GlobalNPN’s “LeadSkimmer” List Builder Will Be Launched in a Few Days!

Hello NPN’ers

I have to tell you..

I am very excited about the way our LeadSkimmer list builder is shaping up! I’m getting down to the final stages of bringing the site to “live” status. All the programming is done, I just have to hook up all the back end stuff and complete some of the backoffice content and we’re good to go! The countdown has begun..

For those of you that are not aware of this, or if you just haven’t been paying attention, this list builder has the potential to absolutely explode your list (and your monthly income) in a very short time.

What’s this all about? Here are some notable features..

[icon_list style=”check”]

  • Builds your list exponentially, 3X faster than you can now, with REAL opt-in quality leads.
  • ¬†Generates exponentially increasing income through the site, through GlobalNPN, and of course through your list that it’s building for you (at 3X the speed!)
  • It will build your OWN contact lists (not the company’s), supporting Aweber, Getresponse, and NPN’s MMPro contact lists.
  • It’s FREE to use with a complete “no brainer” upgrade option, which allows you to earn through the site OR through GlobalNPN. (ie. you either make a sale, or you get a new Director in your downline!)
  • As an NPN Director (or higher), you will already be qualified as a “Premium” member – no upgrade required for you :).
  • Uses my own proprietary “Skim3” software which takes care of all the automation behind it.
  • Is a quick and painless, “easy-in” marketing funnel that gets leads onto your list immediately, and money into your pocket.


I created this builder mainly for two reasons..

1. To help GlobalNPN members build their lists, and their incomes, faster and bigger.

2. To help non-members build their lists, and introduce them to GlobalNPN (through YOUR links, of course)


This is the youtube version of the front page video, check it out:

Thanks, let me know your thoughts.. I’m thinking Monday or Tuesday..

Are you IN..??

Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen