How to Make Your Prospects Say “YES!” Every Time By Showing Them How to Get In for FREE!


Have you ever had someone excited to join your business or opportunity, and at the last minute they say “..well, I don’t think I can afford it right now..”, or “I just don’t have the money..“??

Don’t you hate that? After all, it’s only “$x.xx” per month, right? How can they NOT join??

YOU know they’re missing out, THEY probably know they’re missing out as well. After all, they got THIS far didn’t they?

It always comes down to the money, the cost, the “investment”.

Don’t you wish you could say something and just have them join your business without having to think about the money?


Here’s something that works, almost all of the time.

People do things because it makes them feel good. Simple as that. Even if they don’t like doing certain things, they still do them because they know the end result will be positive.

For example, going to work is not pleasurable for most people. But they know that ultimately they’ll get paid and that end result is a positive.

In contrast, people DON’T do certain things because of fear. They’re scared. Not “oh my god, a ghost!” kind of scared, though. Fear. Fear of failure, fear of looking foolish, fear of the unknown.. Fear is the obstacle that we have to overcome in order to get to the good stuff.

Now.. When you present your prospects with having to pay for something, and they back away from the investment, they’re scared. Not unusual.

How do you help them get around that fear?

It’s actually kind of a small (but thick) obstacle, because they know that on the other side of this obstacle is this great business opportunity that you have waiting for them.

So.. how do we get them over/around that obstacle?

You have to make them feel good about it and remove that fear. You need to make them SEE themselves NOW on the other side of that wall, and show them what that looks like. They need to feel comfortable with what they’re about to do – and they need to feel comfortable with you as they’re sponsor. Since we’re at the “join” point, we can assume they’re comfortable with YOU already.

Let’s assume your product/opportunity costs roughly $40.00 (ie. NPN Director). Which we all know isn’t much money considering what running a business can “normally” cost, right?

Here’s what you tell them..

Tell them to put it on their credit card. Simple, right? Yes, but obviously there has to be more than that.

You need to explain why, and this will get them over their fear.

Let’s be honest, they really don’t want to PAY any money up front. Or at least they’d PREFER to not pay anything at all. The fear is based on paying money RIGHT NOW. Today. Out of their pocket.

They also want to make money and be in profit as soon as possible. The fear is also that they won’t be successful at this. Fear of failure.

If they use their credit card, these fears can be overcome. Seriously. It’s how you explain it to them.

If they put that $40 on their credit card, they haven’t actually PAID anything yet. The bank has, in fact, given ( or loaned ) them the money to get started right now. With a credit card, that payment is not “out of pocket”. Your prospect knows that they have 30-45 days to get that money back to their bank. They know it, but YOU have to explain that to them. They’ve GOT the money, their bank has already made it available to them. Again, YOU have to explain this to them, otherwise they won’t see over the obstacle.

You could say they are getting a FREE trial period during which they can check out the products, the marketing materials, the community etc..

Psychologically if you explain that to them successfully, they will talk THEMSELVES into paying for your opportunity. They know they WANT to, they just have to make it okay inside their head.

Once this fear has been overcome, the rest is a LOT easier.

The other big fear they need to overcome is that they won’t be successful at this. They won’t make any money. Fair enough.

First, you need to make sure they understand that, by using their credit card, they have a 30-45 day FREE trial period in which to see some positive results with regards to making money.

Here’s where your leadership and your team’s leadership comes in.

As part of your presentation to your prospect, you need to make them feel comfortable about how YOU’RE going to help them succeed in this thing. Remember, you’re a good sponsor, right?? You need to make your prospect SEE what it’s going to like having you as their upline. Do NOT just leave them to figure it out themselves.

Explain to them that, during their 30-45 days, you will help them get all set up with their backoffice tools and profile pages, you will provide them with the best advertising resources, you will introduce them to YOUR uplines, you will get them on Skype to begin creating a solid relationship, you will connect with them on Facebook, you will give them access to your team’s training website, you will follow up with them every 2 days to guide them through and keep them motivated.. you, you, you.

Explain to them that YOU will help them get their first 2 referrals by helping them invite new people to your team’s (or company’s) webinars. New prospects NEED to hear this stuff. Don’t tell them you’ll do it all FOR them, though. They need to be able to see themselves doing all this. They need to be able to tell THEMSELVES, “Yes, this is what I want to do, and I will be good at it!

… and don’t just tell them, make sure you actually DO it! (rather important point there!)

So, what have we done here..?

We have helped your prospect overcome the 2 biggest fears that new people have when they are presented with a new opportunity like yours:

#1. Having to pay out of pocket.

#2. Not being successful.

