NPN Hosting and More News

Hello NPN’ers,

First of all, a big welcome to all our new members, thanks for joining us!

I have a some very exciting updates for you all for the upcoming month..

1. NPN Web Hosting

Another way NPN is becoming the “complete solution” for all eMarketers, we’ve decided to step things up and give you something that will hugely increase your sales and, in particular, drastically improve member retention.

Yes, NPN will offer domain hosting for our Director Level (or higher) members! After you have purchased a domain (from any registrar), you will be able to host that domain on your NPN Hosting account (.com, .net, .org, .ws ..etc) at NO extra cost on top of your usual NPN membership fee. If you already own a domain and host it elsewhere, moving it to our server is very easy as well. This will be a “full service” hosting account with some great “extra goodies” to make everything much easier for those of you that aren’t familiar with the technical side of web hosting. On top of the latest control panel, we’ll have an online website builder with hundreds of templates that you can use to set up your own website in a matter of minutes. Plus we’ll have around 50 website scripts that you can auto-install in about 3 clicks of your mouse – including: blogs, message boards, classifieds, shopping carts etc.. And of course you’ll have your own email accounts via pop3 or webmail, ftp access to play with as well.

For those of you that have a hosting account now, saving money by moving your sites to our servers will be quick and easy. If you don’t have a web hosting account, initial set up is quick and automated.

My recommendation is to upgrade to the NPN DIRECTOR level or higher before the end of the month so you can immediately take advantage of these new features and get your online business off the ground!

2. New Site Design

I am in the process of doing a re-design of our main website ( New graphics, layout, capture pages etc. should drastically improve conversions across the board. As welll I’ll be tweaking the backoffice to make it more user-friendly and easier to work with.

3. 100,000 Members

This is more of an FYI to let you know that we’ve finally broken the 100,000 member mark! Yes, more than 100,000 people have joined NPN since it’s inception (and we started from “1”). This is a big milestone for me and I’m happy we’ve finally reached it. Next stop… 1 Million 😉


As soon as I can make this possible, NPN is going to be making monthly contributions to an organization called Heifer International ( It’s an excellent organization that I’ve been personally involved with over the last few years. The way they help people is amazing, check it out.. My plan is to match the monthly bonus payments that YOU earn, and donate that amount to Again this is more of an FYI… none of this will come out of your commissions (don’t panic), I’m doing this out of my own pocket, because I think it matters.

I kind of have an issue with people that make a lot of money, but don’t do any good with it. The fact is, our industry (online marketing) sees millions and millions of dollars going through it every month, yet I NEVER see online companies like NPN, or individuals doing anything with that money to help people that really need it – at least not publicly. I’m not saying that nobody out there does any good, I’m just saying that our industry needs to show it a little (a lot) more.

Plus… maybe it will help grow your business faster if your prospects know that if they join at an upgraded level they’ll be helping out someone that needs it a heck of a lot more than they do.

That’s it for now..

Feel free to comment below.

These new features should be up and ready go by the 1st of February, stick around…!!

– Geoff Stephen

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30 thoughts on “NPN Hosting and More News”

  1. Everything is great in The NPN Geoff and I for one really appreciate all the hard work and continued great services that you are providing to your 100, 000 members, congrats on that.

    Wondering if the matrix compression might be able to be a little more automated though. That would certainly be a blessing to a lot of us that have large down lines.

    I am very impressed with your giving back or paying forward attitude as well. Keep up the great work,


  2. Hi Geoff!

    NPN just keeps getting better and better! Was wondering though, are there going to be limits for bandwidth for the hosting accounts? I love it that you are adding this feature in at the Director level as it will give the TE’s some new blood for NPN pages!

    Can’t wait to see the new graphical updates you have cookin’ too!

    Love everything that you are doing! God bless!

    • Hi Steven,

      Yes there will be limits, just like any hosting account, based on your NPN level. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty to go around.

  3. All I can say is WOW. Incredible value with a compensation plan that can not be touched!!! I challenge anyone to find a better opportunity on the internet today.

    If your struggling with making any money online stop spending yourself out of business and take a look at this opportunity.

    Thank you so much Geoff and This is going to be an excellent year!

    Todd Bobal

  4. Congratulations Geoff!!
    I plan on being here with you when you reach that 1 Million
    Instead of gifts this year for Christmas I gave a Cow.
    Few would know what that means
    But I am sure you do!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Keeping it real
    Cindy Bolley

  5. A ladder system would seem good for the hosting, If the $10.75 price included 1 domain with low but viable amount of megabytes to build a small website that a sponsor could offer to those he was advertising to it would be more like the PluginProfitesite (PIPS).

    NPN is better then GDI no doubt about it…… But GDI is a Powerful Marketing Machine and they are taking the net by storm— with a $10 hosting plan — We have to compete — I am having trouble even giving away E-Certificates — I am not trying to get $10.75 hosting for myself I am doing well with 10 domains at another hosting company — but in todays market I feel opening it up at the lower levels will increase our competitiveness.

    My Opinion

    • Thank for the post Al,

      GDI pays out only 50% commissions and there’s nowhere to go from there – you’re stuck, unable to earn at a higher income level. We pay out 100% at the $10.75 level and it goes up from there in our ladder system. I’m not really competing with GDI, so free domains at the $10 level etc. isn’t in the cards. NPN is all about growth and long term income opportunities with a comp plan that, in my opinion, hasn’t been topped.

      – Geoff.

  6. Hello Geoff,

    These are nothing less than GREAT NEWS!!!
    Thanks so much for putting this together.

    Will the hosting be “unlimited” with regards to amount of data and bandwidth?

    Thank you

  7. Damn, I mean wow!

    Thanks Geoff I am glad I found NPN, all be it by accident last year when I first got started with looking to learn how I could possibly make money online, because I realized I was always surfing the net anyway, so hey, why not try to make some money along the surf.

    After joining a traffic exchange and getting a crap load of emails, someone sent me a email about NPN, I joined but never got much support from the person. I quit and rejoined under my current, great sponsor, Larry Rivera.

    I have been here 8 months.

    I made a few sales and got paid, so that let me know NPN is the real deal.

    With all this new stuff coming it is about darn time I get serious, wouldn’t you say?

    Thanks Again, Geoff.

  8. Congratulations Geoff!,

    The 100,000 mark is indeed a milestone and a great 10% step to 1m!! The hosting service is a much needed addition. Cann’t wait to see the planned graphical updates!

    Best Regards


  9. Hi Geoff,

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better you came up with the Ladder System…Brilliant….and now this !!!

    NPN was already the best! Thanks for all you do, I for one really appreciate it.


  10. This is great news Geoff! I’m glad to hear it and it is always a great feeling to see growth in ones company! A feeling of satisfaction, and of “YES! I’m in the Right Place!” I know of one new up and coming program that is similar, and their comp plan $uck$. I look forward to the new updates and upgrades you are providing. Thanks Geoff and Team for all that you do to make THIS the best Home Plan on the Net!

  11. With all I’ve seen and read – Global NPN sounds like the place to be – now all I have to do is sign up – but who do I join under? I’ve contacted 3 people today with no response so far, can you help me?

    Thank you,
    David Glasey

  12. Wow thats great congratulation! I suggest why not adding for member to buy a domain too, since hosting is in your service. What do you think? Many will jump even more…


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