GlobalNPN Payday Update – Wanna make more money?

Hello NPN’ers,

All commissions have been paid for July’s earnings, and wow! you all had a really good month! I see commissions getting bigger and bigger for many of you each time I run my payouts. Very cool. In MLM, persistence always wins, and you guys are proof of that.

=> while we’re on the subject, please please please post that you are making money here: (the universe will appreciate the good karma)

This last month has been incredibly busy for me on the internet marketing front. There is SO much opportunity out there in our industry right now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be excited every single day to be in this business! I know I am. Internet marketing is awesome and I want to bring you all into some other stuff that I’m doing (if that’s okay with you).

My goal, as it has been from the start of NPN, is to provide you with every opportunity that I can to help you make money online. I have been brainstorming and planning like crazy for new ideas in order to make GlobalNPN more profitable for it’s members (YOU).

Mainly, I have been busy testing out new marketing funnel strategies that accomplish these main things:

  1. generate quality opt-in leads
  2. generate instant income right away
  3. qualify prospects as MLM’ers willing to invest
  4. upsell to GlobalNPN (Directormachine in particular)
  5. and backsell affiliate products via autoresponder


Yep, that's me with my recent ClickBank checks.. This is why I love this crazy business!


What I have right now is absolutely money-rockin‘ as far as the above goals.

My next plan is to integrate what I’m doing into YOUR NPN membership. In other words I want to provide you all with what I’m doing so you can duplicate my success. Would that work for you?? I hope so. To be honest I could just keep it all to myself but that wouldn’t be like me, would it 😉

Don’t go anywhere,  the value of your NPN membership will continue to rise. You’re in the right place. 🙂

As usual, your great comments are always welcome below, I really like hearing from you! Let me know you’re alive!

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Have a good one!

– Geoff Stephen

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17 thoughts on “GlobalNPN Payday Update – Wanna make more money?”

  1. That’s the great part of NPN is the tools to make this possible. NPN only accounts for a small percentage of my income online. That’s okay because of the tools and training of NPN help my whole income grow daily.

    Stick it out and you WILL win.
    Gabriel Johansson

    P.S. Clickbank is awesome, but only when you promote the right products

    • Hi Gabriel. Yes, stick it out and you will win, true enough.

      Clickbank is good, but as with anything it comes down to targeted traffic from the right source to the right product.

  2. Hello Sir Geoff,

    Man did I need to read this today.

    Over the past few months I guess I had become somewhat discouraged with IM, MLM and NWM.

    I quit posting to my blog because I just didn’t have the motivation to do anything. Then to top that off, I was getting all these email invites to attend marketers webinars, only in the end for them to try selling me some more crap.

    I was getting tired of all the B.S. “Push Button” marketing hype, I was like help, Calgon take me away.

    Anyway, just this morning, August 12th, I went to my alert pay account with the intent to cancel my NPN subscription, (nothing against NPN), again just frustrated with the whole IM thing, my fault, I know.

    However, for some reason, before completeing the cancellation, I felt impressed to go to the NPN back office. Which I did.

    As usual, when we sign in, we get the 10 second ad spot before the link to the back office.

    Fortunately for me, someone had a youtube video of you, Geoff stephens, on You were talking about the five reasons for joining Global NPN.

    Yep, right there in front of me was Geoff Stephens, on the big screen, telling me the 5 reasons to join, or in my case, to stay in NPN.

    Then I clicked on the NPN message board, via the NPN tool bar on my browser, and I read this post.

    Truth be told, I joined NPN in May of 2009.

    I was blessed early on to get a successful marketer to write me a really kool sig file ad.

    Most of the people who joined me in NPN came through that ad, which I used mostly in forums.

    The first money I ever made online came from NPN.

    Yes it can get discouraging when you have someone sign up and then quit on you, but NPN has never quit me nor has the owner Geoff Stephens.

    Thanks Geoff and yes please share the secrets you know that are working for you and your business building efforts.

    Sorry folks for the long post.


    • That is an awesome post Willie. So many of us have been where you are. The unfortunate fact is that most people do simply give up.

      To the victor goes the spoils but, there can be no victory without adversity.

      Congratulations on re-sponsoring yourself. Keep charging and fight the good fight.

      Bill Darton

    • Willie, thanks for the post, good stuff to hear.

      It’s easier to get discouraged and quit than it is to make it work and succeed. You chose the successful route by getting away from all the “push button” crap that’s out there and sticking with something that will work for you.

      Glad you are sticking around 🙂

  3. Yay Geoff,

    Thanks for my earnings today! First email I read today so I knew it would be a good day, lol!

    NPN Rocks and so do you Geoff; never met another MLM owner who was so ‘hands on’ and hard working.

    Thanks Sue

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Another good post to motivate me, each time I read your post, I got back my motivation again.

    I think I’d have quit if without motivation from you, Geoff.

    Thanks Geoff.

    So, let ‘copy’ Geoff and ‘paste’ on me. 🙂


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