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If you’re interested in getting ranked highly in Google, VERY quickly, you need to check this out. is a site where you can submit articles, and quick pages that are called ‘bookmarks’. As an experiment, I wanted to bring up my rankings for one of my blog posts called “GlobalNPN Hosting is LIVE!” on my NPN blog site. I am targeting the keyphrase “Globalnpn Hosting”. I also have a youtube video explaining how to setup your NPN hosting account in your backoffice – this video has a link back to my blog post as well.

A Xomba bookmark is simply a page you can create at that contains a link to whatever site you’re linking to, and a short description of that site. If you keyword your bookmark correctly, it will jump right up to the top in the rankings on Google.

So… I created 2 Xomba bookmarks. One that linked back to my blog article, and one that linked to my Youtube video.

What happend was.. within 10 minutes both of my xomba bookmarks were ranked on the first page of Google for the search “Globalnpn Hosting”. Plus, this brought both my main blog page and the “Hosting” blog post to the top as well. And it also brought my Youtube video right up underneath!

So, as you can see in the video, the top 5 rankings in Google for “GlobalNPN Hosting” are mine, at least for now ;).

I have also done this in the past getting high rankings for other blogs I have. What is fun about this is how quick it was. Literally within 15 minutes after posting my bookmarks I had the top 5.

Here are the two bookmarks:

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Have a great day!

– Geoff

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12 thoughts on “Get on Page 1 of Google – Today!”

  1. Hey Geoff

    Great article and video! Even us top marketers can’t know everything …lol! You know I’ll be using this as a sure-fire marketing method I add to my marketing arsenal.

    I’m sure a lot of people will jump on this.

    Frank A Trueblood


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