What’s up NPN’ers? I need your suggestions.

As I said in one of my previous updates ( http://geoffishere.com/blog/globalnpn-payday-update-wanna-make-more-money/ ), I am working on implementing a system where our members will be able to generate more income both with GlobalNPN and outside of NPN.

One of the things I’m doing is adding an autoresponder series on top of what we already have that will generate sales up to a year from the time they opt-in. The sales go to you, of course. I have the letters almost ready to go, but I’d like your input on something.

What I’m looking for are clickbank or paydotcom products that you think would be attractive to your leads. Simple enough. These will be included in many of the outgoing letters to your leads throughout the year long series. I have a list of products that I plan on promoting for you, but I’d like to hear suggestions in case I have missed any that would fit in.

Just an FYI, this series will last an entire year and the sales will go to you as long as you are a paying member of GlobalNPN.

The series itself will be an extension of the letters we already have going out on your behalf from opt-ins via our ‘plug-n-play’ capture pages. The series will promote affiliate products on your behalf, as well as your GlobalNPN links throughout the year. I’m also building new sales funnels that will increase your earnings as well.

So…. if you have any product suggestions please submit them via the comments below.  (Note that is not a place for you to advertise, affiliate links will not be accepted)

Thanks I look forward to your input..

– Geoff Stephen

GlobalNPN Payday Update – Wanna make more money?

Hello NPN’ers,

All commissions have been paid for July’s earnings, and wow! you all had a really good month! I see commissions getting bigger and bigger for many of you each time I run my payouts. Very cool. In MLM, persistence always wins, and you guys are proof of that.

=> while we’re on the subject, please please please post that you are making money here: http://thenpn.biz/npnbb/viewforum.php?f=6 (the universe will appreciate the good karma)

This last month has been incredibly busy for me on the internet marketing front. There is SO much opportunity out there in our industry right now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be excited every single day to be in this business! I know I am. Internet marketing is awesome and I want to bring you all into some other stuff that I’m doing (if that’s okay with you).

My goal, as it has been from the start of NPN, is to provide you with every opportunity that I can to help you make money online. I have been brainstorming and planning like crazy for new ideas in order to make GlobalNPN more profitable for it’s members (YOU).

Mainly, I have been busy testing out new marketing funnel strategies that accomplish these main things:

  1. generate quality opt-in leads
  2. generate instant income right away
  3. qualify prospects as MLM’ers willing to invest
  4. upsell to GlobalNPN (Directormachine in particular)
  5. and backsell affiliate products via autoresponder


Yep, that's me with my recent ClickBank checks.. This is why I love this crazy business!


What I have right now is absolutely money-rockin‘ as far as the above goals.

My next plan is to integrate what I’m doing into YOUR NPN membership. In other words I want to provide you all with what I’m doing so you can duplicate my success. Would that work for you?? I hope so. To be honest I could just keep it all to myself but that wouldn’t be like me, would it 😉

Don’t go anywhere,  the value of your NPN membership will continue to rise. You’re in the right place. 🙂

As usual, your great comments are always welcome below, I really like hearing from you! Let me know you’re alive!

And “Like” it if you like it!

Have a good one!

– Geoff Stephen

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