Does GlobalNPN Pay?

Hello NPN’ers!

Over the past couple days your monthly commissions have been paid!

Why not let the world know that you got paid by GlobalNPN?

Please comment below and let everyone know that you got paid…


– Geoff

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66 thoughts on “Does GlobalNPN Pay?”

  1. NPN is a great way to make money online, and all the tools needed to market online, and it DOES pay every month, like clockwork since I joined in August 2009.

    I received my commissions 2 days ago, bonus today

    FREE MENTORING, feel free to
    contact me ASAP

    Norm Heseltine
    Skype Me

    Paydays around the 10th of Every Month Since 2005

  2. Hi, my name is Juan and I’m an NPN user for a couple of years now. NPN pays like clockwork every single month; every 10th I get my commission send to my AlertPay account.

    Thanks Geoff! Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hello Geoff and rest of the world.

    I’d be very happy to start out.
    I have always been paid by Global NPN on time. You guys always pay on time. The other day (feb. 10th.) I got my commission exactly on the date, like clockwork.

    There’s no doubt that Global NPN is a VERY serious business, and the world will understand that too. They’re just many times a victim for broken promises and programs which promise the world etc. etc.

    But things are different with Global NPN. Goeff has developed this program for a long time and been online for more than 5 years, and is developing constantly in a well managed and controlled tempo, which in turn leads to the unavoidable fact, that the program, its business and marketing plan, and very important, its products and services, always work optimal.

    Global NPN is a GREAT program, and read my words – You’ll kick your butt later if you don’t join A.S.A.P.

    Thank you Geoff for putting together this business and the program.


  4. Yes theNPN pays…I have been a member for almost a year and have been paid on the 10th or the 11th every single time. Very reliable payment plan!!

    Great job as usual Geoff.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Every month like clockwork I get the alertpay notice that I have become so accustomed to and that is Payment from webshooter media then a day or two later another payment, my bonus.

    It’s all good and continues to grow. Look out for new things in the near future in NPN.

    Tom Munson

  6. I have been a member of GlobalNPN for over 3 years now. I have been paid on time like clock work 39 strait months now. If you are serious about having an online business start here.

    Thanks Geoff

    Have a great day
    Dave Goodwin

  7. Geoff and NPN have been my main program for the past 4 years. It has all the tools you’ll ever need to do everything on the internet! From Newbies to Seasoned Internet Veterans, it is AWESOME!

    Geoff has NEVER failed to pay me every single month for the past 4 years! I have been in 100’s of programs for many years, and NPN is by far the best. It is economical for everyone, and Geoff has the best support staff ever.

    Come join us now and never look back!


  8. Geoff and Global NPN pay on time every time. I’m a program owner who thoroughly researches the companies that we include in our recommended advertising resources and I’m pleased and proud to include Geoff and Global NPN.

    Thanks, be careful out there and don’t forget to have fun while you are making money.


  9. Hi Jeff,

    Of course I got paid on time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since April 2009 actually that Iโ€™m getting paid
    right on time, I feel very sad for all those members
    that havenโ€™t catch on the vision and the potential
    of our little BIG NPN program yet and theyโ€™re still struggling
    to find their first five.

    You can relate this simple message to them on my behalf:

    If they cannot find just 5 here how in world theyโ€™ll ever
    going to succeed in their own business?
    In my opinion people need to stop playing the marketing game
    with their computers and get really serious about reaching
    their dreams and goals.

    Leo Silvestri

  10. Hey All,
    I’ve been a member for several years and Global NPN has paid me on time every month, after month, after…. The great digital suite of tools NPN provides are well worth the monthly fee, but we get paid on sharing the good news with others about these good products as well.
    Thanks for the reliability.

  11. Hello Geoff

    Being with NPN from nearly day one I can say that NPN is one of the few programs that pays “Every Month” without fail!!! You can always count on getting paid from NPN …

    Thank you!

    Frank A Trueblood

  12. Hi To All fellow NPNers,

    My ID# is 51.

    I have been with NPN since the beginning.

    I am happy to say that I have made Money and been paid
    every Month on Time since I joined

    Geoff has made NPN better and better every Year.

    NPN has evolved into a First Rate program and has lasted
    more than 1,000 others that I know.

    Best Regards To All

    John Santoro
    Proud Member of NPN

  13. Thanks Geoff for ALWAYS paying on time!

    NPN is income you can count on. During the years I’ve been with NPN I’ve always been paid on time. I never think about it. Just take it for granted. That’s how it should be and with NPN that’s how it is!