Essentially, what they should be thinking at this point is:

I have a FREE trial membership to this great company, and during that FREE trial, I have great support and resources to get me started towards getting in profit quickly!

Congratulations, you have a new recruit.

Remember, selling (sponsoring) is making people want what you are selling, and then making people comfortable with what they’re buying.

YOU have to make them SEE it, because most likely they will just see the obstacles that stand in their way… and you’ve just lost a sale.

NOTE: Share this post with your sponsor, and your uplines. They need to be in on this too!

Focus your advertising on helping your prospects overcome these fears and make some money!

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Geoff Stephen

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33 thoughts on “How to Make Your Prospects Say “YES!” Every Time By Showing Them How to Get In for FREE!”

  1. Hi Geoff. This is excellent stuff! Builds on a recent post where you said we need to let people know what we, as sponsors, can offer them, but says it another way round – which is always useful. Many thanks for the insight.

    • Hi Lynda,

      Thanks for the comment. And you’re right, it does build on that previous post.

      It’s all part of the sales process and getting people over the “humps” and on their way.

      YOU have to be an active part of it.

      – Geoff.

  2. Hey Geoff

    Great post my friend.

    I think another great way to get people to say yes is to seem like you actually care when you are talking to them.

    There is nothing worse than listening to someone who keeps talking about how great a program is or who cuts you off in the middle of your sentence.

    Just being a good listener always seems to work and actually caring about getting to know the person and making it clear that you do want to help them and become a long life friend.

    Not exactly saying it in those words but something I do is I take notes when talking to people for instance if they talk about their kids or pet Ill write down their names.

    This way next time I talk to them I can open up and say hey how is your son so and so doing.

    They will be shocked that you actually remembered there kids name.

    Always be interested and concerned with their problems and needs.

    It makes people feel at ease and will develop a trusting bond with them.

    Price wont matter anymore. They will just be happy to have met such a great person.


  3. Geoff,
    I am so glad to be a part of this team. It is like a breath of fresh air.
    Thanks for this post and all you do.
    Looking forward to working with you and learning from you for many years to come
    Many Blessings & Much Success,
    Patti Allred

  4. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for the article – I will be adding it to my arsenal of helpful information for sharing with my new members, and passing on to them to share with their new members, etc…

  5. Great suggestion, Geoff! When we are able to successfully eliminate excuses from the prospect and they are ok with it in their mind, and feel good about it, then we are actually adding value to them with the tools and training that they will get here in NPN! You have surrounded yourself with a great team, Geoff! I have found that when I listen more and speak less, many times people like you and will do business with you. People only buy from those they like and trust. Build relationships and use less salesmanship. Genuinely like and care for others and they will do business with you.

  6. Tell them to use a credit card because that is like they are not paying for it – How irresponsible is that?

    Imagine my wife shopping for an expensive dress : How much was that dear? I did not have to pay for it because the bank did.

    Hey guys can you all please send me $100? You don’t have to pay just use your credit card.

    If anybody listens to that twaddle they deserve to go broke.

    “they have a 30-45 day FREE trial period ”

    I figure you have a background in sales.

    I am ashamed of you…

    • Phil, you’re comparing apples to oranges here.

      Buying something (like a dress) is very different from investing in a business you plan on following through with, with the help of YOU being their sponsor and supporting them.

      This has nothing to do with credit card debt or being irresponsible with money, and if you think it is, well you just missed the whole point.

      Thanks for the comments.

      – Geoff.

      P.S. If you’re ashamed to sell, you probably shouldn’t be in (any) business for yourself. I’m proud of the products I sell, they add value to people’s lives. No shame in that.

    • Sean, I think you’re missed half the article..?

      There’s no suggestion of ‘making’ someone dig deeper into debt. In fact there’s no assumption of any debt at all. And certainly nothing about talking them into using their credit card against their own better judgement.. then running off with their money…

      If it was about that my article would be half as long.

      My article is about helping people get over fears about doing business, and helping them think a little differently about the “risk” of the big obstacle of investing money in themselves.

      “If they want to join, they will.”

      Sure.. or will they? With the proper support that you give them as their sponsor, which makes them more comfortable with their investment, they’re a lot more likely to join you… AND a lot more likely to succeed because they can already see themselves as successful.

      I’d rather have that guy in my downline than “Ok, I’ll pay and join your little program and I’ll just wait to see what happens..”.

      As always, I appreciate your comments, Sean.

      But it’s not about scamming people out of their money, and it’s not about putting people further in debt. Sure, it’s about selling (every business is..). But, it’s about selling them on the fact that THEY have what it takes and that YOU have what it takes to help them succeed and help them feel comfortable about what they’re doing.

      – Geoff.

