What’s up NPN’ers? I need your suggestions.

As I said in one of my previous updates ( http://geoffishere.com/blog/globalnpn-payday-update-wanna-make-more-money/ ), I am working on implementing a system where our members will be able to generate more income both with GlobalNPN and outside of NPN.

One of the things I’m doing is adding an autoresponder series on top of what we already have that will generate sales up to a year from the time they opt-in. The sales go to you, of course. I have the letters almost ready to go, but I’d like your input on something.

What I’m looking for are clickbank or paydotcom products that you think would be attractive to your leads. Simple enough. These will be included in many of the outgoing letters to your leads throughout the year long series. I have a list of products that I plan on promoting for you, but I’d like to hear suggestions in case I have missed any that would fit in.

Just an FYI, this series will last an entire year and the sales will go to you as long as you are a paying member of GlobalNPN.

The series itself will be an extension of the letters we already have going out on your behalf from opt-ins via our ‘plug-n-play’ capture pages. The series will promote affiliate products on your behalf, as well as your GlobalNPN links throughout the year. I’m also building new sales funnels that will increase your earnings as well.

So…. if you have any product suggestions please submit them via the comments below.  (Note that is not a place for you to advertise, affiliate links will not be accepted)

Thanks I look forward to your input..

– Geoff Stephen

QOD: Why can’t I pay after I’ve made money with your program?

From the depths of Geoff’s GlobalNPN.com support ticket archives..

Question of the day:
Why can’t I pay after I’ve made money with your program? I don’t want to pay first.

Answer: Well, I suppose this would all come down to mindset. Think about it.

“I don’t want to pay until my referrals pay and I make a commission, then I’ll decide if I want to pay.”

Chances are your referrals would have the same mindset as you, which means they won’t pay either until they’ve referred some paying members.. but then THOSE people would do the same thing… not pay until THEY’RE making money. Do you see a pattern here? I do. The end result: NOBODY is paying, and NOBODY is making any money.

Remember, you’re not paying for the program. You’re paying for the products that the company is selling. The affiliate ‘program’ is attached to the product. It’s up to you if you want to make money by reselling the products. But you’re not going to get ‘real’ products for free.

How about this: I’ll offer you a job at my company, but I won’t actually pay you until you’ve proven that my company will benefit from having you as an employee. You can work for free for me for a month or so, then I’ll decide. Still interested in the job? … didn’t think so.

You need to be willing to invest in your business, in yourself, in your knowledge, your education, and your skills. If you’re not willing to do this, you’re not right for this industry and you should keep working for someone else.

If you want it, you’ll do what it takes to succeed. If you’ve got it in you, you WILL be successful.

Have a great day,
– Geoff