Welcome to NPN in 2010

Hello NPN’ers!

Welcome to NPN-2010.

First of all, I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I appreciate all the kind wishes that many of you sent my way.

Now down to business.. Some of you may not be aware of this, but 2010 will mark the 5th anniversary of The NPN. Doesn’t seem like a long time but it’s probably worth around 20 “internet years”. There has been a LOT of changes in internet marketing since we launched. Just as an example… The NPN was launched 2 months after Youtube’s inception back in early 2005… and think of what youtube’s done since then in creating an online presence for us.

The year of 2009 will be noted as the year that our Ladder System really started to change people’s lives for the better… at least for the people that saw the benefits and really went for it. The Ladder System took NPN from being just a “ten dollar program” to being an unlimited (and still unmatched) income opportunity that continues to attract everyone from emarketing newbies to long-time experienced marketers.

So what does 2010 hold for us? This year will be a year of growth and expansion for NPN as a company. Expansion into other areas of online services and products to continue the ongoing process of becoming every eMarketers “home” program. Everything will gradually become more simplified, yet we’ll become the “all under one roof” resource for all things emarketing (moreso than we are today). From Autoresponders to Web Hosting, from Branding to Live Training. Plus a very special incentive program that will help those in the rest of the world that are less fortunate than us.

I don’t care how many ‘programs’ you join this year, they will come and go just like always, but WE will always be here. There are still people that re-join NPN and tell me “I originally joined NPN back in 2006 and now I’m kicking myself because I didn’t stay!”.

Here’s my advice to you. Since this is the beginning of the year, you will probably be bombarded with the usual ads claiming that their program will be the “new” magic silver bullet that will make everyone rich. Remember that the word “new” frequently also means “high risk”, and also remember that most new programs will be gone after a few months. Not all of them, but most of them. Go ahead and join them if you like, but remember that NPN provides you with the tools that you need to succeed in THOSE businesses as well. Don’t be one of the people that I’ll talk to next year wishing that they’d stuck around in NPN instead of hopping to the next salespitch.

Stick around, you’ll be glad you did. Just ask the people that have been here for years 🙂

I have lots of things planned for NPN in the coming months that will knock your socks off. Count on it. The year 2010 is gonna be fun!

Comments below are welcome..

– Geoff

Comment below..

25 thoughts on “Welcome to NPN in 2010”

  1. I have been in Global NPN now for over a year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I very quickly came into profit with this company and my residual income keeps on increasing month after month.

    Thanks for the inspiring post Geoff.

  2. Geoff. I am right with you..In terms of internet programs coming and going. They are a dime a dozen and offer very little value.

    I woke up this year and decided I would not entertain any of these new programs because the longevity of my business depends on me only associating myself and aligning myself with businesses that will be here for the long haul to support my business growth.

    Thanks for sharing this and for offering such a simple business model!

    Steph Perez

  3. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for the NPN opportunity.

    I get some many damn daily email offers of the latest and the greatest hits. I get fruststrated.

    I now send an auto reply of my opportunity, but now I think I will switch it to my NPN lead capture page.

    Also, I just had an epiphany after reading your article. I never had associated “high risk” with the new latest and greatest.

    I will have to rework my marketing efforts toward those always sending me the new thing.

    Thanks sir,

    Willie Robertson

  4. Hi Geoff,

    I joined NPN a few years back, but was quit.

    I am now using NPN as a foundation program for my residual income builder.

    There will be a lot of members joining my NPN team this year!


  5. I believe the GNPN can make one dreams come true. I have lots of things planned for NPN in the coming months that will knock socks off. I’m Counting on it. The year 2010 is gonna be Great for everyone who believe in it.I hope NPN gave us its fullest support with the system and concept

  6. Geoff, all i ask is that you please keep Global NPN going for the long run! I am excited now as I was just two years ago when I first heard of this program. Yes, I was one of those who kept seeing NPN over and over again when i was just a baby in online marketing…and I’m still here. You are really doing a good thing for us! God bless you and your family!


  7. You are absolutely right Geoff. I have been with NPN for years and promote it as one of my primary programs.

    Over the years I’ve seen other things come and go, while at the same time … I’ve seen my NPN income grow and grow!

    Looking forward to another great year with NPN the products the income and even more growth.

    To All NPN’ers Success!

