NPN Update – Calling all NPN’ers!

Calling all NPN’ers!

I have a favour to ask of you all…

I’m putting together a video compilation of member testimonials for NPN to use on our new website. I’m looking for a quick testimonial about GlobalNPN, the products, the backoffice, the training, the support, the Admin (me), or whatever you want. Just a simple 10 second clip would suffice.

Please watch the video for what I’m talking about:

You may notice I did not edit this video, just left it “raw” and as-is. That’s the kind of video I’m looking for.

Something like:

“Hi, my name is [___] from [____] and I make money every month with Globalnpn. You cannot miss this opportunity!”


“Hey there, my name is[___] from [____] and my online business simply could not survive without the top-notch marketing tools that GlobalNPN provides. You can’t find this stuff anywhere else!”


“Hi this is [____] from [____] and I just want to say how much I appreciate the work that Geoff has put into NPN over the years. He runs an open and honest business, and is always available to the NPN membership! You can trust NPN”

Something LIKE that. Please be original and don’t just say what I’ve written above..

This video will prove to your prospects that real people are behind NPN, and real people are satisfied with the service and opportunity that NPN provides. We live in a time of ‘social marketing’ and nothing is more powerful than video testimonials from real people.

Are you up for it? Of course you are! ๐Ÿ˜‰ All you need is a webcam and 10-15 seconds of your day.

Since I’d like to get our website up asap, and have it completely complete, I need to have this done as soon as I can. So if you can do this video, the quicker the better ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to submit a video to Geoff:

After creating your video, you can either upload it to youtube and give me the link, or you can send me the video file directly. If you want to send it to me, please contact me first at or via Skype ID: geoffstephenย  to arrange the best way to transfer the file to me. If you upload it to youtube, and if you don’t want anyone seeing it, you can make your youtube video ‘unlisted’ so nobody would be able to see it unless they had the exact link to the video.

I’d really appreciate this and it would make your NPN website much more ‘real’ and sellable to the masses… especially if you’re one of the ones in the video!

Thanks all! Look forward to seeing you soon..

– Geoff

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19 thoughts on “NPN Update – Calling all NPN’ers!”

  1. Good Idea. I will try and put a video together for you. I think every little bit helps and Global NPN is a great opportunity with great products to support it.

    Thanks for what you do.

  2. sounds FANTASTIC way forward.

    I will get onto doing one for you ..

    Quick question. Would i be able to have a link to the page to be used to show our own potential new members as seems that would powerful for ALL involved.


  3. Hi Again Geoff,

    Sorry not got video over to you, but been away due to family death in Scotland and now catching up over the weekend and hope its still not to late for the video to be sent over, as it will also be great tool for my plans on bringing team over


    T ogether
    E veryone
    A chieves
    M ore

    Brian Morrison
    Success Buddies


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