I have some good news and I have some bad news (sort of..)

Hey NPN’ers,

I have some good news and I have some bad news (sort of..)

First the “bad” news..

As noted in your backoffice, we have been ‘forced’ to (temporarily) discontinue our ScreenCasting product as of July 1st.

The reason for this is because the recording software is written/programmed in Java, which is no longer going to be supported in this type of environment by newer versions of Windows web browsers and MacOS.

In other words, it simply won’t work anymore on your computer as it is now.

There will be other ways of capturing your screen out there and there will be new technologies that will allow this to happen without using Java, so this product might be available in a different form in the (near) future.

But as it is now it is being discontinued.

Sorry for the inconvenience but it is by far our most under-utilized backoffice product.

Oh, and don’t worry, nothing else in your backoffice runs on Java, so nothing else will be affected by this.

“So… what will replace it?”

I’m glad you asked.

As you know I have always strived to bring you the most effective tools and systems to help you manage and build your online businesses, while ensuring that our members have no problems in using them right away (ie. they’re super easy to use).

What I’ve been working on for a while now is what I’m calling the “world’s easiest-to-use” page creator.

Although there are other page creator products out there (priced at around $67, $97+), most of them are too involved and confusing for the average user to really use to their advantage.

Most marketers want to be able to put a squeeze page together quickly and EASILY, and sales pages together as quickly as possible as well… while ensuring they look updated and professional.

So I’ve been building this product for our GlobalNPN membership and it will be included in your membership cost.

It will be as easy as:
– Pick a template
– Edit your page text
– Enter your MMPro “form ID”
– .. that’s it. Good to go.

You’ll be able to either download the page and put it on your own hosting account, or you can let us host it for you.

Let me emphasize: No technical knowledge required.

.. oh, except typing. You can type, right?

I already have a working prototype that I’m testing with. So it shouldn’t be too long before I can allow access to our entire membership. Trust me, it’ll be way cooler, and simpler, than what we have in the backoffice currently.

So stick around.

I’m looking forward to using it myself.

That’s it for today. Any questions let me know. Comment below..

– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN Admin.

What to do When You Get Good Advice

Hello people.

Here’s something to think about to start the week.

If someone that has lot of experience and a lot of success gives you advice on something you ASKED for help with… you should implement the recommended changes. Now.

ie. If your mechanic tells you to stop driving with your foot on the brake, you do as he/she says.

ie. If your doctor tells you to exercise, you go for a walk.

ie. If your lawyer says “stop talking”, you shut up.

If you don’t WANT the results, don’t ask for help.

If you DO want the results, don’t be dumb.

If you don’t take the advice, you have lost the right to ask for more help.

Oh and here’s a tip: if you pay for that advice (which you should) you will be more successful with it.

Have a great day!

– G.

Here’s a Quick Marketing Lesson

Hey NPN’ers,funnymarketing

Here’s a quick marketing lesson.

A few of you have questioned why I “push” the $17 Basic membership in the NPNBuilder videos instead of Director or Gold.

Well, there are a few reasons.

The main reason is that I know people will join at higher levels instead, even though the “less than $20” is highlighted throughout the entire NPNBuilder sales funnel.

Weird, right?

Not really.

The whole notion of starting a business for “less than $20” is a great opener for grabbing the viewer’s curiosity, and that’s what pulls them through the funnel, qualifying them along the way.

Once they get to the payment part of the process, they see the difference between what they can earn at the $27 level vs. the $17 level.

At $17, you can earn $5 per member.
At $27, you can earn $15 per member.

So… for just $10 more, your commissions TRIPLE.

(in their head they’re thinking: “Wow! That’s way better!”)

That’s enough for many people to start at PRO ($27).

However, many of THOSE people will mentally “commit” to the $27 level… until they see the huge jump in product access and commissions at DIRECTOR.

Some will jump at that, some will stay at the lower levels just to see what’s going to happen. Fair enough.

See how that works?

So here’s my statistics since NPNBuilder launched..

.. and they may surprise you.

Since we launched, here’s the breakdown of paying members that joined through NPNBuilder:

  • 43% joined at PRO ($27)
  • 24% joined at Basic ($17)
  • 23% joined at DIRECTOR ($67)
  • 10% joined at GOLD ($147)


Almost TWICE the number of people joined at PRO for $27 than joined at the “less than $20” Basic level.