    Frank A Trueblood

  8. Geoff…I remember when NPN launched! I joined for a brief time but then went on to what I thought were bigger and better opportunities. I sure wish I had stayed with NPN, but the important thiing is that I’m back and will never leave again. Sharon S.

  9. Hi Geoff,

    Right on the money Geoff, you could say I grew up with NPN. I started in 2006 as a newbie. Over the past 3 years I have learned so much from NPN and my income just keeps growing. NPN will always be my home program.

    I look forward to another fantastic year in 2010, and many more!!!

    To your success
    Dave Goodwin

  10. Hey Geoff,

    right on man. Just too many people jump from program to program…What they need to learn is proper marketing with the right tools…That’s exactly what NPN is here for…

    It’s not how much you spend on marketing but rather how consistent you are. I’d rather have my people spent $25 a week for 12 months than see someone drop $1,000 into advertising their first week…

    The key is consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency!

    This is a marathon and not a sprint. Always keep your long term goals in mind.

    To your success

    Dennis Koray

  11. Your right Geoff,

    The new latest and greatest happens every 5 sec online. It is nice to see a program like this. I am excited to see what you bring us this year!

  12. Hi Geoff,

    Well done! I have just joined as a goldnpn some weeks ago. I sure look forward to a promising year. I cannot wait to see the benefits.I look forward to marketing and advertising npn.
    Trying to learn the ways as to how to do this in order to make money. Working hard at this now!

    Talk with you soon. BBess

  13. Hey Geoff,

    Our team loves NPN and how the products can help them brand themselves. The pay plan is one of, if not the best I have seen online.

    If people see how NPN can change their lives, then I am sure that they will understand why NPN should be their main focus.

    And I was one who join in the beginning and came back!
    Kicking myself for leaving, but I was not focused then.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Bill Connelly

  14. I agree that NPN is a program for all that look seriously at it, I went thru the new opportunities wringer 25 years ago, and it has not changed even with the advent of online marketing, lol

    Most people can not see the forest because of all the trees, great set of tools Geoff.

    To Everyones success with NPN!

  15. Hi Geoff.
    I am a newbie on the Internet Business and Have Jumped Around in every new program that delivered the Usual pitched Hype. When I met NPN a few Months ago I was Initially shocked by the Package of Products packed into NPN. Its just unbelievable that one can have Access to Such Numerous cutting edge products for only 10 Bucks a Month.
    When I dug deep into the Pay Plan I realized that NPN was a Silent Giant or a Volcano waiting to Explode. The pay plan is simple to Understand and even Explain and Pays like No other Program I have ever encountered. I then started promoting NPN seriously as One of my Primary Business and in My first week I had over 87 prospects eager to join NPN.
    Long Live GlobalNPN and I wish the MATRIX had a Slightly higher Payout per member like say $1 or $.80 instead of $.50 even if its from Plus and above. Just an Opinion!
    Long Live NPN and Happy 2010 To You All NPNers

  16. Having it “all under one roof” is ideal, I can’t tell you what a complete pain it is having multiple autoresponders, multiple capture page builders, hosting systems and all the other tools we use to market online all in separate places.

    Much better to have it all in one place for sure and with NPN thats exactly what you get.

    Thanks Geoff for all your hard work on the ongoing issues and for your great new visions for the future.

  17. Happy Fifth Anniversary, NPN!

    I have been with you since January 2006 and I never looked back. NPN is the “bread and butter” of all Internet programs. All the business basics are covered and then some!

    Thank you, Geoff, for listening and responding over the years with a great company, an incredible pay plan, and I’m sure some exciting updates in the future.

    If you don’t have an NPN account, get one right now and, if you already belong, stick with it – you will be glad you did!

    Jean Kadau

  18. NPN is a great program with everything ‘under one roof’. Looking forward to news and updates. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year to Everyone.

    Miss Julia

  19. Geoff, Just a simple word of Thanks for all that you do. The opportunity, and the training that you provide are really unmatched in any other program I have been involved with. Global NPN is now a solid piece of my core marketing promotions. I look forward to my future with you and Global NPN.

  20. Thank you so much, Geoff, for making NPN.

    I’ve been a member for a little over a year now and I’m doing better every month, all thanks to all the great training , contacrs and “under one roof” products.

    May NPN prosper even more in 2010. And I’m really curious to see what this year brings. You are always making this better even though it seems to be perfect.

    Victor A. Roestad

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