What’s up NPN’ers? I need your suggestions.

As I said in one of my previous updates ( http://geoffishere.com/blog/globalnpn-payday-update-wanna-make-more-money/ ), I am working on implementing a system where our members will be able to generate more income both with GlobalNPN and outside of NPN.

One of the things I’m doing is adding an autoresponder series on top of what we already have that will generate sales up to a year from the time they opt-in. The sales go to you, of course. I have the letters almost ready to go, but I’d like your input on something.

What I’m looking for are clickbank or paydotcom products that you think would be attractive to your leads. Simple enough. These will be included in many of the outgoing letters to your leads throughout the year long series. I have a list of products that I plan on promoting for you, but I’d like to hear suggestions in case I have missed any that would fit in.

Just an FYI, this series will last an entire year and the sales will go to you as long as you are a paying member of GlobalNPN.

The series itself will be an extension of the letters we already have going out on your behalf from opt-ins via our ‘plug-n-play’ capture pages. The series will promote affiliate products on your behalf, as well as your GlobalNPN links throughout the year. I’m also building new sales funnels that will increase your earnings as well.

So…. if you have any product suggestions please submit them via the comments below.  (Note that is not a place for you to advertise, affiliate links will not be accepted)

Thanks I look forward to your input..

– Geoff Stephen

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37 thoughts on “What’s up NPN’ers? I need your suggestions.”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    My personal favorites:

    Article Marketing Robot
    Pingback Optimizer
    SEO Pressor
    Hot Video Squeeze Templates
    Popup Domination

    Video Marketing Robot (when its released)

    If you can’t make money with these tools… well… you must not be doing anything. Lol

    Gabriel Johansson

  2. Hello Geoff,

    I’d like to recommend a product, but it is a free give away.

    It’s called “click bank for newbies.” By Harvey Segal.

    The reason I recommend this is, I started online in as a newbie in 2009. In 2010 I was promoting a guy’s product via click bank but I was not familar with CB rules. After having earned $672 in my CB account, because of the CB rules on making X amount of sales within a given period or they charge you more and more $$$ each month, CB took half my money through admin fee’s.

    Many newbies don’t realize clickbank has these rules and newbies wonder why they aren’t getting paid.

    Just a thought.

    Looking forward to what’s ahead with NPN.

  3. Hi Geoff,

    I know you asked for Clickbank or Paydotcom products, and my recommendation is not one of these, but I am putting it forward as I believe it could be a great thing for NPNers to profit from both in terms of using it to promote their NPN and other activities, to profit from as a networking product, and to sell at local market level to businesses who need this to grow via FB and social marketing.

    Check out =========== and see what you think.


  4. I think Clickbank is the right choice when it comes to mass advertising click bank works out far better than anything else… more over CB is world famous market place and accepted world wide.

    Hari baskar

  5. Hi Geoff,
    I am new here …. have not even finished going through the site yet.
    From what I have seen so far you seem to have a handle on things.
    Your judgement will be a good one.

    Great to be here.

  6. Hi Geoff,

    I have mixed feelings about this, probably because I know very little about CB and PayDotCom.

    I know I like commissions as well as the next guy, (or gal), but I haven’t had much luck with any of that.

    I know ListQUIK is hiring a ‘Click Bank Expert’ (or looking for one anyhow) to market CB type products through LQ. Any purchases get credited to that members sponsor. Sorta an incentive for referring people. Sounds like what you are doing here.

    That’s all good, but most of the CB products I have come across are designed to suck the money out of ‘newbies’, imho,…Putting it right in the pockets of the gurus…5 or 10 pop ups while you are trying to close the window…

    I just paid around $35 for a lifetime upgrade in a safe list I was seeing ads all over for, (mostly Traffic Swarm). I sent out 10 or 20 emails, lucky to have 5 or 10 clicks. You get what you pay for I guess….

    And isn’t pay.com owned by Mike Filsamie? He started PayPeopleOnline too. If you would like to hear my views on it (and him) you can check out the forum post at The10KTeam Forum here:


    PayPeopleOnline is a great system for program owners, but it sucks for us trying to make commissions. I’ll bet YOU MUST be a member to collect any commissions from pay.com…don’t worry about me buying anything there, or even joining/buying to give hiim any of hy hard earned commissions. (or even passive commissions)

    But I did see the TrafficButton. It is a CB product,.It is a List Building Training System. It also includes a Rebrandable E-book that allows you to edit your links in 5 top List Builders, and redistribute it completely FREE! You can email to all 5 mailers (more if upgraded) by ‘clicking the button’ after it is all set up.

    Anything to help NPNer’s to market their business would be good, as long as it works.

