Why is GlobalNPN the most important program in your marketing funnel

Why is GlobalNPN the most important program in your marketing funnel

Many people ask me “why do I need NPN when I already have a business to promote?”.

The answer is fairly simple but a lot of people still don’t really get it.

Let’s assume that your main business that you want to promote is a ‘Health Drink’ business. You will probably find out pretty quickly that it’s very difficult to find quality targeted leads for your business. After all, you have a very specific business, with a very specific market. It’s not easy (or cheap) to find the right leads that will want to join you in your business. This is also the case no matter what your ‘primary’ business is.

Here’s where NPN comes in. As you know, NPN is a suite of marketing tools and training material that ‘every’ online marketer needs to succeed in generating leads for their own business. Lead generation is the most difficult part of online marketing, especially when your business has a very specific market. That’s why we need GlobalNPN at the top of our marketing funnel.

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Which scenario would you rather be a part of?

Scenario #1: You’re trying to get distributors for your Health Drink business. So.. you go out and buy some advertising for your Health Drink website. You get lots of visitors to your website but only a couple people actually decide to contact you about it. Your advertising cost you $50. Which means your ad campaign cost you $25 per lead and those 2 people may not even join you in your business. How much longer can you do that before you give up?

Scenario #2: You’re trying to get distributors for your Health Drink business. BUT, this time you go out and buy some advertising for your GlobalNPN business. You get lots of visitors to your website and a TON of people opt-in to your capture page because they know they need these tools to succeed. Your advertising cost $50, but this time 35 people opted in to your capture page. Your leads only cost you around $1.50 each this time. BUT a number of them joined you in NPN and now you’re making money from that, which means your advertising for your Health Business has essentially been taken care of. Now you can focus on ‘upselling’ your NPN referrals into your Health business, which is much easier since you’ve already qualified them as good quality marketing leads.

What’s my Point: You are making money and getting free advertising from the people that would’ve said a flat out “NO” to your Health Drink business, thanks to NPN. Plus down the road you can recruit your NPN referrals into your Health Drink business, which was the point in the first place right?

Use NPN to generate leads, and qualify leads for your other businesses. You will get leads, you will make money, your advertising will essentially be free, and you will realize how important having GlobalNPN at the top of your funnel is and why it’s essential for your ultimate success.

THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE FOLKS. This is not a theory or a guess as to how it works. If you don’t ‘GET IT’ (or refuse to), you won’t make it.

Now, I know that the next question may be “… but NPN IS my primary business, what then??”. In my opinion the most attractive feature of NPN is that it has is it’s own ‘internal funnel’ system. That is exactly what the NPN Ladder System was designed to take care of. Think of the ladder upgrades as your upsells instead of the “health business” I mentioned above. It works in exactly the same way, but in this case it’s completely self-contained and self-feeding. How cool is that? GlobalNPN can be your feeder system, while at the same time it can be your big dollar earner as your primary business.

Have a great day and have fun! Feel free to comment below…

– Geoff.

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19 thoughts on “Why is GlobalNPN the most important program in your marketing funnel”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    thanks for that post! It’s so true. People are all excited when they start a new business but so many have to give up because they can’t afford to keep advertising to get new customers…NPN really solves this problem. Anybody who says they don’t need the tools NPN provides should think again 🙂

    Keep up the good work my friend!


    Dennis Koray

  2. Great point Geoff,

    I am finding that to be very true. Every primary program needs a good feeder program with quality products. Once people trust you they will buy over and over again.

    Lee Bell

  3. I’ve been using Global NPN for a few months and I’m well pleased with it. I’m getting leads everyday, but most importantly, Global NPN is allowing me to built a mailing list of individuals whereby I can email to a number of times well into the future.

  4. Hey Geoff,

    Thanks for running a solid program. Global NPN is certainly the perfect feeder program. It is also a perfect place for newbie marketers to start. The most important tool to any marketer online is their autoresponder system. The saying the money is in the list is very true….

    Thanks for taking the time out to support the system. Not many Owners put as much effort into supporting their affiliates as you do. NPN rocks!

  5. Hi Jeff and thanks again for your brilliant comment I just want to say I have been putting NPN at the top of my funnel and even though now I do have a primary business opportunity I am focusing on I still due to my own experience of marketing NPN for 6mo now require all of my members of my primary business to join NPN first at my level as director and if they qualify they usually have no problem following my lead. After all is that not what we are looking for in members of our teams leaders who can take and duplicate simple direction. Thanks again Jeff and I for one am a member of you prestigious organization for life. You here at NPN have no competition, and as always may God Richly Bless your Success

  6. Thank you Geoff. You explained it very well. You nailed it! Global NPN has a powerful system in place. I think it’s phenomenal.

    No matter what online business people are in they will need these top of the line internet tools to generate leads and that’s what makes this program so powerful that it will keep your downline strong and united.

    People are always jumping from program to program looking for the magic button but with NPN even if they decide to promote another opportunity they still need these tools to become successful. So even if they do promote something else your still making a commission. Which I really don’t why they would want to do that. If they really stop and think how Global NPN works then they will “get it”.

    Your compensation plan can’t be beat. The powerful thing about is the NPN Ladder System(Internal Funnel). You really know what your doing Geoff. Your doing an awesome job! I truly believe in what your doing and I wish Global NPN much success.

  7. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for all this valuable information,
    Can i copy all this and paste it into my blog… if you don’t mind?

    Just join NPN, and i find this very helpful.
    Thanks again…

  8. Geoff,
    I need to get on with advertising my businesses, I am a Gold member. But I a so confused with what everyone is saying, …. ” Ezines are best”, “Blogs are best” “PPC is best” … “Just go for Safe Lists”
    I try any one of them and all I get is my mailbox crammed full of counter offers, and no one interested in my product!

    I am even giving away an ebook for FREE and no one wants it!

    Please give me the 2 best things to do to get going.
    ID = 113461


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