If You Do This You Will Make Money on the Internet

Online marketing is not difficult, it’s not “too hard”. It’s easy BUT.. you actually have to go out and do it to start making money online.

Do this every day or every few days or at least every week.

If you do this every day you will make money on the internet.

  1. Find a keyword/keyphrase and then research related keywords and content
  2. Work it into an article, spin* it 3 or 4 times, and submit it.
  3. Make a related video and submit it.
  4. Write a related blog post.
  5. Work your article into a press release and submit it.
  6. Create a simple 4-8 page website with good relevant content, and submit it.
  7. Social network your content (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc)
  8. Bookmark your content (digg.com, delicious.com etc.)
  9. Write a classified ad and submit it
  10. Start again at the top of this list..

Sound like a lot of work? Well, it is. It’s called marketing. But once you find your ‘groove’ it becomes easy and much quicker. Soon you’ll have your own system at work. Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Do NOT do it once and wait to see if you make any money. Just keep doing it…

Don’t complain if  your article doesn’t get any traffic.

Don’t complain if your video didn’t get any hits.

Don’t complain.  Just go and find out how to do it better. Then do it again!

This is how you make long-term passive income the “free traffic” way.

Here are some more general marketing tips that I share with other people (off the top of my head):

  • Make your blog your central “hub” site. This is you, this is your brand.
  • Use GlobalNPN‘s capture pages (or create your own with the capture page creator)
  • Use GlobalNPN’s List Marketer Pro. for your list building if you want your messages to be delivered.
  • FOCUS on creating quality, relevant content
  • FOCUS on presenting yourself as the expert (even if you’re not)
  • FOCUS on building your list of prospects for GlobalNPN.
  • Look at what the successful people are doing, and copy it (the methods not the content)
  • Always use capture pages or capture forms.
  • Subscribe to this blog right now and comment below.
  • Become a “fan” of GlobalNPN on facebook right now and comment.
  • Don’t spam.

Have Fun. Oh, and DO IT!

– Geoff.

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27 thoughts on “If You Do This You Will Make Money on the Internet”

  1. Thanks for the grand information. I sure need to buckle up and start doing those very things.

    It seems I have difficulty writing good quality articles and need to practice doing it a whole big lot more, just as you say. Sure appreciate the encouraging words.


  2. Thank you for this information Geoff, I’m not sure how to do all of it but I am sure willing to try. I joined Global NPN yesterday and I’m already getting traffic to my capture pages thanks to you.

  3. Hi Geoff,

    Especially these 3 lines:

    Don’t complain if your article doesn’t get any traffic.

    Don’t complain if your video didn’t get any hits.

    Don’t complain. Just go and find out how to do it better. Then do it again!

    I Agree, you need the right mindset to do what is necessary.

    Kind Regards, Peter van Nieuwenhoven

  4. It really is hard work but it’s well worth it. It pays off in the future and you will be more relaxed.

    Thanks for this post!

  5. Hi Geoff,

    As always – Good stuff! It’s all rock solid marketing advice that when followed does make money on the internet.

    And … I totally agree that once you do it, you do it again!

    Best regards

  6. Very good marketing strategic plan that people can follow for online business success.

    Consistently doing what you said will give anyone an internet presence and result in consistent traffic. I’ve done similar to what you’ve presented so I know that it works and brings quality web traffic.

  7. Thank you for your valuable advice on your blog and your
    advice on GlobalNPN. You gave me a marketing system that actually works, which has great marketing tools to use at
    the same time. You truly have my respect.


  8. Geoff, that’s an inspiring post! Actually all steps you’ve mentioned will take your website or content a few steps ahead each time. I can relate to your words: “once you find you’re groove it becomes easy” … marketing is like a game, play right and you’ll enjoy it too.

  9. Thanks for breaking down this method. Your right about marketing is easy, you just have to do the work. Most people wonder why it’s not working for them and it’s because they either aren’t consistent with their daily actions or they haven’t learned what they need to do.

    Thank you,


  10. Excellent post – and you are so right – the problem I see is that people don’t treat what they do online as a business – it’s like a hobby to them and then they wonder why they can’t earn money. When you take it serious and stay focused – follow your steps layed out in your blog – you will earn money.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  11. Thanks for sharing an outstanding,informative post. You are right it takes work, passion and to have a desire to get serious about your business. If you do the homework it will work.

    Thanks for sharing

    susie moore
    skype smsforc


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