Alertpay funding delays

Here`s a copy of the email update I just delivered to our members:

Hello NPN’ers,

Just a quick update on Alertpay funding delays.

Some of you have not yet received commissions
for your October earnings as of yet. Rest assured
that your commissions should be paid within the
next couple days.

The delay is due to a couple reasons.

Alertpay decided to ‘re-verify’ all business accounts
shortly before the end of last month, which involved
re-submitting documents etc, which delayed the
funding of your commissions. I could not deposit,
withdraw, or send funds during this waiting period.

Plus there was a holiday on the 11th, and a couple
unfortunately ‘placed’ weekends. Alertpay does not
work on holidays or weekends, they only count
business days.

Anyways, all remaining commissions will be paid
as usual, and as they have been for the past 4 years
without fail. There are only a few of you waiting, and
I apologize for the inconvenient delays that Alertpay
has imposed on my funding schedules.

Note that the monthly bonuses will be part of the
remaining payouts as well.

Thanks, have a great day!
– Geoff Stephen
GlobalNPN Admin.

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7 thoughts on “Alertpay funding delays”

  1. I was not a bit worried.
    But thanks for the update I know a few people were wondering.
    I always get Paid with NPN.
    That is why I call it “My little Gem, NPN”
    Thanks for all you do Geoff and keep up the GREAT work!

    Cindy Bolley
    Skype ID abeque

  2. I’m not concerned about being paid, it’s just the timing. My monthly fee is due and I usually pay out of my commissions. I just started with NPN so I don’t want to jump through hoops trying to get YOU paid when it would be easy if my commissions funds were there to make the payment.

    I hope its soon.

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