Global NPN – Wow, this is going to be cool!

Hello NPN’ers,

I hope everyone is having a great start to this month. School’s back in session, the leaves will be falling soon… which can only mean one thing! Sales will soar and we will all be making more money – this is the ‘best’ time of year to be an internet marketer (at least in my experience:) so let’s all make the most of it, shall we?!? Christmas is coming..

I have a couple things to bring to your attention in this update:

Well, she's excited, ain't she?

First off, I am sooo excited to be bringing in 2 more fantastic products to your NPN backoffice! Some of you may have noticed that it seems I’ve been hiding out under a rock for the past month (sorry ’bout that).. well, that’s what I call going into “programming mode”. Every so often I do that… hold the phones, hide out in my office, pour some crazy coffee.. and write code. I know, sounds exciting, huh? It’s how I get stuff done and I’ve been getting a lot done.

So, what are these great new products?? Well.. I can’t tell you, until they’re done. lol. Sorry, but I’ve been working REALLY HARD on these new integrations and I’m busting at the seams trying to keep them to myself.

One of the products ties in with the (soon to be completed) “Goal Setting” training in your dm training modules. The other product will enable you to get your messages out in a way that we have NEVER done before in GlobalNPN.

These are both “from the ground up” systems, which means they are created by me and are completely integrated into your NPN backoffice. They’re also very “sticky“, which means they will improve long term retention rates.

[note]There is one thing I CAN tell you for certain, these products will easily DOUBLE the current ‘value’ of your NPN membership. Which, of course, means you will make more sales as these new products are being pushed out there. More money for you. Sound good?[/note]

I’ve looked at the other programs out there that are similar to GlobalNPN, and NONE of them have these products. Stick around…

So… when?? Well, one of the products I was going to roll out tomorrow (and I probably still could) but there’s a few key features that I need to add before I’d call it ‘complete’. (Beta testers, anyone?) So look for these happening over the next week!

Did I say it’s a GREAT time to be in NPN?? If you’re NOT currently a member, now is the right time my friend..

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest..

One more thing. A few of you have noted that there was a bit of a mix-up in the carryover calculations this month. Admittedly I believe I carried over the wrong month, doh!. Don’t worry, I’m aware of it and any discrepencies will be cleared up before payday (by the 15th). Thanks for your patience.

Have a great week!

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– Geoff Stephen

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24 thoughts on “Global NPN – Wow, this is going to be cool!”

  1. Eager Beta Tester standing by for you Geoff!
    We all appreciate your dedication to improvement of an already AMAZING Business.

    Best Regards,
    Patricia S.

  2. Thanks Geoff for the updates.Im 1 month old here and to say that im excited is an understatement.We in Kenya have started a TEAM BUILD for GlobalNPN business and intend to match NPN membership 100% in 6 months!!


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