What happens in Vegas..

Hello NPN’ers,

1. First a ‘new website’ update..

I appreciate all the excitement over the new Global NPN website features that I described in my last update. However, to answer your question: No, as of right now I don’t have a date when the new site will be live. I still have much work to do on it all and to announce a launch date at this time would just be irresponsible.  I will keep everyone updated as things progress and get closer, and yes I’ll have a date soon but not at this time. I won’t launch anything that’s not complete. Thanks for your patience and if you have any more suggestions on what you’d like to see (or not see) on our main website please don’t hesitate to message me.

2. Anyone want to meet in Las Vegas?

On another note, I’m planning on flying down to the “No Excuses II Summit” in Las Vegas at the end of April. It should be a really fun, and a really big, conference. I didn’t go to the last one but I heard it was excellent. It’s a “no pitch” event which means it’s all information that can apply to what you’re doing in online business. There will be lots of speakers, some of the biggest names in the industry teaching what they know best. Events like this can be a great place to network and meet the industry pro’s, and lots of ‘up and coming’ leaders as well. Really it’s just fun (and educational) to hang out with a bunch of people that have the same goals and aspirations as you do, and that you can exchange ideas and contact information with.

I’d like to meet some of you in person, so if you would like to meet up with me go ahead and purchase your No Excuses Summit Ticket and then shoot me an email so we can exchange contact info and meet up while we are there.  It’s going to be a lot of fun – bring your camera!

Check it out here:

That’s all for now, have a great weekend.

– Geoff.

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7 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas..”

  1. Fantastic news about the new website Geoff I can’t wait to see what you have done. I appreciate everything that you do to make Global NPN the world class business that it is.

    Best Wishes.
    James Young.

  2. Good things come to those that wait, and we all eagerly await the New NPN site. It’s great to be able to promote a Business we can be proud of. Keep up the good work Geoff.

    Happy Gold Member
    Patricia Sharpe

  3. Looking forward to all the changes, Geoff. When it is ready is when it is ready….but one thing that will happen is that there will be a spike of interest in NPN and its best to get a position now!

    As for Las Vegas….well you have a great time. We should all remember, that events make money! For all you guys out there in the states…attending Las Vegas will make a big, big difference to your NPN business…
    Just like the event I am attending at London right now will make a big difference to my npn team.

    Speak soon

    p.s. I would like to see some nice,snazzy new capture pages that we can link to any auto-responder of choice.

  4. hi geoff , im so new sub member from kayseri / Turkey ( with ali aydın ) you ve got great article and videos. Thx all of them.
    I ve got globalnpnmarketing.com domain and very soon it will be online plz help me for this ( videos , article etc. )


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