GlobalNPN – Upgrade Calculator Overview Video

Hello NPN’ers,

Quick Update!

This brand new tool in your NPN backoffice can make it much easier to create short term goals for your NPN business. This calculator will tell you how much you need to do in order to get to the income you want.

By the way, did you know that in order to reach the “Power of 1” goal of just 1 referral per month, all you need is to average just 1 opt-in lead per day!?! Perhaps you’re making this whole thing out to be more difficult than it really is…

Please watch this video for an overview of the product and how it can drastically improve the growth of your NPN business?

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– Geoff.

How to download your leads from your NPN leads manager

Hello NPN’ers,

A few of you have asked that you be able to broadcast to the prospects that you have generated in your NPN Leads Manager. A few more of you have asked about having a bit more control of the leads you have generated. Unfortunately due to potential spam abuse issues I can’t bulk email those leads from your backoffice. Basically, anything that CAN be abused, WILL be abused. I won’t go there again.

However, I have added a handy new feature to your Leads Manager that will allow you to download your leads right to a .csv file on your computer. Each tab in the Leads Manager now has a link at the top where you can choose to download those specific leads, and I’ve also added a link where you can choose to just download all your leads into one .csv file.

What this does for you is give you complete control over your own leads! Once they’re downloaded onto your computer, it’s up to you what you want to do with them. You can import them into the MultiSponder Elite, or into the NPN EZMailer, or to any other system that allows .csv imports of leads.

Ultimately if you want total control over your own lists, simply use the tools that we make available to you! Use the NPN Mail Marketer PRO in your backoffice to build your lists. Set up your own capture pages with the NPN Capture Page Creator, use the NPN Multi-Ad Tracker to keep track of all your hits. Host all your capture pages with your NPN Power Hosting Account… Use the tools! That’s what GlobalNPN is there for. 🙂

Here’s a quick video of how to download your leads:

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– Geoff.