NPN Update – New website updates…

Hello NPN’ers,

New Website Update:

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, we have a new front end website up and working. I’ve had lots of compliments and suggestions. It is bringing in signups nicely as well, even though it’s only been live for a couple days…

There is still a lot of work to be done on it, and just like every other website out there, it is a work in progress. I still have some videos to put on the site, a couple more pages to add, and of course the integration of the sponsor profile page that we had with the previous website.

I wanted to simplify the site quite a bit, to decrease the ‘information overload’ that many people may have experienced on our previous site. We want them to hit the site, and get in as soon as possible, while giving them the necessary information to make an informed decision about which upgrade level they’d be choosing.

Although, the level they choose to join at has a lot to do with you (the sponsor) and how you have ‘pre-sold’ them on the opportunity/products. ie. if they go to your blog or website first, you will always be more successful in recommending any product or business.

I have some capture pages that I will be bringing in, as well as new banners. The capture pages will most likely follow the same color scheme as the site, banners also. You see some of this work materialize later this week, so stay tuned..

In my last update I requested some video testimonials from you to use on this new site. I just want to say thanks to all the people that sent in their videos, they are excellent! However, in this case more is better so I’m still looking for more videos from you! Please check out my previous update for information on what I’m looking for and how to submit them to me. Also I should say please don’t be offended if I don’t use your video. They all have to work together in the video compilation I’m doing, so yours may or may not fit with the over all scheme. Having said that I will probably use just about all of them on different parts of the site, and possibly some capture pages as well.

NPNDirectorMachine now has a couple different designs that I’m working with. I will probably split test them before I settle on one design. But I can tell you that the DirectorMachine is going to be awesome! I think people will really respond to it – I know I would! I actually “accidentally” tested a primitive version of it a while ago on some safelists and it was generating leads by itself – before I even had a follow up to it (oops!).


– Geoff

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  1. Brilliant start Geoff…looking forward to the finished article..
    the whole feel to the frond end is really good…sure it will have a dramatic effect on npn in 2011!

    Best wishes



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