Note that (almost) the exact same number of people that joined at the $17 Basic level, joined at DIRECTOR!

That’s pretty awesome.

That also gives you a heck of a good reason to upgrade to Director, doesn’t it?

Hope this gives you some insight into how the brain works when buying these types of things.

The NPNBuilder funnel is here:


Please “LIKE” , “SHARE” and comment below if this is interesting to you. Are these stats a surprise?


– Geoff Stephen

We Are Almost Ready To Go!

Hey NPN’ers,npnbuilderscreen

Just to bring you up to speed…

Our NPNBuilder site is almost done. Yay!

The funnel is complete, I’m just working on the backoffice training videos.

I can almost guarantee this will be the easiest way to promote your GlobalNPN business and to consistently bring in new people through our membership levels.

Should be fun!

It is based on our “Power of 3” process, which is based on bringing in only 3 new GlobalNPN members per month, racking you up $10,080.00 per month in commissions.

Even the “Power of 2” can get you over $60k per year!

Sound good?

It IS good.

The entire process is presented in 3 simple steps in the backoffice.

This is the fastest (and simplest) way I have seen that enables you to make that kind of money starting with less than $20 (if you choose), without having to deal with some gimmicky MLM comp plan that nobody really understands.

Simple is better and will allow you to attract more people.

I will have this done early next week, and away we go..

NOTE: This new system will be “tied” to your GlobalNPN account, so it is free to use for all GlobalNPN members (Basic through Gold).

Click “LIKE” and comment below if you’re ready for this.


– Geoff Stephen

Who’s Making the Big Bucks in GlobalNPN?

Hello NPN’ers,


Global NPN

..after calculating commissions for November, I noticed a couple interesting things with regards to who is making money in Global NPN.. and who is NOT making money.

You see, in internet marketing, “numbers” and metrics are what runs the industry.

..And running a company like NPN lets me see what’s happening on a large scale.

Now, when it comes down to it, there’s a HUGE misconception as to what is “easier” to make money with..

1. Selling MORE lower price products: make more sales, but less money per sale..
2. Selling LESS higher price products: make less sales, but more money per sale.

After being in this business for more than 15 years, I can say without doubt that it takes the same amount of effort to sell a lower price product as it does to sell a higher price product.

It all comes down to putting the right offer in front of the right prospect (it’s called marketing).

Anyways, back to my point..

So who’s making all the money in NPN?

These are the stats that I find interesting. Predictable I suppose, but interesting.

.. and this might change how you look at promoting GlobalNPN in the immediate future (meaning now!).

As you should know, we currently have 4 levels of membership.


First of all, here is the breakdown of how many NPN’ers are at each level (approximately).

Basic: 20%
PRO: 30%
GOLD: 20%

Fair enough.


After running commissions for last month, here’s where it gets interesting.

Looking at our Top 25 earners for November, here is the breakdown of what levels they are at:

88% of the Top 25 are either DIRECTOR, or GOLD level members!

(That’s 22 out of 25)

So? What does that tell us?

Why are they more successful?

Well.. there’s a few reasons for this..

First of all, when you’re in a team-building business, people naturally gravitate towards leaders.

“People join people that are successful or are perceived to be more successful.

New people want to join people that are already investing their money and their time into building their businesses.

Now tell me, what sounds more attractive to a new prospect for NPN:

“I’m a basic member. I’m investing $17 per month into my business. I’m not sure how all the products work because I don’t have access to many of them, but I make $5 per referral. Click here to join.”


“I’m a Gold level member. I’m putting almost $150 per month into this (because the products are awesome), along with my advertising budget, because I want to grow this thing as quickly as possible for me and my team. Just 2 referrals puts you at more than $50 profit every month! Come along for the ride..”

So… who would you rather join under?

Who sounds more serious about growing their business?

Who do you think has an easier time bringing in new members?

Numbers don’t lie.

People that invest in their businesses build their businesses (and their incomes) faster and easier.

And I’m not just saying this because I think you should pay more. I’m saying this because I don’t want you to sell yourself short, and miss out on opportunities you might never see.

Again, numbers don’t lie, I’m just letting you know how things work.

You can upgrade from within your NPN backoffice:


Any comments or questions let me know in the comments below.

“LIKE” and share!

– Geoff Stephen