How to Make Your Prospects Say “YES!” Every Time By Showing Them How to Get In for FREE!


Have you ever had someone excited to join your business or opportunity, and at the last minute they say “..well, I don’t think I can afford it right now..”, or “I just don’t have the money..“??

Don’t you hate that? After all, it’s only “$x.xx” per month, right? How can they NOT join??

YOU know they’re missing out, THEY probably know they’re missing out as well. After all, they got THIS far didn’t they?

It always comes down to the money, the cost, the “investment”.

Don’t you wish you could say something and just have them join your business without having to think about the money?


Here’s something that works, almost all of the time.

People do things because it makes them feel good. Simple as that. Even if they don’t like doing certain things, they still do them because they know the end result will be positive.

For example, going to work is not pleasurable for most people. But they know that ultimately they’ll get paid and that end result is a positive.

In contrast, people DON’T do certain things because of fear. They’re scared. Not “oh my god, a ghost!” kind of scared, though. Fear. Fear of failure, fear of looking foolish, fear of the unknown.. Fear is the obstacle that we have to overcome in order to get to the good stuff.

Now.. When you present your prospects with having to pay for something, and they back away from the investment, they’re scared. Not unusual.

How do you help them get around that fear?

It’s actually kind of a small (but thick) obstacle, because they know that on the other side of this obstacle is this great business opportunity that you have waiting for them.

So.. how do we get them over/around that obstacle?

You have to make them feel good about it and remove that fear. You need to make them SEE themselves NOW on the other side of that wall, and show them what that looks like. They need to feel comfortable with what they’re about to do – and they need to feel comfortable with you as they’re sponsor. Since we’re at the “join” point, we can assume they’re comfortable with YOU already.

Let’s assume your product/opportunity costs roughly $40.00 (ie. NPN Director). Which we all know isn’t much money considering what running a business can “normally” cost, right?

Here’s what you tell them..

Tell them to put it on their credit card. Simple, right? Yes, but obviously there has to be more than that.

You need to explain why, and this will get them over their fear.

Let’s be honest, they really don’t want to PAY any money up front. Or at least they’d PREFER to not pay anything at all. The fear is based on paying money RIGHT NOW. Today. Out of their pocket.

They also want to make money and be in profit as soon as possible. The fear is also that they won’t be successful at this. Fear of failure.

If they use their credit card, these fears can be overcome. Seriously. It’s how you explain it to them.

If they put that $40 on their credit card, they haven’t actually PAID anything yet. The bank has, in fact, given ( or loaned ) them the money to get started right now. With a credit card, that payment is not “out of pocket”. Your prospect knows that they have 30-45 days to get that money back to their bank. They know it, but YOU have to explain that to them. They’ve GOT the money, their bank has already made it available to them. Again, YOU have to explain this to them, otherwise they won’t see over the obstacle.

You could say they are getting a FREE trial period during which they can check out the products, the marketing materials, the community etc..

Psychologically if you explain that to them successfully, they will talk THEMSELVES into paying for your opportunity. They know they WANT to, they just have to make it okay inside their head.

Once this fear has been overcome, the rest is a LOT easier.

The other big fear they need to overcome is that they won’t be successful at this. They won’t make any money. Fair enough.

First, you need to make sure they understand that, by using their credit card, they have a 30-45 day FREE trial period in which to see some positive results with regards to making money.

Here’s where your leadership and your team’s leadership comes in.

As part of your presentation to your prospect, you need to make them feel comfortable about how YOU’RE going to help them succeed in this thing. Remember, you’re a good sponsor, right?? You need to make your prospect SEE what it’s going to like having you as their upline. Do NOT just leave them to figure it out themselves.

Explain to them that, during their 30-45 days, you will help them get all set up with their backoffice tools and profile pages, you will provide them with the best advertising resources, you will introduce them to YOUR uplines, you will get them on Skype to begin creating a solid relationship, you will connect with them on Facebook, you will give them access to your team’s training website, you will follow up with them every 2 days to guide them through and keep them motivated.. you, you, you.

Explain to them that YOU will help them get their first 2 referrals by helping them invite new people to your team’s (or company’s) webinars. New prospects NEED to hear this stuff. Don’t tell them you’ll do it all FOR them, though. They need to be able to see themselves doing all this. They need to be able to tell THEMSELVES, “Yes, this is what I want to do, and I will be good at it!

… and don’t just tell them, make sure you actually DO it! (rather important point there!)

So, what have we done here..?

We have helped your prospect overcome the 2 biggest fears that new people have when they are presented with a new opportunity like yours:

#1. Having to pay out of pocket.

#2. Not being successful.

Essentially, what they should be thinking at this point is:

I have a FREE trial membership to this great company, and during that FREE trial, I have great support and resources to get me started towards getting in profit quickly!

Congratulations, you have a new recruit.

Remember, selling (sponsoring) is making people want what you are selling, and then making people comfortable with what they’re buying.

YOU have to make them SEE it, because most likely they will just see the obstacles that stand in their way… and you’ve just lost a sale.

NOTE: Share this post with your sponsor, and your uplines. They need to be in on this too!

Focus your advertising on helping your prospects overcome these fears and make some money!

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