    Steven Shirey
    Small Teams System

  7. It is great to have it and i really eager and learn lot how experience im doing . thank sponsor to help NPN IS GREAT AND GOOD BUSINESS

  8. @Steven Shirey

    I’m simply asking for product suggestions. This is not some sort of incentive for recruiting people. This is an opportunity for my members to earn some income from the leads they’ve generated for NPN, after they have expressed zero interest in joining NPN when they originally opted in. Despite your comments this is actually a very positive thing. I don’t know.. wouldn’t you rather earn a commission from a ‘not interested’ NPN prospect six or eight months from now? It’s what emarketers DO. We sell stuff to people that want to buy it. And personally I’d rather give my members the opportunity to earn more, as opposed to me just keeping all the money myself.

    What you think about Mike Filsaime really has nothing to do with what I posted above, but thanks for your comments and suggestion.

  9. Hi Geoff

    Maybe this is something you have already thought about, but why not setup
    your own sales system.


    There are a few out there. Then you can be selective about your products.
    Using the systems above it also allows people to promote choosen products,
    giveaway products to bring people into the system.

    I know not a lot of folks like the delavo setup, but the SmartDD and the Rap both
    use the /?e=PAYPALADDRESS format so makes it easy. The good thing about
    delavo is that you can sell your products using alertpay, clickbank, paypal and
    so many more options as well with it, only problem its a learning curve.

    I know some people don’t like clickbank, i’ve had to split up my list to
    cb users and paypal users. The tax on products sometimes just takes the
    product that little bit high. Although I do like the refund option with clickbank
    over paypal any day. With watching what clickbank is doing hopefully they will
    be cleaning up their act.

    Again its just a thought


  10. Hello Geoff you might want to look at….Web Traffic Genius Software it is on clickbank and it is good rss software and an SEO optimised blog etc all stuff that can help someone promote NPN using the WPress platform!

    With out getting into an additional monthly billing situation although that option is open for more indept online marketing training!

    Thanks for your email I value the level of work your putting in to help us! Joining up was the best thing I’ve bought for a while.

    Regards Sean.

  11. Hi Geoff.

    First off – I applaud your idea. It is insightful to help turn the “No’s” into additional revenue. I am a big fan of self-funding marketing proposals and turning existing expenses into income streams!

    Also I read the free ebook suggested by Willie. Suggest that members read up on ClickBank’s commission payout policy. As I understood it FROM THE Ebook, even if you earned $100 commission from your first sale (minus $2.50 per commission check), you would NOT get paid until you meet the Customer Distribution requirement of 5 unique sales from different M/C or Visa card-holders. So even if you set your minimum Clickbank payout option to something lower like $25, and earn $25 from two CB product sales – you would still need 5 unique sales to get paid.

    Also, after 90 days of inactivity since last sale Clickbank starts charging for “dormant” accounts.
    Dormant accounts are subject to a charge of $1 per pay period after 90 days of inactivity, $5 per pay period after 180 days of inactivity, and $50 per pay period after 365 days of inactivity.
    So you could hit lucky on your first day as an affiliate, earn a big commission ( the maximum possible is $100) then wait and wait for at least 4 more sales before you can get hold of your earnings. Meanwhile after 3 months of no sales dormant account penalties begin chipping away at your account.

    So, to me, this means that everyone taking part should at least be aware and plan to market accordingly to surpass any policy thresholds from ClickBank and/or PayDotCom.

  12. Hi Geoff,

    I understand your concept, and as usual, it’s a great idea! Although Clickbank does not have a good track record with me (most products let you down but at least you can get a refund), there are many other opportunities out there that earn a great income. Why not go with an Instant Pay Program like EZ Wealth Solutions?

    This Established Business has proven track record of 5 years (I believe but don’t quote me… it could be 3). It uses a unique Pay It Forward method that makes it very affordable and easily builds a great secondary income. It offers many useful electronic products with your membership, and it’s my second favorite Business.

    AND it’s owner is very helpful, like someone else I know 😉

    Have a prosperous week everyone!
    Patricia S.

  13. @James Reilly

    Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. I will for sure check them out.. I believe SmartDD is closed?

    @Sean Breslin

    Sean I will look at that product as well, add it to my list.


    I will look into their policies further.

    @Patricia S.

    Have seen that one for a while. Hmmm.. maybe I can make our own version of something like that..

