system. I know what you’re feeling, just hold it in a while longer 😉

    The front end is hard to resist as it is right now, that I know. The momentum has to carry through the rest of the process. That’s what I’m finalizing. I’m halfway through a video as I write this..

    Yes, Patricia, good things come to those who wait. This is a great thing, and I need you guys to be successful at this.

    Don’t worry, I will update everyone via email, message board, facebook, twitter, and your NPN backoffice.

    As I always say.. stay tuned and be ready.. Christmas is coming.

    – Geoff.

  24. Yes, I’m sort of “softly” launching it to make sure all is good as people join.

    I was up till 4:30am completing it so my tired brain may have missed a couple things. 🙂

    Feel free to join, and then upgrade your account from your NPN backoffice.

    – Geoff.

  25. It looks great Geoff! Can’t wait until I get a little more time to go through it all!

    Can we tell our members or does it need to be fully set up first?

    If they (our current NPN members) join through the back office do they join through us?

    Merry Christmas!

  26. Holy smokes! it’s almost 2am over here and Christmas eve and all the candle lights are gone, but I am still dancing around the tree!

    What an awesome gift Geoff, absolutely amazing! I am set up and ready to roar. Everything went super smooth so far and now – it’s time to crush your server!

    Just kidding – but I am definitely skipping bed for now and jump into the promotion right away.

    Hey take a deep breath and enjoy your family! You did an absolutely awesome job and well deserve it! Merry X-Mas!


  27. This is going to be amazing. Just went through the videos and I thought the Lead Skimmer was going to be something totally different.

    Honestly I figured it was going to be set up as a viral page and every third person your leads bring in goes to you.

    This is definitely unique and this is going to be the best list builder out there.

    Thanks Geoff for your hard work and your genius brain.

    This is Friggin Genius.


  28. What happens to a lead if they do not complete their setup? For example some one opts into the capture page but doesn’t set up a username and password.

    Reason I ask, is I’m writing a follow up campaign, and since the lead has already opted it, I would need to send them the members link but if they did not complete the setup process then they would not be able to log in to complete it. I hope that made sense.

  29. Thats a good question Brian

    But if they don’t put in their username I would think that would be a separate email reminding them to create their username and password for access to the system.

    Might be a good idea to do a video tutorial on that also for people who don’t understand how to set that up.

    Also Geoff is there an autoresponder sequence you provide us that we can put in our follow ups or is this something we need to do on our own.

  30. Brian, I think the best thing to do with your question is if they signed up with their email on the first page their already on your list.

    If they didnt fill in their username and pass you can just send them a reminder in your welcome email and maybe the next follow up after that.


  31. Makes sense, but once they opt in, they can’t opt in again and I don’t see anyway for them to complete the process if they did not do it initially .

    I’m not too worried about it, initial setup for a new lead is pretty streamline, but internet gremlins could set in on lead who losses their internet connection, that lead could be your next GlobalNPN platinum.

  32. Yea I bet.

    Right now I am set up a campaign for 1,000,000 impressions. Just waiting for my campaign with my ad network to approve it. Lets hope Geoffs servers can handle all of us promoting this.

  33. My question is how do the people entering their information into the form on the LeadSkimmer site get on my MMPro list?

    Do I need to have a MMPro form created and somehow in sequence to have my LeadSkimmer Qualifiers, Leads, and Leadline Leads end up on my MMPro list of Contacts?

    Or do I somehow get access to this information somehow through the LeadSkimmer site itself?

    If so I see no way to do this.

    I have 3 Qualifiers already at LeadSkimmer but as of yet no contacts have appeared on the Contact List I created in my MMPro account. Maybe I have missed something.

    Any help or clarification would certainly be appreciated, as I am pretty new to all this.

    Thank you very much,

    Jeff Walters

  34. Hello Geoff, Lead Skimmer “rocks”, I getting several leads added to my Aweber daily, along with Premium upgrades in backoffice.. Geoff, it would be nice if we could capture the leads contact name.

  35. Hi I just jointed skimmer. I hope it is all that people say it is.
    Two days in and no new leads .
    I will need you all posted

    • Susannah~

      We have been doing pretty good with Lead Skimmer! We have developed over 70+ leads by promoting it in the background of all of our promotions (Passively). We have had a few people upgrade already, but, we have been able to show tons more our main offers (our own Text Ad Exchange) and have made some great relationships in the leads that we already have generated!

      It doesn’t matter what you build, but be consistent and stay focused and you will be successful!

      This coming from 2 successful NPN members that have been building our business since 2006!

      Have a great day!

      Dave & Steve Goodwin


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