GlobalNPN – Upgrade Calculator Overview Video

Hello NPN’ers,

Quick Update!

This brand new tool in your NPN backoffice can make it much easier to create short term goals for your NPN business. This calculator will tell you how much you need to do in order to get to the income you want.

By the way, did you know that in order to reach the “Power of 1” goal of just 1 referral per month, all you need is to average just 1 opt-in lead per day!?! Perhaps you’re making this whole thing out to be more difficult than it really is…

Please watch this video for an overview of the product and how it can drastically improve the growth of your NPN business?

Comments anyone??

Thanks, have a great day!
– Geoff.

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8 thoughts on “GlobalNPN – Upgrade Calculator Overview Video”

  1. Hi Geoff thanks a lot for this new video and this new feature at NPN.
    I’m with NPN only since a few weeks but I really like your program.


  2. Geoff this calculator is absolute genius. What a fantastic and inspirational addition to our back offices.

    Thank you,
    James Young.


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