  14. Hi Geoff,
    I like your idea to add emails to the auto-responder promoting other products to people that have said no to the NPN opportunity. After reading what some of the others have said about CB I’m not sure if that is the direction to go in. I do like the suggestion given by Patricia S., especially if you start something yourself. If we promote things from CB we are enriching someone from outside the NPN family, but if we promote something such as Patricia S. suggests, all our efforts could enrich the NPN family. I think you can improve on anything you look at. One thing for sure, you have earned the trust of the people in your organization. If you were to come up with something of your own, make it low cost and something that could be international. By the way, I really appreciate that you open up this thought process to your members.
    Thank You,
    Joe John

  15. Reading over everyone’s comments so far, I find I have mixed feelings. It’s a great idea to offer an alternative business to those who don’t join NPN, so let’s remember WHY our Leads came to NPN in the first place.

    Commission Domination is fine for those who are looking to download software (I could not find a mention of it working on a Mac?) and learn how build a website, but I feel that most people visit NPN because they are looking for Marketing Tools AND something simple and inexpensive to promote that stands to earn them some great money.

    I absolutely love the NPN Program, but let’s face it… those who decide NOT to join NPN are usually people who:

    1. Are looking for an inexpensive Business that pays INSTANTLY
    2. Are lazy and do not want to learn, they just want to EARN
    3. Do not want to pay a monthly commission

    It’s my experience that many will just skip straight to their Affiliate links and start promoting without even knowing everything their Program has to offer. So. . . what most Marketers want is something that generates income FAST & EASY yet has a potential to earn more.

    Let’s face it. Number 3 is tough. If you don’t pay a monthly fee you don’t EARN a monthly commission. One time sales are unreliable income. That leaves 1 and 2.

    So I feel that a Business that earns instant commissions, rewards your upline and helps your downline would be a great addition. If Geoff could create a Business like this, we would all follow for sure. But, this takes money and time.

    Geoff is offering us a list of products for this Autoresponder already, so he probably has a good idea of what Clickbank Products do sell. I say we just trust him folks, and offer up anything else that is simple and has actually earned us some money.

    Oh, and while I’m at it, why don’t some of our NPN Members have their own Downline Building Programs area filled out? It’s under the `NPN PRODUCTS` then `MORE INCOME` link in your Members area. 😉

    Lovin NPN
    Patricia S

  16. Hi Patricia,

    I agree and respectfully disagree with your assumptions.

    There’s only one accurate way to describe those that opt-in to a GlobalNPN capture page, and that is to generalize.

    1. They are interested in making money online.

    Whether they join NPN or not, that’s all they are. You can’t really be more detailed than that unless you know where they’re coming from. We can assume that they’re interested in MLM, but that may not be the case either. They may just be looking for an affiliate opportunity, or they may just be looking to buy products from you.

    Remember this is coming from me seeing it all from a company standpoint. You may market differently by qualifying your leads as MLM’ers (or whatever), others will market strictly based on the income opp. with no qualification, and others will market just the products.. so I have to look at it from here knowing what type of advertising is being done for NPN.

    And more importantly I have to look at what types of products/opportunities we can promote that would be attractive to the “majority” of those leads coming in to my system (if possible).

    The ways I personally bring people into GlobalNPN is through my own marketing funnels, so I have a pretty good idea what they’re looking for before I even recommend NPN to them. I also know that if they’re not into NPN, I can still sell them other stuff related to internet marketing. I’m not going to hit them up continually with the same MLM opps if I know they won’t join. I will sell them other products. You HAVE to do this if you want to make money in this business (I mean good money:). Some of the leads that are generated will NEVER join any MLM, many of them are probably ALREADY in an MLM, so if they’re not interested in what we have to offer at GlobalNPN, we need to offer them the products that they ARE interested in buying. It may be surprising but many of these leads just want to buy stuff, no affiliate sales opps or downlines, they just want to buy stuff. Wouldn’t you rather them buy from you?

    Sometimes it’s difficult to turn off that “MLM Switch” in your brain and realize you have to start selling. The whole “beating a dead horse..” phrase comes to mind.

    I do agree with you in that creating a different business that earns you money is a good idea. That may be a good “in between” point in the sales process after them rejecting NPN. Another opportunity in the funnel is not a bad idea, it just has to be the “right” one. I’ve actually been thinking about that for a while now. If you have any suggestions in THAT area let me know. That other program you mentioned is on my mind, but I’d rather create my own and keep it a little further on the good side of that legal “gray area” that that program is currently floating in. Yes, I have morals. lol.

  17. And I respect your opinions Geoff. I learned a long time ago that it’s ok to disagree with others opinions. My opinions simply reflect my own 14 years of Affiliate experience but I suspect your experience is earning you a lot more money than mine, so of course I’m open to any of your suggestions. 😉

    If there’s one thing I admire about you most, it’s your morals. They, and your response, interaction, dedication to improvement of the Business and honesty are the reason I am
    still with NPN and promote it as hard as I do.

