Manual Sponsor Re-assignment Process and More Updates..

Hello NPN’ers,

New Sponsor Placement Process:

The sponsor re-assignment option is now active in your NPN backoffice!

This means you can choose your latest referrals (joined within 48 hrs), and assign them to a different sponsor in your downline. This is excellent news for those of you that are building in a ‘team build’ or have a reason for being able to give your referrals to someone in your downline. It is similar to how the RDS works, except that you are doing the placement yourself manually.

In your backoffice, click on “My Current Stats” to go to your affiliate stats page. Then click the link above your stats that says “Re-assign Sponsorship”. From there you can go through the process of re-assigning your referral to a new sponsor. Please read the FAQ and watch the video there to familiarize yourself with the process before you begin. The changes you make cannot be reversed, so make sure you are sure of what you’re doing…

Question: What is “best practice” when moving someone like this?
Answer: It is recommended that you only move your referrals under one of your other personal referrals. That way if the new sponsor quits, your original referral will compress back to you. If you move your referral under someone that is not sponsored by you, you may risk losing them from your downline in the future. The choice is yours.

Here is the video tutorial on Youtube (the backoffice version is better):

Message Board Changes:

Please re-visit our message board, I have made some changes to the forum. We now have a “General Marketing Discussion” forum and I have merged a couple of the other forums into “Community Support”. Lots of people (outside of NPN) see this board so feel free to start, or join in on, any discussion.. And please welcome any new members that have taken the time to introduce themselves! ..I look forward to seeing you there.

Login to your NPN backoffice and click on “NPN Discussion Forum” to get to the message board area.

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Have a great day!

– Geoff Stephen

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12 thoughts on “Manual Sponsor Re-assignment Process and More Updates..”

  1. This is so funny! I was getting ready to email you about being able to do this.

    It is a great idea – glad you thought of it. The ‘tip’ is very helpful too. I will definitely keep it in mind.

    Nice to know that you are always working to make the whole system better for all of us. Thanks Geoff.


  2. Great news, first the RDS which I think is the NPN unique feature. Now even awesome with this Manual Sponsor Re-assignment.
    With this system improvement, we no need to advertise all my referral link, just concentrate my main ref link.
    Although almost same with RDS, the different is RDS only have one choice of link and can’t choose to who to give.
    Totally great improvement!

    Thank Geoff.

  3. Boy- is that New Placement tool easy to use! Congratulations to Willard B, who received the FIRST placed Paid Referral from me this month, and thanks Geoff for an AMAZING Tool.

    Proud Gold NPN Rep,
    Patricia S.

  4. I have a few positions who have failed to renew for quite some time now. Do you remove them from the matrix or is there some way that I can move the others below them up to fill their space?

    • Well, they get automatically placed on your 1st level, then it’s up to you to place them elsewhere or just leave them on your first level.

      Right now there is no time limit. If you sponsored them and they’re on your first level, you can place them under someone else. You can choose to stay as their sponsor, or you can ‘gift’ them to someone else and give them the sponsorship benefits for that member.

      The process now is slightly different than what you see in the video above. You’ll see how it works once you go through it.

      There’s no width limit, so there is no ‘forced matrix’ anymore.


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