    • Sean

      You can’t make anyone go into debt all you can do is share the tools they need in their business to become more successful and get out of debt.

      No where in this article is Geoff saying to put a gun to someones head and say buy this or else.

      Your offering them to make an educated decision for themselves and their business.

      If someone puts themselves in debt for 40 bucks a month then obviously they should not be in this business.

      They should be out looking for a damn job.

      All where doing here is giving people an option to think for themselves and see the value that Geoff has created for our businesses.


  7. Phil,

    There is a huge difference between your wife buying an expensive dress to look nice for you, and me investing in a system that helps me with my online marketing.

    I don’t see that Geoff is promoting the abuse of credit cards but only that he is trying to help you to help your prospects. Maybe you don’t have any to help?

    I am proud to know Geoff with his positive attitude!

  8. Hi Geoff and All, it’s an interesting concept!
    However, I would err on the side of caution here.

    No harm at all in reminding potential prospects of the availability of credit card access, to your chosen product or program membership.

    We all use them for different reasons, not least for their convenience. I think they are wonderful tools for that.

    Actually recomending someone you know absolutely nothing about or their financial status, to use their card as a tool. In order to take advantage of a 30 day pay back period. In which YOU, are going to help them to recoup their outlay, to pay back their purchase. Is in my opinion, dangerous ground.

    Unless of course, you’re prepared to back- up your statement, with the concrete fact that you’re so convinced of their success, you are willing and able put your hand in your pocket to reimbuse their out of pocket expenses if they are unsuccessful.

    As I said at the begining, it’s an interesting concept!
    This is not intended as a downer on the subject. Just as a cautionary note.

    Here’s to our continued success with NPN.
    Great ideas and great posts!

    • I think what Geoff is teaching here is not credit card debt at all, rather thinking outside the traditional “Box” and showing options to a prospect who is interested in the value of your business or product. It is educating them on options and teaching them how to NOT be in debt and letting the business pay the initial investment back. Teach your prospects how to build their business. Give them value, tools and train them properly. Teach then how to become debt-free with a business that will pay off all of their bills. Becoming debt-free through a business is becoming the new way to build wealth. We are in our own economy. I don’t participate in recessions, depressions or the stock market. I invest in ME which will in turn add value to others. Learn to think differently to get different results.

  9. P.S. If you’re ashamed to sell, you probably shouldn’t be in (any) business for yourself.

    Did I say that I am ashamed to sell? I can’t see that I said that at all. So I got flamed – that’s OK, we are all entitled to an opinion and I feel better for voicing mine.

    I am not a salesman but I can sell what I believe in and I do so with ethics and standards, and I can still sleep at night.

    No matter how many times I get flamed I would still never recommend the use of a credit card when somebody tells me they can’t afford it.

    I think it was a wonderful article that was spoiled by the credit card solution.



  10. he is trying to help you to help your prospects. Maybe you don’t have any to help?

    What kind of question is that? If you want to be criticise me, that’s fine, but lets be sensible.

    I don’t HELP people by telling them to use credit cards to start an online business so how on earth does that mean I have no prospects? I just don’t see the connection.


  11. Phil Said:

    No matter how many times I get flamed I would still never recommend the use of a credit card when somebody tells me they can’t afford it.

    Dude no one is saying anything like that. Like Geoff said in the article. let them understand there is a 30-45 day free trial in which time you help your prospect make money so they can afford it.

    How is this in anyway hurting that prospect.

    When I started 4 years ago I did trial things myself and if I didn’t make money, well I just cancelled the payment.

    That’s the risk in any business. You try it out to see if it works and you wont know if you can make money unless you try first.


  12. Hi Craig

    Now that is a good constructive reply. I don’t agree but wouldn’t life be boring if we all thought the same?

    Good to get your perspective.


  13. Thanks Geoff for being a leader among leaders. People in general need help in seeing and feeling what they truly desire. As mentors, we encourage, build faith in our teammates to see their own story and dreams.
    Most of my prospects who mismanaged credit cards are not qualified to run a business, be a leader, and could not qualify in the first place. Some have learned from past experience and are ready to go on. We are online marketing professionals with NPN. Credit Cards are a blessing for those who want to revolutionize their business.

  14. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for your letter which was interesting

    As a newey to this business, and after reading all the comments re creditcards, I would like to tell you what persuaded me to join. It was the fact that my sponsor sponsored the first month in the business. I too did not have any money to throw around and wanted to be sure that what I was joining is real. Had been to internet marketing before with other organisations and just none worked and I had paid plenty.
    Now, although, I still have not made any money yet… I am convinced that this is for real and am quite happy that the next month’s subs. comes off my credit card simply because I am convinced that as soon as I am able to master everything, I will be making money and am looking forward to that day.




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