Traffic & Hosting & New Websites, oh my!

Hello NPN’ers,

Firstly, we’ve had a TON of new people joining us over the past few weeks, so a big welcome to all those folks. Good to have you here! And of course congrats to all of you that are working hard at promoting your NPN business and building on your successes! It’s almost payday.. and it will be another big one.

If you’re unsure as to how paydays work here at NPN, please read this knowledge base article:

In this update:

1. Free Traffic
2. Website Hosting
3. New Website

1. Free Traffic!

We have struck a bit of a deal for you with Revisitors. We have arranged to get all of our members some free targeted traffic to the website/capture page of your choice. In your NPN backoffice, click on the link in the menu that says “Free Targeted Traffic” (under Promotional) and you’ll be able to set up a free traffic campaign from there. Please read that page for recommendations. … this offer might not last that long so go and get your free traffic campaign started today!

2. NPN Hosting:

Our web hosting service is almost ready to launch. Hopefully within the next few days you’ll be able to host your websites with us at no extra cost as long as you’re a Director Level member or higher. You will be able to purchase new domain names through us, or you can just switch your current domain over to our hosting servers. I’m working on streamlining the whole process to make things really easy for all of you, whether you’re an experienced marketer or someone that has very little technical know-how. The hosting packages will vary depending on what NPN membership level you’re at, and those details will be released soon.

3. New NPN Website:

We have a brand new website being completed right now that I think everyone should be excited about. The new design and graphics will carry through to some new capture pages as well. When it’s done I’ll be doing some testing on it myself to make sure all is good. Stay tuned.

That’s it for now..

My tip of the day: Always stay one membership level higher than your referrals. Lead, don’t wait for someone else to lead you.

– Geoff Stephen

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17 thoughts on “Traffic & Hosting & New Websites, oh my!”

  1. Thanks for the updates, Geoff. You’re always keeping us informed of any changes that are taking place. They are always amazing!

  2. Hi Geoff,

    I’ve never seen a company that over delivers on products and never raises the fee! You sure know how to take good care of us! Thank you Geoff.

    Frank Osorio-Marketer

  3. Geoff, as I tell others. You are not one to sit on your duff.
    NPN is ever changing, innovative and one could not ask for
    a better leader.
    Wow, what else is up your sleeves?

  4. It’s great to hear NPN will be offering web hosting… as I started looking for a new hosting company between Christmas and New Years (I’ve been with my current hosting company going on 3 years… 35 months to be exact and they are one of the biggest hosting companies out there, but I was just getting tired of their platform being incompatible with just about every script that exists and felt it was time to make a change). After doing all the research I finally chose a company to go with and was ready to make the switch, when I received the news on January 22nd that NPN would be offering web hosting. Without having all the details, it sounds like the hosting service Geoff is offering with NPN is pretty close to what I was going to switch to. Anyway, I’m glad I was to busy to make the purchase before the 22nd and now I’ll be able to host my sites with NPN… I’m also looking forward to the new NPN Website… 2010 will be another awesome year with NPN…
    All the best,

  5. Excellent News Geoff! These extra tools are going to ensure Global NPN provides the best value for online marketers on the internet! I really appreciate the efforts you put in for us all. Keep it NPN!

  6. HI Geoff,

    I’m new to NPN but glad to be here. Grabbed my FREE traffic, really simple to do.

    The back office is full still feeling my way around and more coming fantastic. Looking forward to building my NPN business and getting to know you.


  7. Two of my sites are hosted by NPN. I was also among the people who purchased a hosting account with the company.
    ’til now, I don’t have complaints with their service; my sites are always up and running with great speed variance compared with other hosting companies.
    Well, thank you NPN.


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