    Thanks a lot!

    Finn Heitmann

  14. I don’t normally write anything on the subject of getting paid because if you are with a stable long running company such as Global NPN then of course you’re going to get paid, otherwise the program would fall like over 80 percent of the programs online today. That being said Geoff asked us for this comment so I shall give it! Yes, of course I have been paid and paid on time as always.

  15. Hey Geoff!

    Thanks for being always on time with the checks, I love getting a email from AlertPay Saying “Payment Recieved!”

    To our success at NPN,
    Frank Osorio-The Straight To The Point Guy

  16. Hey Geoff! Thanks for the Cashola!! On time as always. This is what makes Global NPN such a great opportunity. DEPENDABILITY!!! The system WORKS. As long as YOU work it. Dependable money in the bank.

  17. Does Global NPN pay?

    Hell to the yes!!! And on time!

    I came to NPN as a struggling and confused, info overloaded newbie. NPN found me by accident and the rest is history.

    Nothing like getting that email from alertpay saying “MONEY RECIEVED”, meaning Global NPN has “DEPOSITED” money into my account. I don’t care if it is $5 or $5000, getting paid is getting paid, feel me?

    And to think it only cost $10.75 to get started!

    NPN is the real deal, and so is Geoff Stephens.

    That’s why it’s my home biz!

    “Supercharge your marketing efforts today! Get in on the buzz!” Ya feel me?

  18. Yes! I got paid on the 10th of Feb. It was my first payment,
    and I am really excited about it. Also, looking forward to
    lots more in the future.

    Thanks so much Geoff. (I was not expecting it to come so fast)

    The future looks bright indeed with GlobalNPN

  19. I got paid on time right into my AlertPay account. Whats not to like,
    a great site and great people, you can’t go wrong with NPN.
    Thank You Geoff for the best Programs on the net!


  20. Geoff handles his business been getting paid for well over a year on time. He really must be commended for being a great admin when so many other opportunities out there fall short in this department amongst other things.


  21. Yes, thanks a lot, Geoff! NPN is certainly a legit business, and has great tools. The payouts are at $20 and it’s really easy to get there! I just got my first payment this month, and already in my back office, I see the fund piling up for the next month. Thanks again for the reliability and integrity you offer everyone at “Neat Plan Network” ๐Ÿ˜‰ – paraphrasing to make a point!


  22. Yes, I have been paid every single month since my first commission payment in Nov. 2006! Thanks Geoff for putting together such a great business…..and it just keeps getting better!!!

  23. I’ve been paid like clockwork between the 10th & 15th of each month for the past 2 years.

    Not only does its owner pay on time ALL the time, NPN also improves with new features and tools consistently.

    BRAVO Geoff!

    Barbie Zabel

  24. I’ve been get paid here since March 2007, so that will be 3 years next month!

    In addition to having all the state of the art internet marketing tools in one place, and the income potential, the education and training Geoff provides at GlobalNPN is priceless!

    Judy Banks

  25. Hi I have been with NPN for almost 1 year now and I found this amazing opportunity after I had had bilateral hernia surgery it took me awhile to regain my strength as the pain was still pretty bad after 3 weeks I found this opportunity among 10,000 safelist email messages I had when I returned to work. It has been a blessing to me and has paid me faithfully on time every month between the 10th-15th. I knew right away after I had first read the free report that we get being members of NPN that this was a solid company and one that I could trust to be their when all else failed. Thanks Geoff and all New Plan Network staff and as always may God richly bless your success

  26. GlobalNPN has fattened my alertpay account again yet another month.

    I receive commissions month after month from GlobalNPN. It takes hard work, but GlobalNPN provides you the tools.

  27. I joined NPN in Nov 09,i have already received two payments.
    Thanks to Geoff and the NPN team.
    And a BIG THANS to my TEAM,for making this to happen.

  28. I have been in GlobalNPN for only a few months now
    and Firstly I want to say thanks to our team of success line members for having enough faith in me to do what I said I would do which is to put them in the spotlight whenever I possibly can.

    GlobalNPN thanks for paying me every month through AlertPay
    between the 10 & 15 of each month. This absolutely gives me the confidence to encourage everyone on our team who have not gotten a check yet that YES GlobalNPN is paying people. I am one of many they have paid (more than once). Finally a company that gives everyone a chance to have financial success on the internet.

  29. I might be late too, but better late than never. I always getting paid by GlobalNPN since the day I joined here ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to our very supportive Admin (Geoff Stephen)

    More Power & God Bless!


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