Who makes all the big bucks in Global NPN?

Something really cool has been happening at NPN over the past month or so. We have had more account upgrades in the last month than we have in quite a while. What I mean is people are either joining immediately at the DIRECTOR level or higher, or they are upgrading from a lower level. In fact by comparison very few people have joined NPN at the PRO level this month.

What this is telling me is that more people are seeing the benefits of being an upgraded member of NPN. It also tells me that more of our current members are pushing the higher levels of membership in their advertising. And when you do promote the higher levels to your prospects, what that does is immediately put you in the position of being a leader in your industry.

Put it this way, if you are trying to sponsor people, and you’re at the $10.75 PRO level, it’s a lot more difficult to sponsor quality people if all you can say is that you’re still at the entry level position. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but it’s a lot more difficult. The reason it’s more difficult is because these days, people are looking for two things.

1. A team (or leader) to join under.
2. An opportunity to join with that team.

The key here is that people are looking for other people to join, they’re not looking for businesses to join. So it’s much easier to sponsor people into the upgraded levels when you’re an upgraded member yourself and when you’re promoting yourself as the business, which is what you should be doing.

Don’t worry so much about asking people to join you at the director level instead of the $10 level. If they see that you’re at the Director/Silver/Gold, whatever, and if you’re promoting yourself as a leader, as someone of value to them, they will join you at the same level you’re at. Because they want to see some success and if joining at a higher level means they’ll be part of your organization, or your team, they will do it.

In fact I’d strongly recommend promoting the director level as the best place to start in NPN, because it is. That’s what I do. You get way more product access, and you’ll make a big worthwhile jump income-wise, 2 referrals at the director level and you’re already $10 in profit every month.

Bottom line: The people making good money in NPN are upgraded members sponsoring new upgraded members. That is a statistical fact.

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– Geoff.

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14 thoughts on “Who makes all the big bucks in Global NPN?”

  1. YES… I agree! People don’t give 2 craps about the business opportunity…they want a LEADER that can HELP them.

    I love NPN. Geoff you did a great job with this business!

    Lisa Torres AKA “The Social Butterfly”

  2. Now most Chinese do not believe that to make money online, they like cheap, easy networking. They are afraid of being cheated. Therefore, we only recommend PRO-level in China. —–—translate.google

  3. xu :

    Now most Chinese do not believe that to make money online, they like cheap, easy networking. They are afraid of being cheated. Therefore, we only recommend PRO-level in China. —–—translate.google

    When the team was solid growth, bigger, when people make money, I think downliners would be willing to upgrade—–—translate.google

  4. The PRO level is fine for getting started and checking things out. However, once you make the decision to follow through with using the tools and building your group, you should absolutely upgrade.

    It is always best to stay one step ahead of your group… it sets the example and, that’s what Leaders do!

  5. Really? I saw this, and I LOL…It took me a while, but I finally found a few here. I posted an article the other day at ezinearticles.com about this…my journey. I am currently decompressing from info overload–the direct result of lack of leadership for so long, but I’ll write more soon. I’ve never been a follower in life, but when I decided to try Internet Marketing, I needed guidance. It certainly would have saved me thousands of dollars, endless days of frustration and the feeling of failure I began to experience. I am glad I found NPN, even if my door here was the back one. 🙂

  6. It is so true, Not only is it about working Smarter and not harder but your downline will more than likely do what you do. And if you want your downline to duplicate and you want to attract leaders at the higher levels, ya gotta be one yourself and set the example.

    I love global NPN and our Leadership is Amazing!

    Thanks Geoff!

  7. Here is my tip.

    Upgrade to at least the “Plus” level. Set up your external sponsor page with a picture and some links to a few of your favorite marketing resources. Get a domain name and point it to your sponsor page. Put domain name in all signatures, emails, etc. You business will grow. You will look like a leader, and people will follow.



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