    As for gray areas and MLM? They have always existed. My own father was an Regional manager for Fuller Brush back in the sixties. Now there’s a Company that had a few gray areas but went on to make Millions. Staying legit is what matters and NPN and the other Business we mentioned are at least that.

    Yes, all leads are interested in making money online. That point is understood. And since everyone is looking for something different, your idea of a variety of products is great.
    I feel it best that we stick with Products that are proven to provide everything they claim.

    Personally, I would PREFER to see YOU create another program/product, not just resell someone else’s. But that’s just my opinion. Or . . . is it?

  18. dear resp sir,,

    for suggestion to plan more good earning.
    i like your word.. and i m sure that you can do it.
    i just say keep it up.. make more trust in public.
    do as u speak and tell to us.
    if not possible then pri- plan about all thing

    i m wellness consultant and mlm consultant..
    if need any professonal help or any new idea
    then you can offer me specialy..i can do it.



    punit modha
    wellness consultant
    mlm consultant

  19. When folks opt-in I assume they are most often interested in a money making proposition. And for this, Maverick Money Makers has a long proven reputation having paid out nearly $5.5M to Clickbank affiliates. I think this would be a most compelling CB offering to feature in a follow up series. Oh, and the payout out is around 60% I believe and the back end commissions can be substantial, in the hundreds of dollars.

  20. One Suggestion: Global NPN being a global business, it should try to cater to the needs of the international community. In many countries (I know of India), there are many who don’t have a credit card. This one fact stops them from joining such companies. So to cater to the need of these regions can you implement the concept of e-wallet, wherein the commissions one earns goes to the members e-wallet, which can be used for monthly subscription or buying products such as e-certificates etc. The NPN member can then decide the amount and time to withdraw from the e-wallet amount.

  21. Thanks Geoff. I think two things can be done: First, the sponsor (one with the credit card from the same country) has to use e-certificates to bring in these members until the new member gets sufficient balance in his e-wallet. The sponsor then recovers his cost directly from the new member (a mutual adjustment between the two members). Second, here in India many have a debit card, which can be converted to a virtual credit card for one-time payment. This virtual credit card number is valid for 24 hours only and cannot be used for recurring payment. Hence each time they renew their subscription they have to generate a new virtual credit card number. So debit cards of some can be used as a virtual credit card for one-time payments.

    • We use Alertpay to pay commissions, which is essentially an ewallet in this case since the user can pay their subscription from their Alertpay account after the account has been funded.

      Is this not the same thing that we already use?

  22. Yes Geoff, if it is possible to keep the money in alertpay for a longer period then alertpay can act as an “e-wallet”.
    i am not very sure of the alertpay rules for funding and withdrawal in India. Recently there was a new policy from Reserve Bank of India which said that all money received through paypal/alertpay etc need to be withdrawn to respective Indian Bank accounts of the individuals within 30 days of receipt of the same. Their logic was that paypal/alertpay are not banks to keep money but are only payment processors. I might have to check this with alertpay.

  23. Hi Geoff! Great site! Even greater buisness! I hope you do find something with ClickBank to market as I have had an account for almost two years and would like to see positive numbers in my account summary instead of ZEROS! Looking forward to it!!

  24. Hi There Geoff,

    First thank you for your efforts in keeping us going so far .

    In regards to the future concerns. Now, I am working in association with PPGDI . The problems I have experienced were mainly due to a lack of income for a long period of time while the system develops my position to fruition. This I found to be waring and nodoubt led to many cancellations.

    This position may be simiar to what you have experienced Geoff particularly as you note previous commitments later broken. By contrast they called me “Limpet” at school after the shellfish and magnetic mines stuck to the bottom of steel ships in war time, indicating my staying power.

    In review and considering the vageries of the internet demanding the need for multiple streams of income. I have viewed both short and mid term programs.

    The Mid term program I have chosen(Which also reflects Patricia’s concerns above – credibility !) Is a South African MLM business. The carrier for this program appears to me to be the best
    that I have seen and explored so far in my 10 years of experience on the ‘net.

    N B The MLM basis is too strickt and needs a modified business plan to align it with the public, this business plan is therefor the “carrier”. Previous carriers were designed by business people, to their benefit. This one you will see places itself in mid-position. (fairest- consideration is given to Newbies & Limited funds.

    This site is available for 14days for the due dilligences. Above this, after joining 6 months is allowed, if a no-go for a refund !!

    Anyway, this program may provide a stable base from which to proceed. The product of the business is Motivation(Now we can all do with a dose of this !)
    In addition there are two e-Books on site the 60 page one I think all should read and enjoy the rationalisation !

    The end product is residual income.

    Kind Regards to One & All

    Roy Harrison


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