What’s the Best Way to Advertise GlobalNPN?

A question I get a lot from newer marketers is simply: “What’s the best way to advertise (promote) NPN??”

It’s a very good question, and it sounds like a simple enough question to answer. However, answering it isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are probably hundreds of ways to “best” advertise Globalnpn. It depends on who you are, and what you are good at, and what you “want” to be good at, and how much time you have, etc. etc. The fact is, there are people promoting NPN successfully in all aspects of online advertising, so I can’t give you a definitive answer… at least not something that will absolutely work for everyone that uses it.

I can, however, speak from my own experience, and from what others have told me that works for them.

So.. that’s how I’ll answer the question, which now is: “In Geoff’s experience, what’s the best way to advertise (promote) NPN??”

When I first started “The New Plan Network” before it was the business that it has become today, I built my entire organization almost exclusively using Safelists and Ezines.

Right to the point, here’s how I did it..

I would advertise my free downline/marketing club using safelists and ezines. However the way I went about it might not be what you think. I tried many many ways of advertising to these lists, and I had many many failures, which I learned a lot from. And I learned enough from them to turn the whole thing into many many successes. I learned that when trying to build a downline organization, it was a bad idea to try and advertise a business opportunity directly to a list. There are more than enough biz opp. ads out there to go around, and nobody cares about reading about them or joining them, at least not the people you’d WANT in your downline.

Here’s what I did with my advertising to really make it more successful. All I really did was to change the ‘focus’ of what I was really advertising, or what I really WANTED to be advertising. (think: Where’s the real VALUE?).

  1. This focus worked, but not too well: “Hey join my club, it’s great, it will help you make money”.
  2. This focus worked all the time: “Hey this is me, I’m great, I will help you make money.”.

See the difference? My downline club was still at the end of it all, but the focus of the ‘front end’ changed. In the first example, the focus is on “IT”, being the downline club. In the second example, I changed the focus to “ME” instead.  You see, downline clubs (and similar tools) themselves do not help you make money, PEOPLE help you make money. As soon as I started advertising what “I” could do to help on a personal level, the response was enormous. What I learned back then is that successful people do NOT join businesses, successful people join PEOPLE (write that one down)…

.. Okay.. I’m getting off subject here. What was I talking about..?? 😉

So basically, I built my entire business using Safelists and Ezine ads. Which means I was building my own list (my downline club) by advertising to other people’s lists. How easy is THAT??  Of course I continued to communicate with everyone on my list on an ongoing basis, which is something you have to do to be able to continue to make money in this crazy online world.

So to answer the question that was asked way back at the beginning: “What’s the best way to advertise (promote) NPN?? — In Geoff’s experience??”

The short answer: Safelists, Ezine solo ads.

The long answer: Safelists, Ezine solo ads that ultimately direct prospects to my own list, via my own ‘membership-type’ website. Then I would “supplement” my traffic using articles, blogs, videos, web 2.0 postings, press releases, classifieds, bookmarks..

There ya go. Now I’ll say again that this is what worked for ME (and still does). It might not work for you at all, which is fine too. But find out what DOES work for you, and then kick ass at it. Then find out what ELSE works for you, then do that too. BE valuable and you’ll be successful.

I always recommend safelists and ezines for newer marketers, because it’s easy to start (and relatively cheap), and it will really teach you how to get attention directed towards yourself and your businesses. After you learn how to do that, start moving into the other online advertising mediums and it will just get easier.

Go and DO IT!

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– Geoff.

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12 thoughts on “What’s the Best Way to Advertise GlobalNPN?”

  1. I enjoy creating new web pages…then place them into any free ad sources I can find:)…Safelists work as well…I now enjoy using ResidualQuick as one of my main advertising sources~

  2. I agree, people attract people. I also agree with the “I am great,” the important next step, which you pointed out, is “I want to help you be great too.” Thankfully, I am now attracting those people and, then, paying it forward. “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein

  3. hi geoff..
    i am very much intreged by some of your ideas, i am also a student of global npn. maybe i will understand all this internet stuff someday,, i am very new at all this, and there are times i don’t know what the heck your talking about..however if i continue to keep reading you usually lay it out in laymens terms…lol, keep up the good work, im learning something new every day…
    laurie eck..

    • Laurie,

      If you understand that “all this internet stuff” isn’t really as technical as many people think, you’ll do fine. Thanks for reminding me to keep it simple, sometimes it’s difficult for me to do that.

      – Geoff.

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