NPN’s New WebAudioNOW! Product!

Hello NPN’ers,

I’d like to introduce you all to a brand new product, which is now in your NPN backoffice.

It’s called the NPN’s Web Audio NOW! System, and it will allow you to easily and quickly embed audio onto your website/blog/salespages etc.. It’s as simple as uploading an mp3 file from your computer, and copy & pasting the html code we give you onto your own website.

This system is ideal for adding to your website, such things as:

  • Audio tesimonials
  • Your own informational audio
  • Conference call recordings
  • Audio Blogs etc..

    Any .mp3 that you have permission to use (or have recorded yourself) can now be quickly added to your own websites.

    In your NPN backoffice, click on “WebAudioNOW!” in the left menu, go to the FAQ and get all the information..

    Here’s a video overview:

    Feel free to comment below…

    – Geoff

    Comment below..

  • 23 thoughts on “NPN’s New WebAudioNOW! Product!”

    1. ~Now that is a very sweet tool…We all know the power of having video on our sites…This is tremendous for everyone to build their business…THX~

    2. The new web audio feature is great, it will come in handy. Now I don’t have pay a monthly fee for another service, to put audio on my websites, blogs, squeeze pages etc..

      Once again Another Amazing product from NPN

      Thank You Geoff!

    3. Thanks Geoff, I had received a web audio software program from something i bought a while back ,but i never could get the audio to show up on my website or blog.

      Hope this will take care of that.

      We appreciate you SIR,

      Willie Robertson

    4. Qualitative Addition! I think, in the future I will take advantage of new vision!
      It is a pity that there is no simultaneous interpretation on the Russian.


    5. GREAT, it’s so great you can’t even start to imagine how much I was needed this tool right NOW!

      Thank you so much.

      You are the GREATEST.


      Guy Harduf

    6. Спасибо за дополнения! Инструмент очень нужен в работе, но я русскоязычный и плохо понимаю, поэтому, воспользоваться им будет сложно. Прошу перевести интерфейс на русский язык. Спасибо. С уважением, Николай Лопатнев

    7. Would be interesting if the audio had a share option to share the audio and a way to promote the audio link further. I know you can share the embed code, but one that makes the landing page the actual information about the audio file would have been more effective that the link is directed to.


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