Why the GlobalNPN Autoresponder is the Best

GlobalNPN Autoresponder

Hello NPN’ers,

Are you a money chaser, or an internet marketer? Are you an IM hobbyist, or are you a business person? Are you focused on ‘getting money’ or are you providing a needed product or service?GlobalNPN Autoresponder

Is your marketing genuine, or is it shallow?

Do you focus on the ‘biz opp’ (making money) or do you sell a product?

It seems that most people that are promoting other ‘programs’ focus exclusively on the income opportunity… because their products simply aren’t worth mentioning.

GlobalNPN is different.

GlobalNPN is a PRODUCT with an opportunity attached to it. (not the other way around)

Our products are solid, and are trusted.

I had a Skype conversation from one of our long-time members the other day and he shared some very cool information with me about our Mail Marketer Pro product..

(this is copied and pasted from skype):


“Oh… by the way. I have been on an autoresponder testing kick the past year. I have used Aweber for 10 years now so I keep it because I have multiple lists in the thousand sthere that would be difficult to move.  But I did a test recently with one of my sales funnels and the only variable I was testing was if the first message sent upon opt-in from these various places went into the spam folder or not.

Here is what I found. Both Aweber and Getresponse sent the first message to the spam folder even if the email had zero trigger words. It was plain and it still went there. Once I whitelisted the email address all was fine.

 I also did a test to see what would happen if I didn’t whitelist and after the first email was opened, oir sent from spam box to inbox, gmail recognized it as somewhat legitimate and would place the next email in the inbox. But after that, random messages from the list still ended up in the spam folder.

This was with Aweber and Getresponse!

Now on to your autoresponder… Mail Marketer Pro.

 I tested it against the same variable and the first message, even with trigger words about making money online etc. appeared in my inbox immediately. And the second one too… I didn’t even whitelist the send from address.

Just wanted to let you know that. I know you are proud of your products but it is always nice to hear someone else who has been around a long time give you proof. At least it would be for me.”


This is why I only use the Mail Marketer Pro for all my email communication. I have hundreds of thousands of leads and wouldn’t trust that scale of list management with a company that gets their emails sent to spam.

As I’ve said a million times before, there’s a reason people have stayed with GlobalNPN for all these years.

Our products are excellent.

That’s all for today, comments below if you got ’em.

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– Geoff Stephen